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What's happened for December in membersUpdates! Content from: Irene Boss, Dom Lady X, Lady Cheyenne, Goddess Claudia, Louise D, The Other World Kingdom, troll boy the ashtray pig, slave chris, foot sucker, slave russ, scottie, gimp, slave dave, steven w, spanking sam, slut josie, and a rubber boy from Holland!

Special Announcement: Guest Domina arriving soon! Louise D. visited the Compound December 29th. One day only! Call or send email to schedule. Held over by popular demand - Louise visited the 30th too.

Member's update: 6 minute video trailer from: "Stricly Electric CBT, The Pantyhose prisoner" The Pantyhose prisoner is made to wait on the porch of the Compound in broad daylight wearing a gas mask while Dom Lady X and Irene finish getting ready. He is then commanded to enter the building, strip, and don a pair of pantyhose. He is placed in a metal chastity devise, handcuffed, thumb cuffed, and ankle cuffed and led up the stairs to the Gothic Room where he is placed in a head harness on the OBGYN table and restrained with bondage straps. Dom Lady X and Irene torment him and perform experiments with the violet want and whartenburg wheels. He is connected to many different boxes for special procedures. Many new and unusual ideas for electric CBT! Electric butterfly board, electric nipple play (bi polar) and strict bondage. A nice pantyhose covered foot worship scene at the end, with sniffing. A pantyhose frenzy! Full length video is over an hour. Send email to order!

Member's update: Cartoons Irene Boss visits Martha Stewart!

Member's update: Writing A spanking roleplay

Member's update: Images (repost): 42 pictures from Louise D's visit to the Compound in 2001!

Member's update: Writing "Irene Boss - Personal Trainer" An account of a private session from a slave's perspective! Now "the different kind of workout" is unveiled. Six electric muscle stimulators are secured to different muscles with duct tape. Two on my quadriceps, two on my buttocks, and two on my biceps. The electricity is turned on and adjusted to where Mistress Irene wants it to be. This is a little weird feeling at first but after a few minutes it was not so bad, actually it felt pretty cool with the different muscle groups twitching from the electricity. Of course some corporal has to be incorporated so Mistress Irene goes to work with a small whippy cane. She uses it on the part of the butt where you really feel it; where you sit down! After many strokes with the cane it breaks, but Mistress Irene keeps on using it, even a few strokes to my balls and this has me squirming but I cant make much noise. I have already been told that if I make any noise like I have been in previous sessions, everything will be doubled and maybe tripled so I try my best to hold it in. Read the rest in members!

Member's update: Writing. "A Christmas story". An account of a private session from a slave's perspective! rene Boss and I had emailed a few times prior to my recent session.  She encourages dialogue and even after years of sessioning together, it’s nice that she still allows me this chance to let her know what my current hot spots are.  At the end, I always say “and whatever you want”.   That opens up the possibility for her to use her tremendous creativity and leave me a few surprises.  Well this time she responded that what she wanted was for me to shave (you know where).  Excited by the idea, I immediately started and did a fair first pass.  The next day, I completed the task, removing all body hair from my neck down to below the area of main interest.  When I emailed her back to let her know I had completed my job, I included that I planned to wear a thong, to show off how good of a job I had done.  Straight away I got a reply “well I will rip that thong off with my teeth”.  I didn’t believe that 100% but you never know, so I came up with an alternate plan, one which will be revealed in due time.  Read the rest in members!

Member's update: Humiliation - 63 video captures from the webmovie "The ass crack pig" Irene Boss and Goddess Claudia conquer troll boy the ashtray pig!

