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Inside the Masochistic Circus - Screw The Thorns! - This image © 2006 MIB Productions

A best selling DVD "The Masochistic Circus"  VIEW HERE 37 minutes! Filmed on location at the studio of Mistress Shane in Antwerp Belgium. slave Kermit is bound and determined to put on a show! We begin our journey with him standing in an archway outside in the courtyard. You will not believe how many weights he can swing from his numerous genital piercings. The things he does are simply unbelievable! Kermit wears a red lingerie set, chrome collar, and high heels while he is spread in the archway. His nipples are tortured severely. He is cropped, caned on his lower stomach and cock. He begs while sucking a dildo, is tortured with a pinwheel, and manages to have an orgasm as a result of this cruelty. A great variety of corporal implements are used upon him, including signal and bull whips. The grand finale sees the slave on his hands and knees, drilled by a relentless fucking machine. The Mistresses take turns flogging him and making comments until he finally explodes.

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The Demise Of Little Richard - This image © 2006 MIB Productions

For the kicking and punching enthusiast.

A best selling DVD "The Demise of little richard"  VIEW HERE 81 minutes! The Mistresses begin by assaulting him while he is bound to the floor and forced to look up at them. Irene takes a riding crop to his feet, while Cheyenne flogs his chest. He is blindfolded, and also made to wear the Nova Pro while the Ladies continue their torture. He is face sat by Irene. Clothespins are placed all over his body several times, and the 2 Mistresses kick them off with their open toed high heeled shoes and step on his cock. He is hoisted upside down in a straight jacket for belly punching, and barefoot belly kicking. He is frequently kneed in the stomach and kicked in the balls. Scene 2: Little Richard is placed in the caning stockade in the corporal detention center. The ladies warm him up with a good strapping, tawsing, and paddling with the razor strop, Scottish tawse, evening star, and lady spanker. He receives a traditional bamboo caning and then with carbonite and white lightning implements. He is placed over Cheyenne's knee for a good old fashioned bare bottom paddling while Irene holds his head in between her legs. The Ladies trade places and Irene gives him a very stern and severe hairbrush spanking while Cheyenne holds him still with her legs. Irene gives him 12 bullwhip strikes while he is fastened over the punishment box. Scene 3: Little Richard is suspended by the wrists on his knees and the ladies take turns punching and kicking him in the stomach.

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Hang Out - This image © 2007 MIB Productions

A best selling DVD "Hang out"  VIEW HERE 52 minutes!

Scene one - Extreme electrical entertainment by the Boss! Irene is diabolical, and wears the clothes to prove it. This several scene production features her in tight black vinyl and spandex cat suits with different black leather face masks, spiked corset, leather gloves and very high black vinyl fetish boots. Hot Hot Hot! Her slave is on the ground and she is preparing him for upside down suspension. She digs her heels into his balls and hoists him up like a side of beef, and now it's time for some remote controlled electric ball shocking! (Irene loves using her toys and abusing her boys.) A fantastic scene follows with 2 signal whips - one long and one short. Irene is very skilled and thrashes him severely without breaking his skin! His balls are shocked repeatedly. He is gagged by Irene's leather gloves...

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Waterboy - This image © 2007 MIB Productions

A best selling DVD "Waterboy"  VIEW HERE 54 minutes! Part 1: How much holy water can a slave possibly take? You will be amazed at "water boy". He's the energizer bunny! What a good camper. He must drink at least 10 in this new video. Swishy begins his adventure mummified in saran wrap on the hospital bed in the Compound's medical room. He wears a bright red rubber hood throughout. Irene Boss and Anastasia in black body stockings, lingerie, top hats, and military hats. Irene begins by doing GS right in the slaves face with some aromatherapy. There is a great deal of laughter! CBT and nipple play occurs while this is going on, with some sarcastic humor directed right at you slaves about how you fantasize about sucking a big beautiful dick. Lots of humiliating cbt and the slave is forced to eat his own stuff too. There is some smothering and much forced strap on sucking...

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A best selling DVD Whore Dejour" (The weapons of ass destruction part 1)

VIEW HERE 36 minutes!

Machine fucked, forced bi endurance, and fisted!"

Want some sex, slave? Ha ha ha! Starring our very own slut Lynda (Rookie) in an audition, web whore (whore dejour as Mistress Samantha) Mistress Brianna and Myself Irene Boss, and various dildos and fuck machines.

This new web series will totally amaze you...the things these sluts will do to amuse their Mistresses!

Forced ball licking, electro play, full body orgasm, forced bi, cbt, breast worship (male slave worships tranny slave), verbal humiliation, de-sensitization with the magic wand, and embarrassing sexual supervision.

