April 2006 member's updates, DVD releases, deals, and announcements

Member's Content Update: Video Captures: 30 images from "Part 5 of The weapons of ass destruction. Pounded  Cheerleader!"

Member's Content Update: 1/2 hour web movie. "The weapons of ass destruction part 5 - Pounded  Cheerleader!" Objectification! I dress the bitch up in a green cheerleaders outfit. I am very sexy in my latex, high heels, and shimmering stockings. The bitch is not. (Are you this bitch?) Lust after my luscious ass and strong muscular legs, slave! The bitch is positioned in upside down suspension for bizarre electrical insertions. First, I do her makeup. She needs some serious help! I discover that she has not shaved properly so I rip the hair from her groin and ass. How pathetic! A fingering is in order here! The first electrical plug goes in, while I chastise her about the tiny size of her clitty. It's the smallest dicky doo I have ever seen! It's the itty bitty clitty commitee! Next, I decide to give her a GOOD HARD WHIPPING. I am very skillful, administering an intense brush burn but I don't draw any blood. Next, I place the slut in a humiliating position with her arms and legs off the ground, hanging like a side of beef in midair. EXTREME ANAL TORTURE! Watch me put on my strap on harness. It's so sexy. Watch me go to town on this bitch. Don't you wish that this was you?

Member's Content Update: Gallery - Part 2 of "The Prisoner!" (A 4 part series) 26 full size images in members. Irene Boss, Dom Lady X, and introducing "the prisoner". Images shot on location in Irene's Envoy, the studio of Dom Lady X, and Irene's Compound.

Written by Irene (a former Leda Lady): I was happy to find out that "the prisoner" (one of my favorite play partners) wished to travel to Pittsburgh to see me again. This time he was coming for the weekend, and I decided to keep him the whole time - not allowing him a break. This would be 24/7 for 36 hours! Since kidnapping is a big fantasy of his, I arranged for another Dom to help me, so we drove to the airport to pick him up together. We looked so sexy, she and I - both in our corporate drag, with garters and stocking on underneath. While I drove, she applied the straight jacket, inflatable gag, and hood. We took him to her facility, where we parked the car in the garage. I took his cock out for inspection, and was pleased to see that he had done as instructed and worn his CBT 2000 chastity devise. Let the games begin! I began by using his feet as a toilet in a dishpan while she photographed, and then she and I took him up to her corporal room where we took turns turns photographing each other dominating our victim. I really dug his lingerie too! I then brought him back to my place for branding, bondage, strap on play, inflatable rubber bondage bag, piercing, jail time, and a meal of cold gruel. Jealous? You should be. Become a member now!

Update to FemDom Retreat (WWW)

Member's Content Update: Video clip: "Gimpy gets fingered!" Mistress Gemin and Irene Boss. More clips coming soon. (We did a 2 camera shoot and I shot mine in hi def)

Member's Content Update: Irene Boss and Mistress Gemini at Kink in the Caribbean! 33 high resolution images! We threw her slave gimpy in the pool after she was finished posing for our site photographer, and soon the following games began: Spanking, foot worship, objectification (slave as foot rest) glass dildo sucking, underwater ball kicking, and ball squeezing. Join now to see the fullsize!


Member's Content Update: Photography - The "personal" kind of cbt: Nail digging and pulling! Join now to see the fullsize!


Member's Content Update: Photography - HOT DAMN - Madame Sarka and Irene Boss at Kink in the Caribbean! 104 high resolution images! Sinfully sexy. Rubber,  face slapping, scratching, nipple play, spanking, whipping, flogging, foot worship, ass worship, smothering, dildo training, face sitting, sharp nails digging into cocks, dunking, food humiliation, human animal (slave as a seal), and general rubber horseplay. Join now to see the fullsize!



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