February 2009!  (January 2009 archive)

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Members writing! "The conclusion of my panty training" by footsucker

After twelve days of panty training my schooling would soon be culminating with me presenting myself in panties to my Trainer. i had chosen a skimpy little Valentines themed thong for my session with Mistress Irene. After a stimulating morning at work, my panties snugly separating my cheeks and a moist spot growing in my crotch i arrived at the Compound ready for my punishment. i collected myself and a few special items for Mistress Irene and made my way to the porch, ringing the doorbell i stood straight and patiently waited for Mistress Irene to grant me passage. OMG! i said to myself as a shiny red shoe appeared on the step. My heart rate hastened as Mistress Irene black pantyhose and second red shoe was in my view. WOW! Mistress Irene dressed in a military jacket and high ranking visor descended the stairs, my oh my Mistress Irene looked wonderful. Allowing me to enter the lobby, i quickly took my position on my knees. we exchanged good mornings then Mistress Irene asked “What do you have for Me, panty princess?”, “A perch for the parrot flogger and a special surprise Ma’am” i replied. “may ask You to close Your eyes while i assemble Your surprise” i humbly asked. Mistress Irene replied “ i’ll look out the window, tell me when you’re ready” i quickly de-bagged the Heart top stand and carefully loaded in the plastic implements. “Ready Ma’am” Mistress Irene turned around to see the Red Cane and Crop stand….and from Her reaction i could tell that She was pleased. Mistress Irene ordered me on my hands and knees and instructed me to kiss Her lovely red shoes, i gently kissed each of Her sexy shoes once as instructed. “Now carry my gift and follow me upstairs princess” Mistress Irene commanded, my panty princess punishment was ready to commence. Read the rest in members! 

Members writing! "48 Hour Consensual - Nonconsensual Endurance Session" by ronb

I had been asked, actually told, to give an account of the 48 hours I recently endured at the Compound. Not knowing the audience very well, I am probably going to give way too much background detail, so for those of you that are like me and need immediate gratification, you can skip directly to the "Day 1 - Arrival" section. For this particular encounter, I was looking for an experience where I would be giving up absolute and total control, sometimes called consensual-nonconsensual. The intention was not to have any specific details scripted or discussed prior to arrival; that every activity would be at the complete discretion of the Mistress. Another important element for me was to get my mind into that totally helpless, slave like mentality where I would feel like I had absolutely no say in what occurs, how it occurs, or for how long it occurs, in other words, no ability to say I don’t want to do something. For this I thought I would need an extended scene. I wanted to push my mind (and body) beyond the "normal" hour where you describe your likes and dislikes, and the Mistress is the craftsperson that creates the environment and executes the scene. I was looking for something different. The hourly scenes are great but they were not giving me the psychological effect that I was looking for. Now don't get me wrong, pain is still pain but the "mind" part was not there for me. For example, when the Mistress would say "We will do this until I decide otherwise", I knew otherwise would be an hour or less. I really wanted to get into that "I am not sure about this but there is nothing I can do about it" feeling. I have had many years of experience and have had numerous multi-day encounters (including 2 weeklong visits to the OWK) so I felt relatively confident that I knew what I was looking for and would be able to handle it but yeah, I was still a little nervous and apprehensive. Read the rest in members! 

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 "Caning the runaway" Watch the trailer!

50 minute full feature never before seen download in members! SEVERE FEMDOM LIFESTYLE SLAVE PUNISHMENT. Against her better judgment Irene decides to let a runaway house slave return to the Compound. She is getting ready for a trip to France for Venus Fair and needs someone to superintend the large building in Her absence. The slave ran away for ridiculous reasons and now must be punished to atone for his sins. He had been doing all sorts of negative things against Irene that She has found out about, and the only way the slave is going to learn is if he is punished. A total of 10 canes are used as well as a birch, lady spanker, evening star, razor strop, and Irene's bare hand. He is fastened securely over the punishment box (a New West Leda design). His sentence is 1000 cane strokes but Irene gives him a reprieve at 600 due to skin loss. He is forced to clean up the canes at the end. Interestingly, the slave's behavior worsened a year later and he was completely dismissed from service at the Compound. Real lifestyle punishment of an errant house slave. Extremely severe. Irene in beige silk shirt, skin tight jodhpurs and riding boots with a big thick belt just like dad used to wear!

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"Pleasing Miss Maya Sinstress"  Watch the trailer!  Order Now
Miss Maya Sinstress calls Sienna in for a performance meeting, and suggests some extra curricular activities to make office work more enjoyable. A little shy and a little more surprised, Sienna just wants to please her very attractive boss. Doors locked and all calls on hold, Miss Maya Sinstress takes the sexy and willing natural red head down a salacious path complete with sensuous bondage, tetruss play, strap on sucking, bare hand over the knee spanking, nipple play, dildo training, bare bottom paddling and more. Ladies dressed in office attire with naughty extras underneath. Maya Sinstress and Sienna are the perfect match in this very sexy corporate collusion. 46 minutes.

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"The substandard cock sucker"  Watch the trailer!   Order Now
Why on earth would a slave continue sucking cock in front of 2 Mistresses if he can't even get it properly hard? Welcome to the world of sexual humiliation! (The male slave brain works in mysterious ways.) Slave Monty requests a filmed overnight session with Irene Boss and Mistress Gemini. Little does he know that the Ladies have decided to invite TS Mistress Jeannine over. He is broken down with cross dressing, bondage, cbt, speech restriction (clothespins on tongue) and nipple torture. After a substandard oral performance on Mistress Jeannine's large cock he is forced worship feet while Irene Boss and Ms Gemini take turns punishing his ass. He receives a whipping while in upside down suspension, gets tormented with an electric cock catheter, and is also strapped and caned. Lots of heavy corporal! The Ladies have fun with a little breath control and tease the substandard with their stockinged feet and legs, frequently adjusting their garters. The slave is electro dildo trained in a sling and is so desensitized he can't have an orgasm - though why should he get to? Ladies wear fetish (rubber, spandex, corsetry, stilletos and boots) and a short scene with Mistress Jeanine in street clothes. This DVD contains 4 scenes totaling 105 minutes.