Updated - June 2017

Since I have been repeatedly asked to provide this information over the last few months, here it is again.

You may contribute to the Compound's gear, it's maintenance, or to my well being.  If I have shown you extra attention, or have been decent towards you with regards to scheduling difficulties, or you are reapplying to me (and seriously this time if you were not before) showing generosity towards me with something from this page will go a long way. Thank you.


Ms Boss Repair:

Nemacolin - I like to go here to unwind on occasion.

Morton's - I use these cards for special occasions.


Studio Repair: Domme Depot


For the Compound (and you)

Hanging leather strap cage



Like Straightjackets?

Immobilizer Splints

Locking leather straps (48 " - would like 10)

Inflatable rubber body bag

The Powerplay™ PT2010

Cup Cap combo pack


Shoes - size 8

So Kate

Lady Peep

Bianca Botta


Hot Wave

Hot Chick

Follies Spikes




Miscellaneous: Amazon Gift Card


Gift certificates can be made available to




MIB Productions POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203 USA


Private thank you's are readable in the member's area