What happened in February of 2007?

Writing - Hot post Valentine's Day session! It was a chilly February day in Pittsburgh as i made my way to the Compound for my post Valentines Day Visit with Mistress  Irene. The chill in the air had my nipples excited and hard as could be. Greeted by Mistress Irene in a Green military Visor and matching Jacket….She was looking mean in a sexy kind of way. Wasting no time i was onto my knees in Her presence. Mistress Irene cordially asked…”What’s in the bag?” i smiled and told Her a few Valentines presents for You. Mistress Irene sat down and ordered me to crawl over and Kiss Her Shoes while She opened Her card and gift…..i eagerly complied, reverently kissing each of Her sexy shoes. Thanking me for the lovely card and gift Mistress Irene instructed me to follow Her to the studio. Read the rest in members...

Horribly cruel for Valentine's Day! Erotic fetish tease - boots on a bed. I have been saving this photo set (50 images) for a whole year to tease you with...this is what I did on Valentine's Day last year, so now you can gaze at them and suffer this year. You will never see this at the studio of course, but you can always fantasize...


New Equipment "Piss trough"

Writing - New equipment at the Compound. The "Piss Trough"

Content - Part 2 of the Hotel Hell series - "Tokyo terror"! 1 hour and 15 minutes. Did you wonder what I was up to when I went to Tokyo in May of 2006? Join to watch this movie and you will know...in windows media and IPOD. "He thought he was gonna get some sex, but I had other things in mind..." Punishment for making a Mistress wait by the phone! If you like heavy CP, then this is definitely for you! I cannot believe how much I got off on terrorizing this slave for a week. I was wet to my knees. LOL Extreme CP, whipping, suspension (I brought my portable suspension unit) electric CBT (sparklers and flexible electro bands) electric dildo, electro nuero wheel, creative predicament bondage, slave hoods, slave corsetry, chopsticks on the cock (rubber band torment) inflatable gags, slave crying for mercy, piss bathing, and cock whipping. Clip 1 - 4 are CP, and clip 4 - 8 are BDSM. I really made him EARN the privilege of drinking a bottle of Opus 1 with me. Great electric CBT closeups!

Image from the new Victorian Punishment boudoir

It's never too early to start planning - May Fem Dom Retreat

New opportunity for video slaves! MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) is going to begin shooting the new Fem Dom reality series "Mean Girls" soon! (Female strippers dominating naked male slaves.) Local lifestyle slave actors (within a 2 hour radius of Shadyside Pittsburgh) are needed and will be used for at least 2 hours at a time with multiple Ladies dominating them on film. There is no tribute required to be a male slave in the "Mean Girls" series beyond maintaining a membership to this website. Hoods are not allowed. Faces must be shown! Join this site and go through the proper channels to apply. You must be prepared to supply the proper documentation prior to being filmed. The Ladies and camera staff will decide what happens during the filming, but your limits (things you cannot do) will be respected. All slaves who apply will be USED!

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2 new DVDs available right here (to stores mid February)

DVD New Release "X Marks the Spot!" Order your copy now! Scene 1: Irene invites her friend Dom Lady X (piercing specialist) over to the compound to have some fun on a bound slave. We begin with Dave in upright suspension while Dom Lady X prepares his nipples by shaving them. His nipples are then thoroughly tortured with heavy clamps, cord, and weights. He is forced to wear a spiked CBT shield on his pathetic penis. His backside is paddled too. The Ladies are wearing very sexy stretchy dresses to outline their curves and high heeled shoes. Dave gets quite excited looking at them, except he can’t do anything about it. Scene 2: You have all been asking for years for Irene to face sit a slave during a production. Here it is! Irene holds his face down frequently with her gorgeous ass (which is nude under pantyhose) while he screams. Dave is restrained to a bondage table with a waist harness, bondage mitts, a leather “bite” gag, thigh to wrist restraints and ankle restraints. While Irene face sits him, Lady X pierces his nipples. The Ladies take turns sticking the needles. The piercings are deep and the Ladies decide to suspend them. His feet are torture bastinado style. His entire body is cropped, whipped, and worked over with various small implements. Now, it’s time to brand the boy! Dave is strapped face down on the table in a straight jacket. His legs are restrained. The Ladies lather up his ass with shaving cream and shave it smooth. Irene draws her OWK coat of arms design upon his left butt cheek with a marker, and the Ladies begin to draw upon the flesh with the (2200 degree) branding pens. Mmmm...smells like steak. Don’t try this at home! Order your copy now! Order over the phone by calling 412 362 6883 and leaving your name, mailing address, and CC# with exp. date. Order through the mail at MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203 (check or money order made out to MIB for 59.95)

DVD Classic Release DVD 5: "Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne" and "Pigboy" (Compilation of 2 films) Order your copy now! Film one: Lady Cheyenne´s video debut at the Compound! Meet the legend from Columbus Ohio who is one of the first Ladies of the Internet! Irene invites one of Her best subs over so She and Cheyenne can work Their magic. The slave is led around on a leash, and is made to play bizarre counting games in the school room. he is completely mummified in the black room – smothered, sat on, trampled, stood on, hung upside down, electrocuted, and forced to endure cbt and nipple play. The scene ends with the slave undergoing psychological torture with the novus system while in stringent bondage, while Boss and Cheyenne discuss selling his sperm to a milking farm in order to make a little money. A nice foot worship scene with the slave and Cheyenne. Boss in skin tight sexy rubber cheek shorts, military hat, platform fetish boots, and exotic makeup. Cheyenne in electric blue rubber mini dress with bare legs and feet. Non stop action! Film two: Lady Cheyenne and the Boss finally get together to tame a wild pig beast with bondage, corporal, single tailed whipping, verbal, ice cubes up the butt, nipple torment, heavy spanking, foot worship, and a severe caning. Irene's sexy rubber covered ass and Cheyenne's amazing bare tanned legs working over the cross dressed slave will keep you very entertained. Mesmerizing foot worship scene with Lady Cheyenne while Irene watches, and severe bullwhipping with Irene while Cheyenne spectates as well. Do you enjoy being watched by one Mistress while another works on you? Then this hot video is bound to turn you on! Order your copy now! Order over the phone by calling 412 362 6883 and leaving your name, mailing address, and CC# with exp. date. Order through the mail at MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203 (check or money order made out to MIB for 59.95)

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