Description: Stuffed turkey with "special dressing". How disgusting! Sheer Dominatrix madness! Filmed in August during Goddess Claudia's (South Florida) visit. The return of "troll boy the ashtray pig" who morphs into "the butt crack pig". Very extreme - he cries! You know that 'crack kills' (the smell of nasty butt crack, that is). The slave is forced to strip to the B52's song "Love Shack", butt the Ladies decide he must wiggle and insert the words "butt crack" into the lyrics instead. He then presents gifts to the Mistresses, cigarettes, and a cigarette case. He is verbally humiliated while disco dancing. His male underpants proved sub standard upon the Ladies investigation, so he is forced to wear them on his head with the bacon stripe section in his mouth. He is ordered to wear a blinking devil's penis hat, and Irene pulls her pants down. The slave is presented with a lovely chocolate birthday cake. The Ladies light up cigarettes, and blow smoke at the cameras. He is briefly tickled on his feet. He is forced to smell his stinky shoes while Irene blows cigarette smoke up his ass, and flicks hot ashes into his crack. Irene singes his crack hair with her cigarette. The Ladies verbally humiliate the slave in a "singsong fashion" to the B52's, while they extinguish their cigarettes into the slave's birthday cake. (Happy birthday, mr. butt boy!) He is commanded to wear a giant pink plastic dog cone around his neck, which becomes an ashtray ring for the Ladies' smoking fetishes. A pig mask and rabbit ears are added to the ensemble. What a doof! Irene lights cigarettes and blows smoke at the camera in a very sexy manner. "Buttcrack pig" must now earn the cigarette butts by doing stripper tricks with his ass. He performs various routines and songs while Irene cracks her whip at his head. Lot's of smoking! Extreme smoking! The slave sings and humiliates himself, while serving as an ashtray. He is made to bend over and grab his ankles to endure kicking, while he thanks the Mistresses. The Ladies then discuss their philosophy on the origins of "humiliation style" session play. He is verbally taunted about his tiny manhood, and face farting is discussed. Irene aggressively puffs smoke at the slave, and both Ladies decide to have a spitting contest. He must thank them for each portion of their holy saliva. He is instructed to lick their spit from the floor, and his tongue is used as an ashtray, and the slave is belched upon. The dog food slowly comes out of the can onto the paper plate with a sickening whine. Irene spits into the slave's face while Claudia applauds. "Buttcrack pig" must lick every ounce of spit from the floor, and it's finger licken' good! Claudia orders him to eat a cigarette butt dipped in cake frosting. He eats dog food. He gags and wretches, and then he eats that too! Irene and Claudia holler at him. More cigarette humiliation and smoke is blown right at the cameras. Lot's of spitting. Lot's of smoking! The slave is spanked by Claudia with a big metal paddle while he is forced to eat dog food. He continues to gag and wretch, and Irene decides to force feed him with mock motherly sympathetic tones for more humiliation with a sense of false comfort. The Ladies press his head into the dog food with their feet (victory poses), and he begins to cry. The smoking continues. Irene packs the slave's crack with the remaining dog food and smashes some into his face from a paper plate as well! Both Ladies smear dog food into the slaves face with their feet while exclaiming how disgusting it is! The Ladies engage in a smoking and spitting contest. Irene puts her cigarette out in his mouth. He begins to gag again. The Ladies bring out his big birthday cake again and splooge it onto him. He is instructed to rub the cake into his entire body. The Ladies trample the back of the slaves head into a mixture of cigarette butts, spit, cake, and ashes. Irene washes her hands for the one hundredth time. He is spanked again by Claudia with a heavy metal paddle while he continues to eat.

Member's update: 44 Images (video captures) from the webmovie "Caned, *ucked, whipped, and kicked"! Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne dominate slave chris!

Member's update: Webmovie - "Caned, *ucked, whipped, and kicked,"! 25 minutes , 8 clips. Filmed on the 4th of July 2004 at Lady Cheyenne's studio in Rhode Island. Lady Cheyenne wears a custom made rubber outfit and Irene in black leather corset with 8" high fetish boots.

  • Clip1: (3:15) slave chris is attached face down to the leaning St. Andrew's Cross in the center of Lady Cheyenne's dungeon. He is taking a caning while in nipple play predicament bondage; his nipple clamps are attached to the cross, and every time he moves from the caning he gives himself a nice painful sensation. He is also placed in predicament cbt ball bondage by Irene and Cheyenne uses the lash on him.

  • Clip2: (3:04) Irene holds him to the cross while Irene continues to give him the lash. He takes the cane one more time, and then Irene begin to discipline him with her signal whip.

  • Clip3: (3:24) Irene warms him up with the signal whip while Cheyenne watches. A branding is discussed. Then Irene begins using her bullwhip.

  • Clip4: (3:14) The slave is inspected and more bullwhipping occurs. He is then moved to a kneeling suspension position, with his arms overhead. Cheyenne begins kicking his balls. Then, it is Irene's turn.

  • Clip5: (3:11) The slave is made to "present "his male area to the two Mistresses from more kicking. He is also kicked in the butt.

  • Clip6: (2:59) Lady Cheyenne then engages the slave in some shaft kicking, first from behind and then in front. He is then moved to the large bondage frame for strap on play. He sucks Cheyenne's strap on while Irene scolds and spanks him.

