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"Caned into shape" 57 minute .wmv  Long trailer


Available to order online as a DVD soon, or call 412 362 6883 or send 49.95 (includes S&H) to MIB Productions POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203


Filmed at the Top Secret studio in Pittsburgh PA in February of 2011.


A judicial style punishment and caning is in order for a male miscreant with a repetitive drinking and driving problem! Ms Boss lays it on thick in this filmed private session. This is his first time in front of the camera and he is extremely nervous, but the Boss is as cool as a cucumber while she administers a hard hand spanking followed by leather paddles of different sizes and thicknesses, straps including a convent strap, prison strap and horse hide razor strap, tawses, a heavy wooden paddle, and finally a series of canes including a dragon, Coventry school cane and lastly a Malaysian prison cane.


He is placed on the special caning table and also in rubber strap bondage on the spanking bench. Ms Boss is able to move him around the room to suit her needs. Ms Boss is extremely verbal throughout. He gets his comeuppance, but does he learn his lesson? Ms Boss in office attire with stockings and later lingerie. Spanko in white t-shirt and underpants which are frequently pulled down.




Product information: 3 scenes and 57 minutes - DVD R arrives without box art shipped priority USPS with tracking notification

Scene 4: Electric ball stretching and CBT! The substandard is placed on his back in bondage for multiple CBT endurance training and nipple play. Ms Boss cancels out the safe word and gives the substandard a new safety phrase: "I never wanna suck a cock again!" Mistress Gemini fills the GS housewine carafe for later refreshment, and TS Mistress Jeannine forces the slut to perform full ass worship and ass sniffing while Mistress Gemini shocks his feet with a zapper and then lightly tickles, spanks and crops them. Ms Boss joins her. The slut uses it's safety phrase and everyone laughs. Ms Boss suggests that Mistress Chase order Cinderfella to go to the dentist and have all his teeth pulled so he can become a better cock sucker. Mistress Jeannine begins smacking the slave's feet. The verbal exchange of domination ideas in this DVD is truly priceless. The nose hook is introduced for head bondage. His feet are caned by Mistress Jeannine. Extreme consensual non consensual play when the whore asks Ms Boss to lower his electricity and she says no.


Scene 5: The bitch is in the sling and ready for strap on by all 4 Ladies! Mistress Chase goes first as the owner and Ms Boss pumps up the whiny bitch's ball gag. He wants Mistress Chase to stop but she won't until she has had enough! Ms Boss announces that the hairy bitch has an A Cup and needs a training bra. Ms Boss wants sloppy seconds. While she is fucking him she pontificates that it is time for the bitch to get his ass fucked by a black gay male master. He could then clean his own dukey off the master's cock. That should be his next boundary breaker. Mistress Jeannine takes a turn next. Ms Boss mindfucks the slave by telling him that it's not a strap-on, but the real thing. Mistress Jeannine rides long and hard and she really knows how to fuck! Mistress Gemini pummels his pudding next and last in this anal abusive quad bang.

Scene 6: Extreme caning and whipping for an upside down whore! His balls are lightly caned. The suspended upside down bitch is ready for sound play and corporal of all kinds! Mistress Chase officiates while Mistress Gemini canes, administers nipple play, and Ms Boss tightens his corset. Ms Boss applies 6 strokes of the cane and the other 3 Ladies decide to deliver some too. Ms Boss demonstrates a vertical caning technique. The scene is completed with a thorough whipping from Ms Boss, a rattan caning by Mistress Gemini and a rubber caning by Mistress Chase. The Ladies then tandomize the slut with synchronized caning, whipping and flogging followed by lexan spanking and caning. Mistress Gemini removes his nipple clamps at the end.

Product information: 6 scenes and 92 minutes - DVD R arrives without box art shipped UPS with quantam tracking notification

"The substandard cocksucker part 2!"

Order online now, or call 412 362 6883 or send 49.95 (includes S&H) to MIB Productions POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203

Welcome to the continuing humiliating exploits of cinderfella, the man who knows no boundaries!

