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                                                                               My trip to Bossland
Having admired Ms. Irene Boss from afar for over a decade, via the internet website and finally garnering the courage after corresponding a bit and I was to visit Pittsburgh, I was finally approached nirvana. Having navigated the walkway, Ms. Boss opened the door and stated “you are either in Disneyland or its your birthday”. Puzzled, I asked for clarification and Ms. Boss stated “it is an adult Disneyland, you are seeing me”. If only I knew. It was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh, and I was visiting an amusement park? My confusion just added to the element of surprise. Irene and I had discussed removing my masculinity, and turning me into her lesbian sex slave. She stated she wanted a slut of her own, and I was to be it. Shaken, but not stirred, Irene grabbed my hands, raised my arms, and sprayed perfume all over me, including my butt-cheeks. She was to remove my repugnant smell, and now I was a little frilly, and burning a bit too. I believe the perfume was an exotic French fragrance. Irene then required me to choose my outfit. Seeing an outfit that resembled Madonna’s Vogue outfit, I chose that. “very good my slut”. She assisted me and then took me to the mirror to display her creation. She then applied my stockings, with instructions, and sliver pumps. Then came the earnings (think Mardi Gras style), and then she required me to walk like a showcase model. “Sweep the knees when you walk”, as I walked awkwardly towards her. I was then dragged to the bathroom, and a wig was placed on my head, resembling Tina Turner, and Irene was about to be Ike. I was then made up to be Tina Turner, and about to meet my demise, first glossy lipstick, then eye shadow, and then blush, which I didn’t need, since my checks were already red. However, now in her clutches, I was to look like she wanted, no questions. Read the rest here   Tour the new Compound

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A sexy blindfolded bikini clad femsub is bound to a St. Andrews cross. Irene in long flowing black robe, garters, girdles, heels and hose. Mistress Precious wears a black leather corset, black leather pants and heels. The Ladies begin by subjecting the submissive siren to electric nipple play and the Whartenburg wheel on her body with electric pussy play, flogging and feather tickling. Scene 2 finds our Luscious Ladies in vinyl, latex, girdles, corsets, stockings, heels and boots for a scrumptious fetish smorgasbord! Angela receives a rough strapon session and plenty of forced orgasms from the Dominant duo! Mistress Precious decides to go for a ride on Angela's ass during a cage suspension sequence in scene 3. You don't want to miss this!

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A session with Irene Boss and Mistress Servalan

While driving on Route 28 just northwest of Pittsburgh I saw the same billboard that was there before my first session in March.  There is a picture of a sundae and the text says: “Whip it.  Desserts that dominate.”  This struck me as ironic seeing it for the second time. As I made my way down the street I admired the eclectic neighborhood setting. I called Mistress Irene and informed her I was present and was greeted shortly thereafter by Mistress Irene at the door.  She promptly led me to the room where I awaited my next session.  The first thing that struck me about the building was its construction.  The walls appeared to be made out of concrete, perfect to mask any screams which might come forthwith during the session.  Entering into the newly converted scene room was a bit of a surreal experience for me from start to finish.  Here I was again, ready to put myself at the mercy of Mistress Irene and soon Mistress Servalan, who I had yet to meet.  What was I thinking?  I figure I must love a good thrashing now and then from my favorite Mistress!  For days I could feel it within myself, calling out to me wanting to be released.  Although I did not look forward to the drive, when I left work the day before there was nothing else I could think about until fantasy became reality.

I was given a very brief tour of the new place and felt more at ease much quicker than I did before my first session.  Music was playing in the background and I observed several lit candles.  I was shown to the restroom which I found to be quite luxurious (compared to anywhere I had ever been).  I was informed that I could hang my clothes on the hook located behind the door.  With that, Mistress Irene left me while lightly scratching her nails on me before leaving.  I proceeded to undress and carefully placed my clothes on the hook provided.  I found the towels underneath the sink and placed one of them over the lid of the toilet where I sat and waited patiently.  A few minutes later Mistress Irene was outside the door tapping her fingernails.  She opened the door, dressed in leather, stockings and heels.   Read the rest    Tour the new Compound

This was the last scene at the Shadyside Compound before the fires of June 8th and 10th.

"A four hour Medical BDSM experience"

Written by patientsub of the FemDomScene.Com Messageboard

On a hot day in early June I visited the original Compound. It had been several months since my last visit. A session scheduled weeks ahead, was now only minutes away as I parked nearby. I anxiously watch the clock on my cell phone until the proper time was at hand. I walked up to the door took a deep cleansing breath and rang the bell and lowered my head. I heard the familiar sound of heels on the wooden stairs that never fails to raise my heart rate. Domina Irene slowly descended the stairs. The door was unlocked and I was commanded to enter. After a brief greeting I was instructed to strip and place everything except my glasses in a waiting wooden chest and lock it. Quickly undressing I deposited my clothing and closed the lid of the chest. The padlock was a large old-fashioned design that required the key to latch. Unfamiliarity and nervousness, under the intense gaze of Mistress, left me fumbling clumsily and futilely with it; much to the amusement of Domina Irene. After I locked away my own clothes She asked me to hand my glasses over to her, handing over to her the last of my control over my world.

I was ordered to bend over the steps with my legs spread while she inspected me. Commanded to stand and turn around I beheld Mistress Irene, clothed in a short black leather skirt, fishnet stockings and a lingerie type black top, as she told me that today she would be cool, and I was the one to be uncomfortable as she held up an amber  latex hood which was quickly on my head - the built in gag forcing my mouth open but incapable of coherent speech. The flexible rubber over my ears was muffling sounds. A rubber straight jacket was next. I sighed deeply as the rubber sleeves were slid over my arms and the back zipped tight. I felt myself drifting away from the world out there and my helplessness increased as my arms were strapped down forcing me to hug myself tightly as I felt the crotch straps tightened between my legs pulling the jacket tight and even more secure. I was then ordered to proceed ahead of Ms. Irene up the stairs.   Read the rest    Tour the new Compound

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SPANKING / CIGAR SMOKING / BDSM / FEMALE SUPREMACY / DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE Louise D., Mistress Anastasia and The Boss discipline an errant male for surfing the net and masturbating. Smoking fetish - cigars. Dominas wear full leather in the interrogation room while the slave dances for Them in a pink t-back. Brutal caning/kicking/whipping sequence as well. If you liked "Sent to the Boss", then you will love this 3 against 1 extravaganza! The power these 3 Ladies have over this slave is amazing. For the smoking, spanking, humiliation and kicking enthusiast.

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