The Ladies wear gorgeous custom made outfits!

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A best selling DVD "Pounded TS Cheerleader" (The weapons of ass destruction part 5)

 VIEW HERE 33 minutes! Pounded Cheerleader Objectification! I dress the bitch up in a green cheerleader's outfit. I am very sexy in my latex, high heels, and shimmering stockings. The bitch is not. (Are you this bitch?) Lust after my luscious ass and strong muscular legs, slave! The bitch is positioned in upside down suspension for bizarre electrical insertions. First, I do her makeup. She needs some serious help! I discover that she has not shaved properly so I rip the hair from her groin and ass. How pathetic! A fingering is in order here! The first electrical plug goes in, while I chastise her about the tiny size of her clitty. It's the smallest dicky doo I have ever seen! It's the itty bitty clitty committee! Next, I decide to give her a GOOD HARD WHIPPING. I am very skillful, administering an intense brush burn but I don't draw any blood. Next, I place the slut in a humiliating position with her arms and legs off the ground, hanging like a side of beef in midair. EXTREME ANAL TORTURE! Watch me put on my strap on harness. It's so sexy. Watch me go to town on this bitch. Don't you wish that this was you?

Member's Writing! "A Yuletide abduction" by footsucker of the FemDomScene.Com messageboard

First written account of a scene at Top Secret

After a few terrific months of assisting Mistress Irene with the preparations at Her new space it was time to see Her in a different light….The redlights of Top Secret. The new studio is totally amazing and I could barely wait to bare myself for Mistress Irene. Arranging my Christmas visit with Mistress Irene She took me by surprise when She sent me my instructions….. 

“Park your car in the parking garage nearby the secret pick up location and be at the front door. When my black H3 pulls up you will get in the back seat, get under the blanket, and lay down. You will not speak unless you are spoken too. if you are prone to motion sickness, take some Dramamine at 11 am.”  BOSS 

It was a crisp December morning in the burgh as I made my way across town, I arrived a half hour early and parked in the garage as instructed. Time was standing still as the anticipation of my abduction was beginning to build. it was time….I left the garage, entered the lobby and found a comfy chair with a view of the front doors. My heart was pounding as I kept an eye out for the black H3. A few minutes passed and I saw the H3 rounding the bend. I jumped from my chair, took a deep breath and walked towards the revolving door. Perfect timing as I was swept out of the lobby as the H3 arrived under the portico. As ordered I hopped in the back seat, pulled the blanket over myself and laid down. Not a word was spoken; session music filled the inside of the Hummer as I was whisked away. Stop and go, a bump or two, acceleration through the turns….the ride was exhilarating. “We’re here” Mistress Irene announced as the garage door closed behind us.  Read the rest here

"Irene Boss meets Mistress Wynter"  FREE TRAILER  LONGER TRAILER IN MEMBERS

$29.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)
3 scenes! Watch what happens when Wynter travels all the way from Wonderland NYC to play with the Boss! The Ladies share a tasty maletoy in the clinic bound in a custom rubber hood with locking collar who endures experiments with sounds and electro play.

This punishment is not enough. Moving into the Victorian Boudoir the recalcitrant slave is cross dressed and bound face down on a lush bed with arm binders, leather corset, and rubber straps for heavy corporal from both Ladies in sexy business attire. In the industrial chamber the slave is bound on a CBT devise in near suspension with a nipple stretching tower, inflatable butt plug, electric catheter, and electric cbt devices. Ladies in black leather outfits.

A five hour experience edited down to an hour and 36 minutes!


$29.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

Miss Demore owns a successful adult toy manufacturing company and attends a convention in Los Angeles accompanied by her sexy irreplaceable assistant Ariel (whom Miss Demore has been lusting over for quite some time). Unable to control her amorous urges, Miss Demore summons Ariel to her room. Ariel is taken aback by the sexually aggressive intentions of her boss. Miss Demore seduces the young assistant with feverish intent. The two business beauties engage in a private meeting which includes heavy wooden paddling, forced kissing, nipple torture, pussy spanking, ass eating, pussy eating, flogging, dildo gags, strap-on play, breast caning, hair brush pussy paddling, rope bondage, double dong dildo play and the testing of a secret Russian prototype sexual stimulator. What fun it is to be the boss! Dripping hot with authentic BDSM sex and filmed with two of the top fetish stars inthe business: Natali Demore and Ariel X! Original musical score, multi-angled split screens and an animated version on the same disc highlight this magnificent film. 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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