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I visited St Louis: April 24th - 26th  and had a super time!


"Boss and Shane's Multi Orgasmic Punishment!"

62 minutes

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 The 3rd final milking scene is so graphic it must be seen in the director's cut version of this DVD. Ms Boss and Ms Shane with long flowing hair, rubber, feathers, shiny hose, stockings, garter belts and heels.


Scene 1: Mistress Shane and Domina Irene Boss have a new creature, "slave r", restrained to the punishment bench in her studio Heaven, and they are examining it. It seems quite nervous, yet is extremely horny already. The Ladies decide to test his reflexes by tickling his bare feet and Ms Boss remarks that since he is so hairy he would make a good slave mattress for a cold Belgian evening. Since the Ladies observed his man pussy has been properly man-scaped they make the decision to use it. Ms Boss gives the slave her birthday spanks with a leather paddle. Ms Shane twists his nipples. His cock is as hard as a rock while the Ladies trade places and share the slave. The warm up begins by a solid duo hand spanking. He is made to kiss Ms Boss's glorious ass and feet while Ms Shane paddles him. A double flogging follows and then a strapping. He gets his first whipping from Ms Boss. Of course clothespins are applied to his behind so She has a proper target! Ms Boss whips the clothespins into a central location so Ms Shane can savagely beat them off with a riding crop. Scene 2: The slave is placed on his back to reveal that he has been wearing a spiked sheath punishment bra. He gets an extreme erection and the Ladies discuss a weenie roast. His business is restrained C & B style. The Ladies certainly know their way around a cock! He is placed in a predicament when his balls are tied to his toes. Ms Boss remarks that she is going to beat the tar out of the slave who is mowing the yard (while they filming) next. No one is safe! The Ladies tease the bound slaves cock lasciviously and stop right before the big moment. It is soon discovered that the slave has cum, but the Ladies are not going to stop just because this has happened. Cumming without permission is a serious offense and Ms Boss decides to smack the slave's cock with a riding crop to teach it a lesson! Then the Ladies force the slave to eat it's own goo and it's quite the cumdumpster too! More nipple play and CBT is in order with clips and clamps. The Ladies discuss how dogs behave better than men. He is face sat while they twist and torment his nipples and apply weighted clamps to his balls. Sniff where the men don't go! The slave is handled again until he shoots load #2. Another forced feeding is in order. Ms Boss massages all the cum out while Ms Shane removes the clips. After he eats his meal, Ms Boss canes him 25 times on the balls and then the cock. Scene 3: The slave is restrained in the sling and it's time to suck and be fucked by Mistress cock! Tremendous strap-on!

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"You don't deserve a break today"45 minutes

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Scene 1: A naughty slave girl was caught taking a "cigarette break" during Mistress Brianna's visit! Irene had to go outside and hunt her down. She had done a very poor job straightening up Mistress Brianna guestroom and assisting her with dressing.


Scene 2: The slave girl is restrained to the St. Andrews Cross and takes the following punishments: Clothespins, Caning, Cropping, Flogging. Genitorture, Verbal Humiliation and Nipple Torture.


Scene 3: The slave girl is moved to the sit sling and undergoes psychological torture with the Nova Pro System and electro genitorture. She manages to spontaneously cumbust, much to the surprise of the two Dominant Ladies!



The hourglass shifts, as the slave is made aware of the duration of his experience! Suspended in a leather sling, Irene proceeds to attach an erection zapper to slave Dave's not so private area. She is able to fit only one of the tanned testicles into the ring, but this does not prevent The Boss from administering a squeezing and scratching intro to what is about to happen. Irene then puts a few household hardware items to good use, such as a metal lint trap and hose clamps.

Now in members: "Excruciating Experiences in CBT"

50 minutes View now


The offending organ is chaffed and pinched as she wrestles to wrap the metal mesh tightly around the shaft for better violet wand conduction. Zip...Zap...Zowie as the sadistic purple spark crawls at Irene's hand, dave screaming and writhing. The squeezing and stainless steel pressure of the hose clamps are applied to the unprotected package with more violet violence. Not enough... a surgical steel sound is excruciatingly inserted into the restricted shaft which results in some interesting squealing and moaning from the dangling dave, especially when electrified once again by the wand. Next round includes a stainless metal ring with sharpened brass screws at its circumference, to wind down into the slave's man meat. Yes, more aching, arcing and sparking! The finisher entails Irene winning the "battle of the balls" as she is triumphant in mashing Dave's surrendered sac back into the erection zapper, where she cranks up the voltage. He is left to hang in electrical torment. Irene dresses in action-ready red rubber nurse attire with very shiny dark tights, garters, stockings and red pumps. HIGH VOLTAGE EXTREME ENTERTAINMENT!

Now in members: "North meets South"

41 minutes View now


What happens when you get 2 strict Dominant Ladies together with a mouthy masochist male?


Well - they feed off each Others sadistic energies!


Leather bondage for the slave in this new feature with CBT, clothespins, face sitting, violet wand, 2 diabolical nipple stretching towers and a gas mask to muffle the the screams.


Ladies love caning and they have the perfect masochist bent over the punishment box for Their lusts.


He is strapped, whipped and explores sensations from tandem single tailing while They compare notes and play off each Other.

Now in members: "The Initiation" 59 minutes view now

Starring Lady Cheyenne, Irene Boss, and Sapphire's debut on film!

Scene 1: Sapphire "wants the job so bad" that she decides to go along with everything Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne want her to do. First she must strip. She is placed on the spinning wheel. Irene and Cheyenne take turns flogging her. Irene licks her nipples. Vibrating nipple clamps are attached, and a vibrator is tucked into Sapphire's underpants. Her pussy is cropped. Sapphire in short black evening dress and sandals. Irene in black rubber police woman's uniform with black platform fetish shoes. Cheyenne in custom red rubber dress with red platform fetish shoes.

Scene 2: Sapphire is placed on the St. Andrew's cross and psychologically dominated with the Nova Pro while the following takes place: Nipple play, birching, single tail whipping, and severe bullwhipping. Sapphire in pantyhose, panties, and black patent ankle ballet boots. Cheyenne in custom black and white rubber one piece, pantyhose, and red platform fetish shoes. Irene in black leather corset, shiny pantyhose, and knee high black kid platform fetish boots.

Scene 3: Sapphire is restrained to a large bondage canopy bed for her first piercing scene. Irene weaves beautiful steel flowers around her nipples while Cheyenne comforts her by dripping ice into her mouth. Sapphire is placed on her hands and knees while pierced while Cheyenne forces her to suck rubber cock and Irene teases her pussy with a vibrator. The final cumbustion occurs when Irene cuts Sapphire's pantyhose off and proceeds to fuck her with a strap on.