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What happened in February?

Content Update: Writing: Corn Bread. A private session from a slave's perspective!

As I walked up the steps onto Irene Boss’s porch to ring the buzzer announcing my arrival, I noticed two cornbread muffins from a well know market just sitting perfectly placed on the top step.  Since she and I had been amusing each other with posts on allstardoms.com that included a threat that our next session would include food humiliation, I thought this was just a sign that it was really going to happen.  I couldn’t figure out how you use corn muffins in a scene, but hey she’s immensely creative, so I just picked them up and held them as I went to the door.  When she opened the door, I held them out in my hand.  Irene started laughing immediately.  She had placed them out on her porch to feed the neighborhood squirrels, but they had not yet come by to take them away.  I carefully placed them on the floor and we were ready to start our session, with no food involved at all.  Irene has dressed as a biker chick (her words, not mine, I don’t ever use the word “chick” describing her) with a black leather cap, scoop necked black top, black leather thong, and black fishnet stockings.  I thought she looked like a biker chick from Heaven, but others might have placed her origins as some more demonic place. I was ordered to strip and stand at attention facing her.  She removed my glasses, placed a blindfold over my eyes, and clamped my nipples tightly with blue plastic forceps, adjusting them several times so that they were “just right”.  After some teasing (also included in our banter), I was fully turned on and ready for anything that might come my way.  She then told me were going up the two flights of stairs to the dungeon with me blindfolded and arms at my side or behind my back, and that she would direct me from behind.  What a surprising and unnerving beginning to a great session!  She retrieved my glasses and told me they were safely tucked into her panties, which gave me hope that the blindfold would not stay on the whole time.  Walking up the stairs blindfolded and with no arms for balance was quite the challenge, but we took it slowly and finally made it. Naughty details continued in members!

DVD Release: "Strictly CBT The Pantyhose Prisoner" Starring Irene Boss, Dom Lady X (debut), and foot sucker (debut). The Pantyhose prisoner is made to wait on the porch of the Compound in broad daylight wearing a gas mask while Dom Lady X and Irene finish getting ready. He is then commanded to enter the building, strip, and don a pair of pantyhose. He is placed in a metal chastity devise, handcuffed, thumb cuffed, and ankle cuffed and led up the stairs to the Gothic Room where he is placed in a head harness on the OBGYN table and restrained with bondage straps. Dom Lady X and Irene torment him and perform experiments with the violet want and whartenburg wheels. He is connected to many different boxes for special procedures. Many new and unusual ideas for electric CBT! Electric butterfly board, electric nipple play (bi polar) and strict bondage. A nice pantyhose covered foot worship scene at the end, with sniffing. A pantyhose frenzy! Full length video is over an hour. View trailer here. Call 412 362 6883 to order. Leave your name, mailing address, cc# with exp. date (including security code) and phone # for confirmation. Your total of 59.95 will include shipping and handling and will appear: MIB Productions (64.95 outside USA). You may also send a check or MO for 59.95 (64.95 outside USA) to: MIB Productions POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203.

New member's DVD specials have been added! 4 great deals you cant beat!

Content Update: Writing: 50 new freaks. The rejected, non serious and self destructive slaves...where do they end up? Better join and check to make sure your emails aren't here...LOL

Content Update: Glamour Gallery Happy Valentines Day! A salivation special... Dom Lady X and Irene Boss are "The Heartbreakers". 10 extremely high resolution images for fetishists of the following: hair, feet, nylons, black patent leather high heeled strappy sandals, black patent leather stilettos, open toed mules with feathers, stockings, girdles, cross dressing, and sheer flowing lingerie. Yum yum! Join now to view the full size!

Content Update: Extreme Humiliation! "Ass crack pig part 2 - Cake Fucker!" Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss humiliate a pig! A disgust to behold. What a grossathon this is. Woohoo! Butt crack pig is forced to finger himself, and rub cake in his crack and eat it while Irene and Claudia jeer at him, and right at you too. You will feel just like you are him! Quite a few cigarettes are lit up and there is lots of spitting. You will be rolling on the floor crying with laughter from Irene's sarcastic dialogue. Music from the B52's and Peaches with disco dancing. The slave is made to masturbate, eat it, and then must get dressed over his huge splosh mess because Irene says he's too dirty to be allowed in the bathroom. Unreal!  Join to view because it's an hour long.


Content Update: Action Gallery: Thumbnails above open to full size in the member's area.

Content Update: Writing: A Super Toilet Bowl Slut. A private session from a slave's perspective!

The Superbowl clock was ticking in my head and I thought how great it would be to kick of Superbowl XL weekend…..with a session with Mistress Irene. I left her a message Tuesday evening and she shortly returned my call as I shopped in Giant Eagle, ending up by a Steeler display I chatted with Mistress Irene for a moment and scheduled a session for Friday afternoon. As we discussed the details for my visit I reveled my increasing excitement to Mistress Irene, from her devilish laugh I could tell she found a bit of enjoyment from my predickiment. The time was set and I was going to get “the works". Later that week I dropped Mistress Irene an Email with a few more thoughts. Steeler fever was setting in……not sure if Mistress Irene was a Steeler fan, I humbly asked if she would consider wearing Black for our session and for Superbowl XL… forty was a nice round number….hmmm getting my self into another predicament. Friday rolled around an my anticipation was building to kickoff the weekend, on the way to my session I went out on a limb, I stopped and purchased a bouquet of Steeler flowers to go with the Steeler cap I  picked up earlier in the week. Arriving at the Compound, flowers and cap in hand I could see Mistress Irene in the lobby, WOW!!! she looked beautiful in her skin tight black cat suit. I entered and immediately knelt before her, talk about an Immaculate Reception. “What have you brought me” Mistress Irene asked, I presented her with the flowers and cap and found out Mistress Irene was in fact a Steeler fan. “Off with your shoes” Mistress Irene ordered, off they went and I waited for my next command, Mistress Irene pointed out her brand new black leather riding boots from Montana as she stood in front of me. After taking a seat on the stairs Mistress Irene granted me the honor of worshipping her new boots. The feel and smell of the leather had me tonguing like mad, I cleaned Mistress Irene's sexy new boots until she told me to stop. Naughty details continued in members!

Content Update: Writing: Roots. A private session from a slave's perspective!

As soon as I entered the door of The Compound, Irene informed me that this session was going to be different.  You see, over the years our sessions have tended toward mutually enjoyable play, where the sadist (Irene) plays with the masochist (me).  This was going to be different, reverting back to the way we started, where she was the strict dominant and our time together focused on corporal punishment.  Back to our roots!  I  was ordered unceremoniously to remove all my clothes and assume a position with feet spread, leaning forward with my hands on the stair steps.  She took out a cane and started caning my ass straight away.  No introductory chit-chat and no warm-up.  The cane strokes rained down rapidly. Easy at first, they increased in intensity until I started to make the noises she wanted to hear.  It was at that point I was informed that this would be a session where she was the one to derive satisfaction from our activities, and she would tell me when she was enjoying herself.  The first time was just after that point, when she expressed her satisfaction with the condition of my smooth and unmarked ass.  Of course that condition wouldn’t last, but that’s for later in the story. While still bending over the stairs, Irene came up beside me and locked her legs around my left leg, holding me in position.  She then reached around my sides with both hands and grabbed my nipples, again starting easy but soon pinching and pulling to a very painful degree.  She wasn’t wearing any artificial nail enhancements so I got the full brunt of her short and sharp fingernails.   This too she said she enjoyed. Naughty details continued in members!

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