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"The Governess Factor" 45 minutes

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Irene Boss as Harriet Marwood in the "American Governess". This is a real punishment upon an owned slave of Ms Boss of many years. He has been drinking strange lady pee in various pubs and is endangering his health as a result. She has decided to "spank the slut out of him". We begin on the bed in the boudoir at the Compound. He is a very tall man so OTK over a chair makes no sense to Ms Boss, plus she wants to spank him for a very long time. He must be able to breath and last for this. He is lectured throughout the spanking. Ms Boss starts with her gloves, but soon goes to bare hands, Lady Slipper, Black leather paddle, and ends with a hand spanking to "bring it all together". She continues onwards with an OTK wooden paddling with the "Boss Lady" - 6 of the best, and then stands over him and administers SANDY - the Oak sorority paddle from her Alma Matter. (Anyone who has experienced Sandy in the past will surely remember it.) The day continues into the CP Library upon the Berkeley Horse for the Convent strap, razor strap and "big brother strap". Next: The paddles the tawses and the cane! For taking all of this, Ms Boss allows him to worship her shoes, stocking covered feet, and eventually bare feet. He is given a proper drenching by his one and only, and this is the only Lady pee he will ever drink again (or else)!


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"The Irene Boss experience"

 45 minutes

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Let this be a lesson to all slaves. If you offer to repair something make sure you know how to do it because if you are coy - Ms Boss will tie, tease and torture you and include a bunch of activities you don't enjoy like sweaty pantyhose encased feet on your face, arm pit sniffing, and golden showers you didn't want. The new motorized tilting bondage chair is featured in this film, along with electric CBT (an educational and witty trip around the world), cock slapping, C&B and more zapping with an extreme electrical implement right on his cock shaft, balls, and tip. Ms Boss laughs constantly and tells a lot of stories too. He is moved to a bench for corporal discipline while Ms Boss sits on his back and hand spanks him, following with paddling, strapping, tawsing, caning and finally - whipping. No CP stone is left unturned! Did you learn your lesson? Ms Boss in rubber short shorts looking very fit these days.


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