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Updates, announcements, and statistics for January 2008 (December 2007 here)


Writing Update

"Recent Weekend at the Compound!"

(Written by Irene Boss) It was wonderful spending time as well as playing alongside my friend Louise D recently. She is truly the Domestic Diva and extremely skilled as a Disciplinarian. It was also a special treat to see Ms. Whisper again and watch her explore Her Dom side. She was amazing.

Writing / Photo update


(Written by footsucker) ***Members Update An unconventional triple play Before i go on, let me set the stage for one of my most memorable visits to the Compound. After my last visit Mistress Irene sent me home chastised in a Houdini device and with an assortment of refurbishment project to keep me occupied until my return. My assignments complete i scheduled a return visit and it just so happened to coincide with the weekend that the lovely Mistress Louise D and the incredible Miss Whisper would be at the Compound. i arrived at the Compound chastised in the Houdini and toting my assignments as instructed. i rang the bell, placed the key to the Houdini in my mouth and waited for my entrance to the Compound to be granted. My heart was racing as Mistress Louise’s seductive legs appeared and descended the stairs, my pulse increased...join to read

Writing Update




(Written by Irene Boss) What I am looking for in a submissive and / or slave... Note that the requirements are different for submissives and slaves than they are for other types of players (kinksters, enthusiasts, bottoms, fetishists, ect) because I know you desire to give up more control. Know that I desire to take it. I would hope though, if you are a kinkster, enthusiast, bottom, or fetishist that you also have elements of submission in your sexual psyche. Most of the men who desire to have an audience with Me are denied the possibility because they know not how to approach Me. Read the following essay.


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NEW WEB MOVIE 27 minutes - ***Members Update -"Torturing the sausage!"  Free flash trailer  Free short trailer  Cockcentric! Scene 1 - The slave is restrained to a St. Andrews cross in Mistress Shane's formidable gothic industrial dungeon. He braves electric cbt with an antique violet wand, cock slapping, smearing of spooge on his face, nipple play, and weights by parachute. Shane and Irene tease him mercilessly with their shapely voluptuous shiny pantyhose covered legs. He drips uncontrollably. Shane in short black tight spandex dress and Irene in short rubber mini dress. Both Ladies in sexy high heels! Scene 2 - The slave is bound over the punishment bench for CBT treatments on his balls, sensitive taint and under-cock. Weight work and antique violet wand shocking continue! Scene 3 - The Mistresses make a "deal" with the slave...he is only allowed to come while they shower him if he is willing to be shocked electrically right after his orgasm!  - Join to view entire feature or order the DVD

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FULL FEATURE UPLOAD 29 minutes - "Irene Boss meets Ember Burns" Filmed on location at 'Ascension' - the studios of Ember Burns in Portland Oregon. This is Mistress Ember's video debut. Watch the Boss bullwhip clothespins off a slave's nipples! Watch Mistress Ember administer a severe spanking with a heavy metal paddle. Mistress Ember discusses why She got into the scene and what She is looking for in a submissive plaything. A cross dressed sissy slut and a masochistic submissive are both worked over with predicament bondage, double flogging, threatened forced bi, tickle torture, cbt, nipple play, and heavy corporal. Bullwhipping take place with the slaves in stockades and mounted on an elevated cross. ***Members Update - full movie uploaded in 3 formats  Join to view or order the DVD

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FULL FEATURE UPLOAD 42 minutes - "Bullwhipped Bastard" Irene invites her friend over to witness and partake in a bullwhipping/corporal discipline session! The opening scene features slave Dave in upside down suspension braving the rigors of stomach cropping with extensive cbt, double flogging, predicament bondage, and paddling. He is hoisted right side up in near suspension, and a different electric box is used to torture his package. He is corrected with a nylon paddle and lash. He is then restrained over the punishment box to receive a whipping from a single tail, signal, and then a bullwhip. See sparks fly and blood flow. Her friend is invited to launch into him with a heavy paddle twice. Irene wears an East German border guard jacket, matching hat, black leather custom corset, black girdle and silver boots and gloves. Her friend wears jeans and a black knit top.  ***Members Update - full movie uploaded in 3 formats  Join to view or order the DVD

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FULL FEATURE UPLOAD 31 minutes - "The Lesson"

Consensual/nonconsensual play. A real lesson to be learned! "Domination Deliverance style" Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid. Truly rough and brutal - don't try this at home. Irene decided to let cum dumpster cum in for a filmed session, even though she knew it would be a disaster. She wanted to teach him a lesson! Her friends Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid were visiting and the Ladies needed some amusement. You have to see this to believe it. Extreme strap on, showers, verbal admonishment, corporal, and a slave who cries. The overpowerment was so intense the slave wanted to end the session and leave. Don't ever pester 3 Dominant Mistresses over the phone or Internet, or this could be you!  ***Members Update - full movie uploaded in 3 formats  Join to view entire feature or order the DVD

