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                                              What happened in February 2008!  (January 2008 here)

                                                                 3 hours of content and 3 new DVDs!


Video Update! 2 more full features now in members - "Leather Girls" and "Rubber Dream". 2 hours of content in 3 formats. Full feature downloads are new to the member's area!


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Leather Girls - 55 minutes and 8 seconds


Eve's debut on film. Mistress Anastasia and The Boss give a hapless lady professor a formal "education". Incredible bondage scenes including a remarkable suspension in a chair... light to moderate spanking and humiliation. Single tailed whipping, dildo training, spanking, flogging and verbal humiliation. Join to view


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Rubber Dream - 50 minutes and 33 seconds


Introducing Mistress Anastasia and submissive nadine in their first appearence! Mistress Anastasia and The Boss decide to give this 21 year old girl a heavy orientation into the world of bondage, rubber, spanking, suspension, high heeled punishment shoes, and electricity. Violet wand, shock pads, flogging, breast bondage, sensuous torment, inflatable rubber body bag, and rubber hobble skirt. A fetishist/bondage enthusiasts 'dream come true'! Join to view


Porshe Lynn from Phoenix Arizona visited February 22nd - 25th


Release date - late February




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DVD RELEASE! DOUBLE FEATURE - North meets South in Irene Boss and Mistress Precious! CANING / FACE SITTING / CBT / ELECTRICITY / WHIPPING What happens when you get 2 strict Dominant Ladies together with a mouthy masochist male? Well - they feed off each Others sadistic energies! Leather bondage for the slave in this new feature with CBT, clothespins, face sitting, violet wand, 2 diabolical nipple stretching towers and a gas mask to muffle the the screams. Ladies love caning and they have the perfect masochist bent over the punishment box for Their lusts. He is strapped, whipped and explores sensations from tandem single tailing while They compare notes and play off each Other. Gagged and Plugged! DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE Mistress Irene disciplines a lousy housekeeper in the kitchen of Her studio. Her bare feet are very dirty from the slave's poor cleaning skills and She makes him lick them clean to prove it. Kitchen corporal and electric butt plug insertion. Over the knee spanking, caning and paddling. Foot dangling at the cameras while Irene scolds. Follow Her and the slave up the stairs for a glimpse of Her naked behind. Mooning POV - She tells you exactly what you can do with your nasty fantasy because She knows all about it. The slave cleans the bathroom. Irene trains the slave by inserting an enormous plug into his mangina. He must do a better job!

Release date - late February


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DVD RELEASE! Reprogramming at Residenz Avalon HEAD SHAVING / SUSPENSION / CP / JAIL CELLS / PUBLIC PLAY / WHIPPING The reprogramming of a slave can only happen if an extreme measure is taken to reduce the ego, and that's exactly what Irene Boss does while She travels with Her slave throughout Europe. The slave's grooming rituals have been throwing off the company schedule each day, so She decides to remove the problem - his hair. He is also interrogated about his slave status and dominated in the large subterranean rooms of the Residenze Avalon in Berlin Germany in order to prove his devotion to Her. There are many remarkable scenes including suspension in a steel ball, caging, whipping, strict corporal punishment, and jail cell time in various cells. He is straight jacketed and also corrected on the CBT Cross in a kneeling position on cement floors. Great sound too for fetishists of high heels, as you get to listen to Irene strut Her stuff throughout the bunkers. Bonus footage of the slave's service to Irene in public from the Hotel Estrel to the WIWA booth at the Venus fair in Berlin. The slave is placed in a latex vacuum bed and shorn in public as well. A nice public whipping scene. Irene is at Her finest, so don't miss out. Buy this DVD!

    Happy Valentine's Day from MIB Productions!


Shocked, Bound, Burned, Branded and Pissed on!  Free trailer


Irene Boss and Mistress Gemini team up on slave dave. The Mistresses test the slave's devotion to his foot fetish in this new feature. His brand must be re-enforced because it has grown out again. Scene 1 - His body and head are fastened to a leather bondage couch in a predicament, with electricity attached to his nipples and private parts. He is teased with shiny pantyhose covered feet and face sat often to muffle his screams. The Ladies bring out the violet wand and the Wartenburg wheels next and introduce alcohol fire play to remove some of that nasty male hair. Scene 2 - The slave is bound face down on the floor for branding and GS. Both Mistresses use him thoroughly, and take turns drawing his brand while he worships the other's feet. 8 clip / 50 minute video upload and get your kicks and kinks on with 66 images!

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Special for Valentines day! These 6 DVDs for $100.00 includes shipping!

