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What's it's like to have session with Ms Boss



1280 x 720 in hi definition windows and .mp4 format.

Brand new to members!

Filmed at the Compound.

"Mistress Precious Rides Again!" 64 minutes

A sexy blindfolded bikini clad femsub is bound to a St. Andrews cross. Irene in long flowing black robe, garters, girdles, heels and hose. Mistress Precious wears a black leather corset, black leather pants and heels. The Ladies begin by subjecting the submissive siren to electric nipple play and the Whartenburg wheel on her body with electric pussy play, flogging and feather tickling. Scene 2 finds our Luscious Ladies in vinyl, latex, girdles, corsets, stockings, heels and boots for a scrumptious fetish smorgasbord! Angela receives a rough strapon session and plenty of forced orgasms from the Dominant duo! Mistress Precious decides to go for a ride on Angela's ass during a cage suspension sequence in scene 3. You don't want to miss this!

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Now in windows (.wmv) format in members (previously in flash).

Filmed at the Compound.

"The Fetish Interrogation"

44 minutes

Starring the gorgeous Domina Danielle. Danielle rented slave dave from the Compound for a weekend of fetish fun and stage shows in another country. She needed someone who could perform and take a lot of heavy corporal and cbt, and Dave seemed to fit the bill...except there was the question of his appearance. Dave arrived in jeans, a doo rag, and manly combat boots. This angers Domina Danielle greatly because she wanted a suave submissive traveling companion! She decides correction is in order, and Dave must be punished. They are staying in, and the whole thing will be filmed! Split screen views. Dave is stripped naked except for his manly combat boots and Danielle pulls out all the stops. Danielle in custom latex, opera length red rubber gloves, and red leather thigh high stiletto boots. Watch him go into suspension and find out the rest!

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Now in windows (.wmv) format in members (previously in flash).

Filmed at Kink in the Caribbean.

"Punished in Paradise"

16 minutes

Irene Boss and Madame Sarka gang up on gimpy at the annual Kink in the Caribbean in Jamaica!

Flogging, whipping, St. Andrew's Cross, caning, latex worship, and sweat shower humiliation.

Ms Boss dumps a couple of cups of hot sweat from the inside of her cat suit all over the miscreant.

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"A pain in the ass!"  Order here

The famous masochist Steven Paine challenges the Boss once again, yet does not win. In the Gothic Dungeon Ms Boss gives the miscreant posture commands in order to prepare him for his judicial bullwhipping. She decides to
make him wear a CBT electro jock strap device including an electro cock band. He is placed in upside down suspension and made to wear electric bipolar nipple clamps. The clothespins return so Ms Boss can whip them off. Several different whips and throws are demonstrated. His ass is peppered in clothespins for a similar treatment. Next up is a proper judicial bullwhipping with a 24 plait bullwhip - over 100 strokes with several different throw styles. He is then placed on a corporal bench in extreme bondage (including his head) for 1000 strikes of the cane. A number of canes and caning techniques are demonstrated. This is the most intense caning Ms Boss has ever administered bar none. He is electrified throughout and Ms Boss dons a caning glove as her hand becomes sore from administering. The punishment is so severe that Ms Boss decides to commute his sentence.

Tabasco electric CBT: Placed in a bondage position on the floor, Ms Boss marinates the slave's balls in hot chicken wing sauce before he is placed in the electric butterfly board. Madame Nadine sits on the smother box to quiet the miscreant. He safe words after 2 days of play. Ms Boss decides to use the smother box to relieve her swollen bladder while his head is inside. She pumps his head right up next to her ass. The final insult: A second serving of Tabasco sauce is applied to his balls. Ms Boss informs him that he can choose to wash it off and accept 500 more cane stripes, or he can choose to let it soak in and he is done. He chooses the later situation. Filmed by Madame Nadine, who can also be seen at times in the film interacting with Ms Boss in one of her first MIB Productions appearances.