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FULL FEATURE UPLOAD 31 minutes - "Tickled Stan the stockroom sam" (F/m) Irene and her assistant are getting the distribution orders ready to go out after the AVN trade show. Stan has decided to do nothing, and gets rude and sassy with Christine and Irene. The Ladies decide to punish Stan with heavy bondage, tickling and very heavy spanking. Christine straps Stan's behind so hard she breaks Irene's razor strap! They tickle Stan so intensely he starts to cough from all the laughter. He is smothered by Irene in black pantyhose, while Christine continues tickling his helpless feet and strapping his exposed tender bottom. Merciless tickling, spanking, and bondage!  ***Members Update - full movie uploaded in 3 formats   Join to view entire feature or order the DVD

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FULL FEATURE UPLOAD 23 minutes - "Caned ,Whipped, Kicked and Fucked" (Bullwhip and signal whip) slave Chris is attached face down to the leaning St. Andrew's Cross in the center of Lady Cheyenne's dungeon. He is taking a caning while in nipple play predicament bondage; his nipple clamps are attached to the cross, and every time he moves from the caning he gives himself a nice painful sensation. He is also placed in predicament cbt ball bondage by Irene and Cheyenne uses the lash on him. Irene holds him to the cross while Cheyenne continues. He takes the cane one more time, and then Irene begin to discipline him with her signal whip. A branding is discussed. Then Irene begins using her bullwhip. The slave is inspected. He is then moved to a kneeling suspension position, with his arms overhead. Cheyenne begins kicking his balls. Then, it is Irene's turn. The slave is made to "present "his balls to the two Mistresses from more kicking. He is also kicked in the ass. Lady Cheyenne then engages the slave in some shaft kicking, first from behind and then in front. He is then moved to the large bondage frame for strap on play. He sucks Cheyenne's cock while Irene scolds and spanks him. He is reprimanded by Irene about his unkempt hole and asshole manners. Irene spanks him, leaves him plugged, and then watches him as he continues to suck Cheyenne's big black cock.  ***Members Update - full movie uploaded in 3 formats  Join to view entire feature or order the DVD


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NEW RELEASE TRAILER - 7 minute along with 82 high resolution images and DVD Release ***Members Update  "The Korruption of Angela" Free flash trailer Coral Korrupt and Angela's debut on DVD! Our story begins with Angela secretly admiring Irene’s video collection sprawled on a luxurious gothic king size bed in the Compound’s punishment boudoir. Hearing Irene and Ms. Coral ascending the stairs prompts an attempt to hide her visual vice. Irene and Ms. Korrupt enter the bedroom with Pravda and pomegranate cocktails in hand with a relaxing, reclusive slumber party in mind. Girl talk, a bit of footsy and a chaotic pillow fight follow. Angela’s not so closely guarded secret is soon discovered and the two dominant ladies have their way with the tanned, hard bodied tart. Stripped of her clothing, saran wrapped, girl tossed and tickled, Irene applies the “Hitachi Magic Wand” to Angela’s soon to be invaded glistening wet pussy. Ms. Korrupt inserts one, then two fingers with well metered thrusts, then smears the camera lens with the fresh love juice as Angela continues to cum. The “Hitachi”, now in the hands of Coral, continues to work its magic on the willing wench, now on top of topless Irene, passionately making out. She cannot wait any longer…Ms. Korrupt drives her well mounted strap-on deep inside Angela’s eager beaver, humping and grinding while her more than ample breasts are kissed and licked by Irene’s talented tongue. The Boss takes over from behind in this finisher, as Angela is fucked royal from both ends, also sucking on Ms. Coral’s stiffy to the delight of all. Angela makes her video debut and cums many times in this very sexy and entertaining “all girl” action movie. Ladies in satin pj’s. Join to view 7 minute trailer entire feature or order the DVD

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DVD Release! Private Sessions Triple feature!  See what happens at the Compound...Film one - Private Sessions Bondage 3: Irene begins with bedspring bondage. The slave is bound to a bare metal frame bed complete with pinching springs and cold steel. Nipple torture,n cbt and butt plug insertion soon follow. Tickling is also administered in this first scene. The slave is then bound over a custom bondage apparatus where Irene brings forth a heavy dose of classical corporal - paddling, birching and caning. Taken to the Gothic Dungeon, the nearly spent slave is sling fucked and vibrated to orgasm. Film 2 - Poking and Piercing Several examples of ‘butt play’ - toys and strap-ons with cross dressed sissy sluts. Giant dildo training, metal butt plug and CBT/nipple play. Forced strap on sucking, a messy fisting and porno style strap-on fucking too. Look through the eyes of the slaves, (MIB Exclusive virtual reality glasses). Cameo by Mistress Anastasia. Film 3 - Bound at the Compound A good example of a Mistress giving some positive reinforcement and praise to a submissive cross dresser. 'slut sherri' gives it up to Mistress Anastasia in this cross dressers/bondage lovers fantasy! Mistress Anastasia takes possession of sherri's 'pussy', forcing her to wear a buttplug for the remainder of the scene. A trip to the sit sling where sherri is placed into predicament rope bondage for more cbt and nipple play.  Mistress Anastasia then places sherri in near suspension, with 'her' hands up in the air over 'her' head for some serious flogging and more edge play, ending with sherri orally worshiping Mistress Anastasia’s big cock.

***Members Update

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