The excitement in February 2005!   

10 lengthy .rmvb clips and a long trailer from the new release:

"This won't hurt, did it? 

Domina Irene Boss's 4th video at The Other World Kingdom!


New DVD "This won't hurt, did it?" (Filmed at OWK) The premise: Domina Irene Boss had a terrible flight across the pond to OWK from America, because josie (who sat directly behind her) kicked her seat constantly. Payback is a bitch Goddess from hell! Scene 1: The weather at OWK in the early summer is very tempting, so instead of filming indoors in the dark night club, Domina Irene decides at the last minute to play outdoors. She decides that her boys - dave and dorque - are going to pull her around the race track in a carriage while josie walks behind in high heels carrying her refreshment. The carriage finally approaches the covered riding hall, and it is discovered that the ice has melted in the refreshment. She punishes josie by dumping the whole pitcher of freezing cold water on his back after using him as a dismounting stool. Then she decides to give josie some special refreshment right on his head. The naughty fidgeting slave is left to bake in the sun, wearing her piss. Scene 2: Domina Irene is disturbed with her slave's slow and slovenly trip around the race track! The pillory: Both dave and dorque are in stockades, and slave josie is restrained to the whipping trunk. She commands slave dave to hold her shoes in his mouth and to not let them drop, or else! She begins flogging dorque who is made to recite the lord's prayer while wearing a rubber priest's robes. Next, josie receives a very severe whipping. Irene hears her shoes drop to the ground, so gives her full attention to dave, with a cane. In the hot sun she has become thirsty, so josie is released to be sent for refreshment to quench her thirst. Scene 3: The 2 slaves - dave and dorque are commanded to worship Irene's feet and ass to show their appreciation for receiving their punishment. She spits often into slave dave's mouth. The slave josie is ridiculed during this segment, and once again doused with water. Note: This is a moderate to heavy humorous production with some religious sarcasm and golden shower play. It is intended for a wide BDSM Fem Dom audience. Join to view clips!

Happy Valentine's Day! 14 new sexy pictures of me. Rubber, foot, mask, and nail fetish. Just like candy

New - writing section. "My weekend at the Compound Part 4" I hear Mistress Irene's heels coming up the stairs. I began to get excited wondering what ideas Mistress Irene has for this video. She walks into the room looking fabulous with a jacket and skirt on and some really great high heels. She begins to explain what the video will be - foot worship and spanking. This is really cool its going to be a treat for me two of my favorites. Mistress Irene is seated on the couch I am kneeling on the floor the foot stool in front of me. Mistress Irene says She has had a long day and She could really use a nice foot massage that is why I was summoned to the Compound. She puts her right foot up on the stool and instructs me to kiss Her shoes then clean Her shoes off and shine them up with my tongue. I happily begin kissing and licking the toes of Her shoe down the side then the other side. Next I am told to clean the soles of Her shoe also, then I am told to pick Her foot up and suck on the heel of Her shoe. I move on to Her left shoe after She is satisfied with the job I had done on Her right shoe. Mistress Irene starts getting on me for letting my hair get so long and growing a beard and for my nails being so long. She says that maybe this year at OWK She will enter me in to the slave auction and see if She gets any takers who would be willing to shave my head and for that matter shave every piece of hair off my entire body then Mistress Irene laughs that diabolical laugh...

13 images and 16 lengthy video clips from "The demise of little Richard" starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne and Richard 50. Extreme Sadism - nipple torture, cbt, clothespins, and kicking. Gorgeous legs and feet for those of you with a pantyhose fetish who like open toed shoes. How many clothespins can a slave's balls take? You won't believe this one! Filmed in March of 2004, we saved this for you. Three scenes! 

Scene 1: Watch the infamous Richard 50 get beat up by two girls! The Mistresses begin by assaulting him while he is bound to the floor and forced to look up at them. Irene takes a riding crop to his feet, while Cheyenne flogs his chest. He is blindfolded, and also made to wear the Nova Pro while the Ladies continue their torture. He is face sat by Irene. Clothespins are placed all over his body several times, and the 2 Mistresses kick them off with their open toed high heeled shoes and step on his cock. He is hoisted upside down in a straight jacket for belly punching, and barefoot belly kicking. He is frequently kneed in the stomach and kicked in the balls.

Scene 2: Little Richard is placed in the caning stockade in the corporal detention center. The ladies warm him up with a good strapping, tawsing, and paddling. The razor strop, Scottish tawse, evening star, and lady spanker are all put to good use. Little Richard is forced to count during his punishment. He receives a stern caning from both Ladies - first with traditional bamboo canes, then with the carbonite and white lightning implements. He is placed over Cheyenne's knee for a good old fashioned bare bottom paddling while Irene holds his head in between her legs. The Ladies trade places and Irene gives him a very stern and severe hairbrush spanking while Cheyenne holds him still with her legs. Irene gives him 12 bullwhip strikes while he is fastened over the punishment box.

Scene 3: Little Richard is suspended by the wrists on his knees and the ladies take turns punching and kicking him in the stomach. They wear pointy toed fetish shoes for maximum sensation. They also kick him with their bare feet simultaneously. This scene is definitely for the kicking and punching enthusiast. Ouch!

