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FULL FEATURE DOWNLOAD: "Mistress Amrita Japanese Rope Bondage" View now!

Mistress Amrita pictured with slave dave

This is the beautiful Japanese Mistress Amrita's debut with MIB Productions. He will never be the same after experiencing this, and neither will you after viewing it! The Japanese siren approaches the slave boy by grabbing his nipples and pulling him towards her. She is strong and ties him quickly with his hands behind his back. She is quiet, so you here the ropes being pulled, his breath and her heels. The first suspension position is a spread eagle upside down. She tortures his nipples with her heels. She pulls him by his C&B and make him kiss her gorgeous ass! Then, nipple torture with the twisting ropes. He is very loud. Much bare handed spanking! In position 2 the slave is suspended face downwards and Mistress Amrita hoists him cruelly and pulls his hair. A nice victory pose - she has bagged a big one! She spins him, continuing to torture his nipples. He is gagged with paper towels. Mistress Amrita wears a gorgeous vinyl flame corset and matching g-string with high heeled open toed platforms in this video. Mistress Amrita was the winner of an FICEB award recently for her rope bondage skills, so don't miss out on watching this! Filmed by Irene Boss. 33 minutes

FULL FEATURE DOWNLOAD: "Extreme Lessons in Bullwhipping" View now!

Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss pictured with slave dave

1). In the Compound's OWK Room, Domina Irene is showing Goddess Claudia the new upside down suspension system. The creature "macho bitch" is hoisted in a thick leather arm binder for the most severe bullwhipping imaginable. Boss and Claudia take turns with the whips, and trade them frequently and move around the room to get better angles. Macho Bitch is dressed in one of Irene's old stripper costumes. The bitch is then moved to the whipping post and receives more of the same. 2). In the gothic dungeon the bitch is suspended upside down for some electric cbt and nipple play. There is a nice flogging scene with the violet wand being used in conjunction. 24 minutes.

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Free trailer "The Joys of Female Domination" Longer trailer in members Rubber Doms Irene Boss and Mistress Servalan have just completely corseted their victim. Irene shows off his new dog tags and her long red luscious nails! The Ladies chastise while he in feminized. The sissy slave slut is moved into the medical room to be placed in metal cuffs. Madame Nadine's filthy panties are shoved in the slave's mouth. The Ladies select the piercing needles for his clit and electrify each one and he also receives some intense bi polar electric nipple play, an electric pussy insertion and sounds. Irene taps her 3 inch ling fingernails against the sounds. The Ladies change into new sexy outfits of leather and latex and the slave is restrained to a custom CBT chair for flogging and is scratched while enjoying his electro predicament and whipping! He is moved to the multi bench for spanking, intense strapping and tawsing! The final bondage position finds the bound slave on his back with balls bound and stretched, body stretched on the rack receiving a branding in honor of his Mistress while he is face sat. The Ladies change outfits again, and he receives a luscious thigh caning followed by an ass caning. He is forced to consume Irene's golden cocktail at the end. Filmed by Madame Nadine.

Free trailer "Hotel Hell Triple Feature"

Longer trailer in members

Film one

Mayhem in Munich

Film two

Terror in Tokyo

Film three

Takeover in Berlin


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Free trailer "The Enemates" Longer trailer in members A couple visit the clinic of Dr Boss and report to visiting Clinician Kelly Paine and resident Examiner Irene Boss. Both erotic role play physicians suspect the male transmitted VD to the female. Alternative therapies are in order! Patients are restrained on the hospital bed and ass bench and soundly spanked. It's time for temperature taking, fingering, electro play, vibrating toy insertions and plastic dilators. A caning of the male follows while the female takes an enema. While the female releases in the bathroom the male receives an extreme CP punishment. Ms Paine even breaks a hairbrush! The female is strapon on trained while the male is enemized. A surprise interesting domestic ending with a good old fashioned home punishment. Many sexy moments await you in this extreme clinic escapade!

Irene Boss was in Tampa Florida August 5th - 8th and will be returning in 2011 (dates TBA)!

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