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Now in members: "Mayhem in Munich" 86 minutes


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3 scenes. Filmed during BoundCon! Our story begins with Irene and slave USB sitting on a bed in a German hotel room. He has just laced and worshiped her boots. He is covered in clothespins. She explains what has happened and what she plans on doing next. She begins batting his clothespins about with a riding crop. She torments his nipples and removes the clothespins on his cock with her mouth. Face sitting, nipple torture, extreme bondage, belly and thigh caning, big dominant female ass walking around the room for a boot wimp, frontal flogging, C&B, cock and ball whipping, and frontal cropping. The slave is moved to a seated chair bondage position for a double flogging. Mistress wears a short tight red mini dress, pantyhose with no panties and sexy shiny black patent leather over the knee boots.

Scene 2: A savage whipping on stage at Bound Con! Mistress in blue rubber catsuit with corset top.

Scene 3: Last night's brutal bull whipping marks are evident as Mistress warms the slave up with a double flogging first. The slave is strapped and lectured. The most savage caning imaginable while the slave is in tight rope bondage. Many canes are used including the whippet and the dragon. Caning and rope bondage go so well together! Mistress wears office lady attire - long sleeve white shirt and black skirt. Get an occasional glimpse of her pantyhose covered feet and drool over her long luscious red fingernails!

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A session from hell filmed at the Top Secret studio!

Rubber Boss circles her victim footsucker, and explains what is going to occur. He is hooded in chain mail, bound in the sling, and fitted with a metal asshook combined with a C&B attachment. He has metal nipple rings in place, and she is planning some extreme violet wand play. Let's have an electric Sunday. (There haven't been enough thunderstorms in Pittsburgh recently.) Ms Boss decides to attach a series of kali's teeth bracelets to the miscreant's cock and goes to town with the wand.  Ms Boss comments on how distracting it must be to have a penis and giggles constantly. The blow torch attachment is used for detail work. The nipples and thigh brand are not safe either. The rake attachment is demonstrated next. The poor cock is terrified and cannot get erect. Ms Boss stretches out the shaft and electrifies the balls. A parachute is attached and a penis sheath is applied for CBT predicament. A metal plate is used to conduct in conjunction with the wand. Leather paddling and hand spanking follow. Bottom blistering with bare hands. A vertical caning is in order. (6 of the best on each cheek twice.)


Ms Boss seals the deal with the violet wand rake attachment. A chain link horizontal bullwhipping occurs. 2 throw styles are demonstrated. (No broken skin until the very end.)


A reward of shoe and foot worship by the caged slave follows. Ms Boss's feet smell better than the finest French perfume!


An unbelievable drenching scene in a collection gag funnel finish this bizarre spectacle.


Extra sexy outfit on Ms Boss - black latex with a lace up the back skirt, hose, and peep toe/heel platform fetish shoes. A pair of steel heeled stiletto's are worn at the end. Va va voom!

Directors Cut DVD: "A Day in the Life of a Compound slave"

Scene 1: Compound creature footsucker has arrived for slave duties at the Compound, but little is he aware that Ms Boss has devious plans up her sleeve! Besides his household chores he is made to serve as spittoon, toilet (Director's Cut DVD version), and ashtray. Ms Boss is stern in military apparel and wears a number of pairs of extremely high exotic stiletto shoes as well as flat military boots for accurate whipping. ATTENTION! The first 3 minutes of the film are actual slave duties, and then we are on to the *naughty activities*...Outdoor footplay with shoe dangling, foot kissing, and foot sniffing.
Scene 2: Onwards and upwards to the 3rd floor of the Compound where Ms Boss needs to reduce some menstrual stress, and so decides that the slave is going to men-struate too! She begins by plugging in the Electric Stretching St Andrew's cross and touching him everywhere. Bolts of electricity fly out of her fingertips onto his sensitive skin. Ms Boss intensifies the bondage. The warm up of flogging begins and is followed by spanking and intense ball stretching by electrified bare hands. Now it's time for an intense whipping with a few soothing alcohol rubs.
Scene 3: The miscreant is moved to the bondage chair for an intense flogging and upper back whipping! Ms Boss dons a pair of leather gloves to have a better grip on the whip, and does a little glove play on the slave's face.
Scene 4: Compound slave duties continue with wooden pallets being moved down to the basement for continuous and ever growing DVD storage. The slave reminisces about several DVDs that he has been in and makes some comments about a few others.

This Director's Cut DVD version contains the following: Scene 4 continued: Ms Boss struts downstairs in high heels and decides to use her urinal.
Scene 5: Later that evening, Ms Boss decides to try out the new vacuum bed with a twist - the slave must consume (while his cock is electrified) through his breathing tube while he is inside. Air or golden - what will he choose? Ms Boss in spandex catsuit, high boots, corset and Victorian veiled hat. Dark and Gothic!

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Images of Ms Boss wielding implements over the years over various play partners...join for the other 26!

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Members download from the DVD: "For Women Only"

55 minutes of lesbian rubber bondage.

Scene 1: A rubber good time...Highly erotic...Slave Whisper has been told that must shine Irene's costume to perfection, from the tips of her toes to the top of her mask. Whisper is then placed in liquid latex on a steel bed for nipple and genitorture with clothes pins, crops and paddles, before being placed in bondage on the floor to serve Irene. The sound of Irene walking around in a rubber skirt is awesome!


Scene 2: Whisper is restrained in the sit sling suffering unbearable hot wax torture. Mistress Antoinette and Irene laugh and encourage her to take every drop. Antoinette in custom made thigh high leather boots, corset, and red latex. Irene in skin tight black latex with leather mask and metal platform shoes. Mistress Antoinette tortures the slave girl with breast smothering, pussy cropping and tit torture, while Irene pleasures her. She is forced to wear a dildo gag and her face is put to good use. Lengthy, sexy, and wet. 


Activity Disclaimer: This is a personal video, not an example of what is available in a session at the Compound. The female slave featured was a personal pet of Ms Boss's during the time the film was created. For information on what scene activities are available at the Compound (classical domination), go here.


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A sample from member's writing: "maid angela's visit to the Compound Days 1 - 4"

Day 1: Sleepy-time at the Bondage Salon
Mistress had told me that, when She picked me up at the hotel, the training would have already begun. i had half-expected the cuffs and blindfolds, but received instead a cheerful welcome and a pleasant drive of a few blocks to the Compound.
As soon as we went upstairs, having carefully locked away my dull male clothing, it was here that here was an Aladdin's trove of every device one could think of - and a lot more way beyond that - for living out fantasies of bondage and domination, from the merely decorative to the deadly serious. For this first session in a multi-stage introduction to the Ladies of the Compound, i was privileged to be put through my paces with cheerful efficiency by an accomplished artiste in this field. Once properly feminized, i underwent for several hours a variety of increasingly uncomfortable bondage devices, as Mistress enjoyed taking control of my various limbs and orifices: medical play, gags, electrical stimuli, many reflected in a multitude of mirrors that line the ceilings of this amazing House of Correction. With the session drawing towards its close, Mistress set up a strong, electrically-controlled back massage to complement the other ongoing activities.  Somehow, this had such a soothing effect that i slipped briefly into an afternoon nap, which Mistress found most amusing and original - and not even grounds for punishment. i wonder if the other Ladies will be as lenient as the week progresses, but i guess it won't be long before i find out ...

To cap an exciting, exhilarating afternoon, i left in the happy knowledge that Mistress and the Ladies would be exposing me to much more of Their dominant skills over many hours as we move on through this remarkable week. Read the rest here