Scene 1: Ms Boss begins the debauchery with a little help from Mistress Chase, Mistress Gemini and eventually TS Mistress Jeanine.
This part 2 is filmed at the studio of Master Tom in Los Angeles. Since cinderfella is extremely thirsty a nice bouquet of GS house wine has been decanted by the Ladies and a wine tasting is in the works. Since cinderfella is notoriously pissy himself due to a problematic prostate gland, his own special brew will also be added to the mix. PEEYOO it's a dicky doo. The Ladies begin the scene in their street cloths. Ms Boss in a suit, Mistress Chase in jeans, and Mistress Gemini in capri yoga pants.

Scene 2: The straight jacketed slut is standing in the middle of the room and the 3 Ladies are decked out in gorgeous rubber and leather fetish attire with heels, stockings and boots. He is forced to strip and the Ladies are extremely verbal throughout. Ms Boss lays the insults on thick. Mistress Gemini adds her own special brew to the decanted GS house wine. Man boobs and skin tags are discussed aplenty. The bitch is sissified and his atrocious cross dressing skills are crossly examined.


TS Mistress Jeannine and her TG collared personal slave arrive just now and pleasantries are exchanged. Cinderfella is told to get into his shoes and lectured about how he is going to clean the entire dungeon after his appointment, especially the skanky pissy floor he is going to be defiling with his pathetic skin tag of a penis juice. The 3 step sisters are being very mean to the miscreant! The bitch is suspended with legs spread while TS Mistress Jeannine spanks his fairy ass. Ms Boss informs him that an extremely detailed and embarrassing D/s protocol email that he thought had been only sent to himself months earlier had been actually BCC'd to all the Ladies present. Mind fuckery! TS Mistress Jeannine begins with leather paddle spanking and a spreader bar is applied. The sluts horrible cocksucking skills are discussed in excruciating detail and his pee wee balls are tied off by Mistress Gemini. Ms Boss and Mistress Chase discuss his sammy behavior constantly and Mistress Chase berates him about his foul needs. TS Mistress Jeannine, Ms Boss and Mistress Chase begin spanking and flogging the doof and Ms Boss lightly whips his upper back with an elk tip. Mistress joins in making it a 4 way corporal extravaganza.

Scene 3: COCK SUCKING! TS Mistress Jeannine needs a cock break. The 3 Ladies supervise as the substandard is made to suck. Suck it good bitch or you are going in the cage! Ms Boss asks Mistress Jeannine if the oral service is any better than last years. The Ladies torment and tease the miscreant with flogging, spanking, whipping and a butt plug while he goes to town on the man meat. The previous year the cocksucker's skills were detestable, and this year they are simply horrible. Ms Boss gives the whore a good long whipping while he continues to go down. Excellent motivation. The bitch is made to then place his face where Mistress Jeannine's ass had been and then he must suffer a whipping from her as well and then it is Mistress Gemini and Mistress Chase's turn!


Now available from MIB!


Kink in the City (Paperback book) This is the true story of John Smith. A man who discovered that unsuspectingly renting a room from a professional Dominatrix at the tender age of sixteen tends to influence character development. Years of playing in the London spanking and fetish scene followed until one day, unexpectedly, his fun and games came to an end. Now, almost a decade later, he's moving to Manhattan and determined to seek out other like-minded people to share his interests once again. Kink and the City is the hilarious account of what happened next. Without a drug addled past or even an abusive childhood to excuse his predilections he throws himself in where angels fear to tread. From downtown to midtown and out to the Hampton's he pursues his bizarre interests, dealing with recalcitrant housewives and adult schoolgirls, fearsomely skilled dominants, body building Amazonians, rabid fetishists, nervous dominatrices and spanking fanatics. Taking us on a very real voyage of discovery though the subculture of kink in Gotham, the author opens each new door with trepidation and holds it open for the reader to experience every new encounter, each more outrageous than the next...