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The government has decided to enlist professional Dominatrixes with a problem that they have been having. There has been a lot of "leaking" recently, specifically of classified information in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Special operatives Domina Irene Boss and Miranda UK Bondage Mistress have been enlisted to help the government. This particular case is a difficult one! He was abducted. He was bound, gagged, tied, placed in the trunk of the car and transported to the Top Secret Pittsburgh Compound for interrogation. Here we find him in bondage on the CBT chair in a leather hostage hood waiting the Boss's ministrations. He will divulge, as Ms Boss is going to use her whip and electricity to gather the information! He is whipped all over his body, and Ms Boss begins with the ring of magnet CBT. Since there are problems with leaks, the DICK should pay! Electrical methods, ass stretching, asshook, strap-on play and corporal punishment are explored. Electrified and flogged with amazing bondage predicaments! A pair of 24 plait shot loaded signal whips are brought out to play! Post orgasm torture will also be employed as he will be fucked with his own cum. When Ms Boss is done, Miss Miranda comes into the room and continues the activities. The British are coming! The search for the "buried hard drive" continues. The Ladies tag team him at the end.

Ms Boss and Mistress Miranda are both very creative, inventive, muscular and toned. Strong of mind and body. Hard body Dommes!

Four writing entries have been added to the members area, including "The Green Bra Domination".

Excerpt: Is it possible to be dominated by a brassiere? Yes, if worn by the right person. Is it a fetish? Yes. Is it bizarre? Yes. Did it happen in the Complex in Orange County? Yes. I passed through the doorway to the Mistress' world prepared to completely submit to her. I am entranced by her domination and want to be under her thumb whenever possible. This time, however, there was extra domination I could not anticipate. The green bra began its domination as soon as I was inside the door. It was tucked into a ruffled rubber corset showing only two curved edges, but nestling the loveliest of contents. It immediately caught my attention despite the other spectacular parts of the Mistress' outfit: the black and silver multi-zipper platform leather black boots with spike heels and open toes showing red toe nails, the dark green rubber miniskirt, the exquisite hosiery, and the long dangling earrings. The earrings matched an amazing triangular necklace that looked like an arrow pointing to the cleavage between the green lacy curves of this exceptional bra. I was so happy I had chosen to dress in green, an unconscious connection with the green bra that would dominate me along with the Mistress throughout the session. The Mistress approved of my outfit: the brown gladiator shoes that matched the brown belt that hugged my green dress tightly since my waist was severely restrictively underneath by the Mistress' rubber corset. The black fishnet stockings over taupe hose and a white wig completed my feminized look. I was ready to be her girl. She put me right on a new bench and told me I was the first person to play on it. She wanted to see how a girl my size would fit the new equipment. She attached my arms to the front D rings in a way that prohibited movement yet allowed my shoulders to be comfortable. Then I became a beautiful macramé project as tan ropes that matched the accessories of my outfit were criss-crossed all over my body to insure that I could not leave the bench. My high heels were also roped to the bench to restrict my nervously fidgeting feet. Roped down in this way, I could no longer see the green bra, but I knew it was there beside me as I became a bondage toy. Read the rest in members


Ms Boss was in Orange County: December 30th and January 2nd and 3rd


"ProDommes of DomCon" 17:53 Mistress Nicolette

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"ProDommes of DomCon" 17:06 Goddess Phoenix

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"ProDommes of DomCon" 19:20 Mistress Selena

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