What happened in July of 2005?

What's new for July in members so far?

July 30th: Guest Galleries from the Other World Kingdom. 11images of face sitting and smothering!

July 28th: Guest Domina Image Gallery! 36 high resolution photographs: Princess Kali's visit to the Compound, by our own Compound photographer who used to work for National Geographic. Now this is WILDLIFE!

NEW DVD RELEASE! "The Iniitiation" Starring Lady Cheyenne, Irene Boss, and submissive Saphire's debut on film! Scene 1: Saphire "wants the job so bad" that she decides to go along with everything Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne want her to do. First she must strip. She is placed on the spinning wheel. Irene and Cheyenne take turns flogging her. Irene licks her nipples. Vibrating nipple clamps are attached, and a vibrator is tucked into Saphire's underpants. Her pussy is cropped. Saphire in short black evening dress and sandles. Irene in black rubber police woman's uniform with black platform fetish shoes. Cheyenne in custom red rubber dress with red platform fetish shoes. 
Scene 2: Saphire is placed on the St. Andrew's cross and psychologically dominated with the Nova Pro while the following takes place: Nipple play, birching, single tail whipping, and severe bullwhipping. Saphire in pantyhose, panties, and black patent ankle ballet boots. Cheyenne in custom black and white rubber one piece, pantyhose, and red platform fetish shoes. Irene in black leather corset, shiny pantyhose, and knee high black kid platform fetish boots. 
Scene 3: Saphire is restrained to a large bondage canopy bed for her first piercing scene. Irene weaves beautiful steel flowers around her nipples while Cheyenne comforts her by dripping ice into her mouth. Saphire is placed on her hands and knees while pierced while Cheyenne forces her to suck rubber cock and Irene teases her pussy with a vibrator. The final cumbustion occurs when Irene cut's Saphire's pantyhose off and proceeds to fuck her with a strap on. Very wet!  

July 31st: Guest Galleries from the Other World Kingdom. 39 images of foot worship.

July 15th: 14 lengthy clips from the new release: "The Initiation"

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July 23rd: New story from Private sessions: Terrific Tampon Terror

July 18th: New story: My 4th visit to The Founding Celebrations of The Other World Kingdom - illustrated, by slave dave.

July 29th: Writing! The Brand Reinforcement Paragraph sample (warning...extremely graphic!) I was told to stand in the middle of the room while Mistress Irene informed me that tonight We/we will be start off by reinforcing the brand (with a soldering iron this time), and then the rest of the session would follow. Mistress Irene said "Won't that be cruel to start off with the brand!" I had to take it for Her, because I wanted to earn the opportunity to worship Her feet. I was ordered to lie face down on the gyno table. Mistress Irene hooked some bondage straps around my thighs and secured my hands to the straps while waiting for the iron to heat up. She knew that I was going to squirm around, so She wanted to have me secure. She wanted to have more than one thing going on at a time, so She decided to put a plug in me. The plug was inserted and the branding began. Mistress Irene said it was the first time She has done this on anyone with the soldering iron, but She has practiced on beef and chicken. She laughed again. The heat from the iron was very intense. I tried my best to not move and to make as little noise as possible. I did make a little noise but Mistress Irene was very pleased with the results from the soldering iron and with how well I took it. I was allowed to raise up on my knees and look in the mirror. I too thought that the end result was very cool looking! The brand raised up, kind of like a welding bead...

July 22nd: 22 high resolution images from the new release "The Initiation" Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne, and submissive sapphire. Fem/fem play!

July 4th: 22 Action shots and 13 high resolution images from Part 1 of: THE WEAPONS OF ASS-DESTRUCTION!  

New July 2nd: 35 minutes of lengthy video clips! Part 1 of: THE WEAPONS OF ASS-DESTRUCTION! (For the web only) "Whore Dejour - machine fucked, forced bi endurance, and fisted!" Want some sex, slave? Ha ha ha! Starring our very own slut Lynda (Rookie) in an audition, webwhore Josie (whore dejour as Mistress Samantha) Mistress Brianna, Myself Irene Boss, and various other Mistresses, ass slaves, fists, feet, dildos and fuck machines. Many stars, toys, and machines coming in the future...This new web series will totally amaze you...the things these sluts will do to amuse their Mistresses! Forced ball licking, electro play, fisting, full body orgasm, forced bi, cbt, breast worship, verbal humiliation, de-sensitization with the magic wand, and embarrassing sexual supervision. The Ladies wear gorgeous custom made outfits!

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