No substitutions. Call DVD order line at 412 362 6883 (voice mail)

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Title 1 - Bullwhipped Bastard - BDSM / SPANKING / WHIPPING

Irene invites her friend over to witness and partake in a bullwhipping/corporal discipline session! The opening scene features slave Dave in upside down suspension braving the rigors of stomach cropping with extensive cbt, double flogging, predicament bondage, and paddling. He is hoisted right side up in near suspension, and a different electric box is used to torture his package. He is corrected with a nylon paddle and lash. He is then restrained over the punishment box to receive a whipping from a single tail, signal, and then a bullwhip. See sparks fly and blood flow. Her friend is invited to launch into him with a heavy paddle.



Title 2 - Super Concentrated Bitch - LESBIAN BONDAGE / TICKLING / SPANKING

All alone on her birthday, this young lady decided to visit the Compound and pretend that she had a pre arranged audience with the Boss. Irene goes along with it at first for some fun, but then decides to interrogate the girl to find out the truth! The girl is found smoking by the window in the schoolroom, with the disposition of a brat! Very intense tickle torture in interesting bondage positions. She is tied to a chair, and then over a punishment box. The girl is face sat often and smothered as well before she gives up her secrets. Her clothes are ripped off by Irene. Good spanking scene too! For the bondage/tickle enthusiast!

Title 3 - Unemployed by the Boss - SPANKING

The Compound employees have been very competitive with each other lately, and causing friction. This problem is frequently a disciplinary issue. See spanking, caning, paddling, verbal admonishment, and eventual atonement from the employees.






Title 4 - Sexual Harassment - LESBIAN BONDAGE / SPANKING / STRAPON

Find out what happens when Irene Boss invites Betka Schpitz to the Compoundl! The slave girl is reprimanded in the office for improper dress code, and has sexual fantasies on the porch thinking about 'what might have been' in the office. She does a poor job of serving Betka in the Guest Mistress Suite! Betka and Irene go out for the evening, and return to the studio to find the girl has fallen asleep with the scrub brush in her hand. The kitchen scene consists of food humiliation and crush fetish. A domestic discipline dunking scene featuring an ice cold kitchen sink, and sexual strap on training that will really get your attention! She is fantasizing about a 'leather dyke's from heaven' experience in the gothic dungeon, where you will witness suspension, erotic spitting, single tailed whipping, vibrator play, caning, and flogging.

Title 5 - Guess Who's coming to Mistress? - BDSM / ELECTRICITY / STRAPON

Irene Boss and Mistress Denetra get totally out of control in this extreme journey into masochism. The slave is suspended in a chair, spanked, cropped, paddles, smacked and slapped. The slave is suspended with electroshock to nipples and clitty, with the violet wand and hollers so loud the walls shake! The slave is placed in the sit sling for strap on training and electric dildo treatment. Very heavy play.





Title 6 - You don't deserve a break today! - LESBIAN BONDAGE / ELECTRICITY / FORCED ORGASMS

Scene 1: A naughty slave girl was caught taking a "cigarette break" during Mistress Brianna's visit! Irene had to go outside and hunt her down. She had done a very poor job straightening up Mistress Brianna guestroom and assisting her with dressing. Scene 2: The slave girl is restrained to the St. Andrews Cross and takes the following punishments: Clothespins, Caning, Cropping, Flogging. Genitorture, Verbal Humiliation and Nipple Torture. Scene 3: The slave girl is moved to the sit sling and undergoes psychological torture with the Nova Pro System and electro genitorture. She manages to spontaneously cumbust, much to the surprise of the two Dominant Ladies!


Member's update - writing and photos. Click photo for enlargement!


"An extended session at the Compound with Irene Boss, Ms Louise D, Ms. Whisper and Madame Nadine" by slave Dave Arriving at the Compound late as usual the beautiful Louise D was waiting for me. It is never a good idea to keep a Mistress waiting. Louise D started questioning me about being late and none of my answers were good enough...She escorted me up to the third floor and into the bathroom. She instructed me on where to put my things and had me strip...(read more in members) By this time Mistress Irene had entered the room to begin the next phase of my session. Mistress Irene explained that I would be getting plenty of corporal the next day so tonight there would not be much of that but She had many other things She could do to me. She took the ball harness off because She had other ideas for that part of my anatomy. She had me place Her new cock and ball pillory under the chain hoist.....(read more in members) After that long session I still had a film to make with Madame Nadine and Ms. Whisper the next day. Join to read the rest


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This website is a maize and Rubik's cube indeed. It is not laid out with Aristotle in mind. Upon entering My online world realize that it is not a Patriarchal one. I maintain a Female Dominant household and I maintain this site, which contains My writing, rules, ideas and fantasies and is an online exploration of My dominant altar ego known as Irene Boss.

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