20 images "The discount whore house" starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne, josie, and house slut. Scene 1: The story begins with Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne admiring Josie's fresh breast augmentation. Irene is dressed in a custom electric blue cat suit with silver fetish heels, and Cheyenne wears a pewter cat suit with key hole cut out and silver boots. Both Ladies wear gas masks. Josie is decked out in a rubber French maid's dress and restrained to the new black leather bondage couch. Irene paints Josie's nipples with lipstick while Cheyenne applies his makeup. It appears as if a bazaar rubber transformation operation is in progress, and of course there is always Irene's taunting humorous sarcastic narration throughout. Josie is forced to suck Cheyenne's giant flesh colored cock while Irene pulls his hair and rams his face into the fellatio! Irene paddles Josie's thighs and clitty. Josie is forced to suck Irene's big cock while Cheyenne slaps his tiny business around. This is guaranteed to be the most creative Fem Dom cock sucking sequence you have ever viewed on DVD! Josie's tiny balls are prepared to receive intense electro stimulation with the new Eros tech system. Irene selects the random "torment" selection for the Ladies amusement. Cheyenne whips Josie's nipples, while Irene canes his cock. The new Rimba electrical devise is demonstrated on Josie's little clitty and more cock sucking takes place!

Scene 2: "The audition of April Showers" (A cacophony of forced bi) The cross dressed slave "house slut" is placed on his back in spread eagle bondage in the center of the Gothic Room for sexual service. He is blindfolded. A jar of warm Mistress pee is balancing in between his spread legs. Irene wears a black latex skater skirt and black long sleeve latex top, panty hose and high heels. There are a lot of 'up the skirt' shots. Cheyenne wears a latex bra, corset, black lace panties, panty hose, and open toed shoes. The slave "house slut" is told he is going to perform full body worship. He is then briefly face sat by Irene. Irene brings "Mistress Samantha" (Josie) into the room. The slave "house slut" is given the stage name "April Showers." Samantha is wearing a short green rubber dress. Cheyenne stifles her laughter at the sight of this. April is forced to lick Samantha's tits. Irene lies on the black leather bondage couch and dangles her shoes at the camera while this is going on. Samantha is ordered to lick April's balls while Irene laughs. April is ordered to suck Cheyenne's heels. Irene pees in a glass medical beaker for April's refreshment. Samantha is ordered to continue licking. Samantha drinks some piss, and then is ordered to lick piss off of April's face. Cheyenne sits on Samantha's back while 'she' provides oral service on April. April is ordered to suck Irene's heels. Samantha and April are both ordered to drink piss. April is then ordered to provide oral service on Samantha. Irene flavors Samantha's clitty with holy water for April. April is then forced to wear a dildo gag, which is also lubed with holy water, and to fuck Samantha's tits. Samantha sucks the piss soaked cock. The two slaves Samantha and April are then forced to trade places and feel each other's tits. How horribly naughty!

"The demise of little richard"

"The discount whorehouse"

Lady Cheyenne visited the 4th - 6th!

Members travel section: 

26 high resolution images from Dom Con Atlanta 2004 (November). 

I had a great time and made a lot of new friends!

New - members writing section:

Interrogated by Kommandant Boss!

 A good month or so had past since my last session with Mistress Irene. My vanilla world has been full of stress and it was time for an escape. I sat down and composed an email to Mistress Irene. I felt like I was ready to ask Mistress Irene to mark me with her whip, butt I could not bring my self to ask her in my email. When I call to schedule my session I’ll ask her I thought……. I called to schedule a one hour session. I spoke to Mistress Irene on my lunch hour, from my car in the parking lot at work. It was great to hear her sexy voice again. We discussed the activities that would take place in the action packed hour. My worthless cock was beginning to drip as it always does just hearing Mistress Irene’s awesome voice. Mistress Irene asked if there was anything else I’d like to include. “How about your apparel” I humbly asked, something on the military line possibly. When Mistress Irene mentioned the East German Boarder Guard uniform with the matching visor it was set. I remembered seeing a photo of her in this uniform, WOW! So beautifully sexy and ominously dominant. Again I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to mark me with her whip. Disappointed in myself for not asking again, my visit to the compound now scheduled. I arrived at the compound ready for my session. I rang the bell and waited for my captor to descend the stairs. Hole-Lee-Shit I said to myself as Mistress Irene descended the stairs fully decked out in her Boarder Guard uniform, well almost fully, except for the red rubber pants and what looked like 8” heels.

I was shaking in my shoes as I entered the lobby. On my knees Kommandant Boss ordered me to place my paper work in the vase. As she walked around me she spit on my head, kicked my ass with her boots and told me I’d be lucky to make it out alive. I was quickly ordered upstairs were my interrogation would be conducted. My interrogation began in the school room were I was ordered to strip and assume a kneeling position. Kommandant Boss informed me of a truth serum she was preparing for me, cups of herbal tea that would flow through her to me. I was then ordered to crawl to the black room were Kommandant Boss told me she was going to inspect my slut hole for contraband. Kneeling with my ass fully exposed I heard the snap of latex gloves being put on by Kommandant Boss. She probed my slut hole deeply with her latex covered fingers, Thank God I wasn’t hiding anything. Passing my first inspection my slut hole was filled with a butt plug then secured in place with a rope harness. One last touch was to sheath my already leaking cock with a condom. Ordered to stand Kommandant Boss lead me by my worthless cock to the cross...cont. in members

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