"He asked for it!" Order here
The famous Steven Paine (AKA the English patient) has once again set himself up for a battle with Ms Boss that he simply cannot win. He has asked for a filmed scene of extreme sadism and masochism.

Filmed by Madame Nadine, who can also be seen at times in the film. One of her first MIB Productions appearances.

He is covered in clothespins and made to perform calisthenics. Ms Boss decides to order him to do press-ups (the British version of the pushup). Every time he comes up from a press-up (pushup) he will receive 1 stroke of the riding crop. If he doesn't do it properly he will receive 500 in which she will bat all the clothespins off instead. He loses and Ms Boss informs him that he will now be forced to take the entire punishment. This is his own fault and he has gotten himself into this for making so many "bloody suggestions". He is reminded to take it like a man. He is reminded that when there is another Lady around Ms Boss gets more sadistic because she likes to show off, so when it was suggested that there be a "camera lady" he had to know that things were going to be worse for him. She sits on his face and removes the rest of the clothespins. The last one is left on the tip of his uncut gem while he is made to pick up all the pegs (clothespins). He is then made to kiss the foot of the One who punishes him. Ms Boss reminds him that he is a naughty little Roman (British are Roman descendants). The Medical Room: The straight jacketed English patient is bound atop an OBGYN table for the removal of his final clothespin. Ms Boss remarks that there appears to be a few hematoma on his cock. Ms Boss decides to demonstrate some new CBT electrical bands and discusses her special hot cream "hand treatment". Let's make a deal! He is informed that if he can bear it for 5 minutes she will not add 500 to his bullwhipping punishment the next day. She will do the electricity after the hot cream (First it is Icy hot and then later Tabasco sauce). He is readjusted on the table, more electrics are added and Ms Boss breaks out the electric tooth brushes. He then endures electric ass play with 2 different metal toy. He is then subjected to aromatherapy, which is smelling something that is good for your health. The Boss's ass is good for your health, so you better inhale deeply. The plexiglass aromatherapy casket is broken in. Ms Boss has a seat and adjusts his electrical dials. His head is pumped up right next to her ass several times in this diabolical debauchery. Sweaty rubber ass and pussy sniffing! He is moved to the hospital bed, still straight jacketed. His legs are bound with leather medical straps. He is exercised while bound with the Q-wave chiropractor's box on his larger muscle groups, including his cock. Ms Boss informs him that he will be wearing a metal chastity devise under his clothes to dinner. His behavior has been deplorable.

"Edwina 5 still alive" 103 minutes (in 2 parts)

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Ladies in luscious long leather order the whore edwina into the building, but his pathetic maleness cannot be seen. He must be feminized before being allowed on camera. Irene Boss and Mistress Persephone are relentless in shredding his male ego, and you can be assured that Madame Nadine thoroughly enjoyed filming this debauchery. She even had to step out from behind the camera and do a few cameos while Irene takes a turn filming. The Ladies have mountains of satin and frothy lace panties for the sissy bitch to wear. A forced feminine transformation is in order! Edwina is suspended and humiliated about "her" tiny sissy clit, and then placed on the bondage couch for dual strap on on sucking.

The Ladies slap Edwina, change his outfit and move him into the medical room on the ass bench, so he can take a thorough fucking from both of them. Edwina is forced to kiss ass while getting fucked with ATM. The fucking machine has a good time. Edwina is placed on the hospital bed and forced to masturbate while wearing masks. Madame Nadine and Mistress Persephone punch, slap and kick Edwina repeatedly while the bitch is strapped over the punishment box. It's a hairy man butt beat down while Irene Boss laughs her ass off! Mistress Persephone and Madame Nadine deliver a tandem paddling to the pussy boy and it's riding crop central. The bitch is transformed once again and moved to the green room so the Ladies can recline on the black leather couch while edwina performs shoe worship and masturbates under their stern gaze. Mistress Persephone decides to kick edwina in the balls, HARD and he is forced to worship pantyhose encased feet!


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