What happened in August 2004?


Members update - Photography section - 65 high resolution images from the new release "Sexual Harassment" starring Betka Schpitz and Irene Boss. 

Photography subject matters feature: Hijinks in the office with a slave girl wearing a dildo gag and serving Irene, slave girl performing sexy fetish shoe worship at the command of  Betka in the sumptuous Guest Room, domestic kitchen discipline, glamour shots, and leather dyke from heaven S/M shots from the Gothic Dungeon. We outdid ourselves!

Writing section "To love an Arion" (13 chapters - science fiction)

Freaks folders. Unsavory emails from undeserving swine. Laugh so hard you cry! I know I do...

Interview - Incredibly revealing details from my childhood! Why I turned out "this way".

30 extremely perverted pictures from my last visit to the OWK!

New DVD Release: "Sexual Harassment"

She was hot, hot, hot! Find out what happens when Irene Boss invites Betka Schpitz to the Compound to partake in the training of a slave girl! The girl is reprimanded in the office for improper dress code, and has plenty of sexual fantasies on the porch thinking about 'what might have been' in the office. She does a poorly and surely job of serving Betka in the private Guest Mistress Suite, and Betka has to take matters into her own hands and discipline the girl! Betka and Irene go out for the evening, and return to the studio to find the girl has fallen asleep with the scrub brush in her hand - on the kitchen floor. The kitchen scene consists of food humiliation and crush fetish - raw eggs in particular. A domestic discipline dunking scene featuring an ice cold kitchen sink, and sexual strap on training that will really get your attention! (You will watch this section over and over again.) She is fantasizing about a 'leather dyke's from heaven' experience in the gothic dungeon, where you will witness suspension, erotic spitting, single tailed whipping, vibrator play, caning, and flogging at her expense. This is one video she did not want to come down from!

Madame Ginger  FyreDanzer visited August 6th - 8th. We filmed "The Unforgiven".


I hosted a Fem Dom retreat August 21st, 22nd, and 23rd!

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