  • Clip7: (2:47) He is reprimanded by Irene about his hygiene, and ridden while she does so.

  • Clip8: (1:48) Irene spanks him, and then watches him continue to such Cheyenne's big black *ock.

Member's update - 4 minute webshort (.rm clip): Irene Boss and Dom Lady X "After the Stuffing" Watch IDom Lady X and I smoke, cross and uncross our sexy pantyhose covered legs, and talk about you. I spit right at the camera! Smoke rings, and suggestive faces with naughty stories. A special weekend session offer from myself and Dom Lady X is discussed. Get a weekend session - a day at the Compound and a day at Dom Lady X's, with both of us! Spend one night in each dungeon. Spend the weekend with us! Do you think you can handle it, slave? 5 hours of session time each day with 2 Mistresses, and the rest of the time you will be in various bondage positions or performing slave duties for us. (Tribute and deposit information found in members.) We will pick you up at the airport together, and bring you to the Compound on Day one (Friday or Saturday) and dominate you for 5 hours straight. Then it's into the jail cell (or various bondage positions) for you. On day 2 (Saturday or Sunday), we will transport you to Dom Lady X's for a day of fun and games and 5 hours of various playtime with both of us. You will go out with us in the evening, as our slave. You will then be secured for the night in Dom Lady X's studio. The next day, we will drive you back to the airport. Sound like fun?

Member's update - writing: "Strictly CBT - The pantyhose prisoner. An Electrifying Afternoon with the incredible Irene Boss and Dom Lady X!" Presented with an offer I couldn’t refuse….Mistress Irene asked if I could help her with a custom video shoot. Surprised, honored and humbled by her request, I agreed like a good little slut. Mistress Irene informed me that Dom Lady X would be joining her as well. Whoo! I was in for it! I arrived at the Compound ready as I’d ever be, a bit more nervous than usual but that was to be expected. Mistress Irene greeted me at the door and handed me a gas mask. She then told me to put it on and have a seat on the porch until she fetched me. I struggled to fit the mask on my face and managed to do a half ass job of it. Summoned by Mistress Irene I entered the lobby of the Compound, WOW! What a sight, the ravishing Lady X and the incomparable MIB…..this slut was in luck. Lady X in her sexy corset and side lacing tight black spandex dress. She had nothing on underneath! MIB was wearing a sheer rubber dress and was nude underneath as well. Their legs adorned with several pairs of shiny pantyhose, their feet were fitted with shiny leather shoes, and their lips were as red as maraschino cherries….Join now to read the rest!

Member's update - writing and images: Irene Boss Interview 2005 with never before seen images from Kink in the Caribbean (November 2005)!

Member's Update: Webmovie: "Electric torture - Extreme Piercing and Whipping" (OWK) The premise: Irene finds out that slave Dave has posted his username and password to domboss.com on a foot fetish password traders site.  She decides to save her anger up for the yearly OWK trip so she can really teach him a lesson. Beware! She has many ingenious ways of torturing the masochistic foot fetishist!  Scene 1: Irene is seated on a black leather couch in the Countess Elizabeth Bathoroy Chamber and slave Dave is kneeling in bondage before her. She pierces his nipples with calipers and places tension on them with rawhide ties. While holding his stretched nipples, she asks him if he would like to worship her feet, only he cannot do it without causing himself serious pain. She then places her steel heels through the calipers and proceeds to give his nipples some serious tugs. Holding tightly onto the nipples, she removes her shoes and rubs her bare feet all over his face - but every time he tries to lick them she jerks on the rawhide ties very sharply. Scene 2: slave Dave is restrained to the sturdy bondage frame on his back and experiences many different types of electrical cbt and nipple play. Every time he screams, he is smothered by Irene's bottom. Scene 3: Irene binds slave Dave in a near suspension bondage position and proceeds to whip his ass and back while he undergoes psychological torture with the nova pro. His nipple clamps are attached to a voice activated electrical devise, and when he screams he tortures his own nipples with sound vibrations which transfer into electrical shock. More information: Irene wears a see through mesh cat suit and heavy metal belt, with several pairs of very sexy high heeled fetish shoes. Her hair is in a ponytail. Throughout the 3 scenes, Irene is waited on by her topless transsexual sissy maid Josie - who wears one of Demasks finest rubber maid's creations. slave Dave is completely nude. This is a very intense production intended for the heavy SM enthusiast. It is certainly not for novice viewing.


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