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Updates, Guests, Announcements for July 2008!  (June 2008 here)


WRITING UPDATE IN MEMBERS A Thera-pee Session, by footsucker First, please let me preface my writing, during my therapeutic visit with Mistress Irene She instructed me to chronicle the details with an inflatable butt plug (containing 20 pumps) in my sluthole and with a pair of nipple clamps attending to my nipples. Ohhhhh! So here i sit, my sluthole stretched and filled, my nipples clamped and my fingers ready to transfer the details of my recent Therapy session with Mistress Irene……i made my way to the Compound for a much needed therapy session with Mistress Irene….running into a little traffic i arrived at the Compound with seconds to spare. i rang the doorbell and waited patiently for Therapisst Irene to grant me entrance. Oh my! i heard the door close and that incredible sound of Mistress Irene descending the stairs began….my heart began beating faster, with every step the excitement increased. Soon Mistress Irene’s sexy shoes and shapely legs came into view….Whooo! A few more steps and Mistress Irene was in complete sight….dressed in black leather looking hotter than a firecracker….Read the rest in members!


New DVD release - "Executrix Punishments!"


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Mistress Shane and Irene Boss say "We Boss, you slavesecretary!" Witness the negotiation this executive had to go through in order to keep his job with the company! CBT and Corporal (spanking, caning, strapping, cropping) and nipple play. These 2 sexy Female Bosses strut their stuff around the room in knee length skirts and elbow length silk shirts with heels and hose. It's domestic and yes it's oh so wrong. Listen to him yell when Irene starts throwing her whip (signal whipping). Don't step out of line at the office because punishment is swift. Take your caning now and kiss my shoes you wimp! Order Now


WRITING UPDATE IN MEMBERS A Fifth Overnight Session in Pittsburgh with Domina Irene Boss and a Third shorter appearance with Madame Nadine (aka Cock Mommie), by cinderfella When I left the Compound four days earlier, Domina Irene said that she was looking forward to our next session and that it was going to be a medical session.  I told her that I was also looking forward to it, but that I was quite nervous about it.  She responded by saying that was good, which made me even more nervous since I had no idea what thoughts were lurking in her mind, plus Mistress likes to play mindfuck games with me and she is extremely good at it. I arrived at the Compound for our next session at the appointed time, rang the left hand doorbell and waited for Mistress.  Mistress soon answered the door wearing a lab coat over a neat girdle and bra combination, along with some nylon stockings (Mistress Irene always looks stunning in whatever outfit she decides to wear).  When I entered, I immediately got down on my knees to greet Mistress, but she asked me what I was doing on my knees and to get up, since I was not going to be a slave this night, but a medical patient.   She then told me to go up to the third floor, put all my clothes in the bathroom, then meet her in the Medical Room.  I complied with that order and soon found myself naked in front of Mistress in the aforementioned room. Mistress then dressed me in a crotchless garter panty again, some white nylon stockings, a longline bra, and another black ruffly skirt.  I was then informed that I was going to have an enema... Read the rest in members!


New DVD release "Thirsty Shocked Toilet!"


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In the new medical room at the Compound, Domina Irene Boss is showing Mistress Shane the new equipment, including a slave who has been positioned on the hospital bed for their devious pleasures. The Ladies teases in tight rubber outfits and pantyhose. He is bound and repeatedly shocked with violet wands and many different electrical attachments. The slave is moved to the examination table where his head is enclosed in a plexi glass potty chair while Irene has her way with him and Mistress Shane zaps away. The final scene features Mistress Shane seated on a potty chair over the slave's face while Irene takes a turn. Mischievous, devious, and just plain mean! Order Now

FREE TRAILER New DVD release - "Dom Con LA Volume 3 (of 4)" A cacophony of bizarre Fem Dom action - 14 scenes!


Domina credits - Lady Hillary ~ Mistress Eve Minax ~ Mistress San ~ Mistress Anna Valentina ~ Mistress Ellen ~ TS Mistress Jeannine ~ Domina Snow ~ Mistress Astria
Mistress Heather ~ Mistress Xena ~ Mistress Simone ~ Mistress LunaSea ~ Lady Aylha ~ Mistress Thora Nang ~ Goddess Genesis
submissive credits - danny boy, slave monty, slave janet, Marty the Duck, Natalie, Etienne, Ariel Hope, mike, princess jenn, photodog, slave hovis, Wuggie, slave piggy, and cbt slave "t" Order Now













FREE TRAILER New DVD release - "The Evil Dr. Boss" BDSM MEDICAL PLAY Scene 1: Examination of man-­whore begins with the thing slung up and bound to the suspending chains, with both busty Evil Dr. Boss and sadistic nurse Kat at either end. Irene sprays the man-cunt with perfume in an attempt make the preposterous procedures more enjoyable, and then dilates the stinky slot with a small metal toy, while breast enlargement takes place with vacuum cups. Nipple grabbers follow with horrific howling from the helpless he-bitch. Double electric butt toys follow into the hungry hole as Mistress Kat applies grotesque garish make up to the wanna-be bitch. Next, electro shock to the clitty in preparation for a good solid caning by the two ladies. Scene 2: Nurse Kat dons the vampire gloves to administer a much needed pricking of the bitch¹s already sore breast area. Dr. Boss inserts yet another larger electric metal toy into this bottomless pit of an ass.  Irene then places an electric cock ring over the whore¹s tiny business and shocks to shrinkage. She paddles the feet of the doofus-like damsel. Nurse Kat experiments on the bitch with violet wand touch-shock therapy as the Dr. inserts another very large electric metal cone shaped ass toy into the cramped canal. Another round of breast augmentation is performed! Elastration is the applied to the worthless worm - ouch!!! Forceps to the nipples end this scene with ridiculous hoots and howls from the whore. Scene 3: Tandem piercing has been prescribed, and is administered. More corporal with caning ensues, and then a final exam with various speculums, a partial fisting and a gaping rear view to remember. Irene wears a studded leather mask, shiny metal spiked corset, metal T-back, shear see through body suit and knee high front laced leather boots. Nurse Kat in red and black leather eye mask, red and black rubber corset, black spandex pants and red thigh high front laced leather boots. Hot hot hot!!! The doctor is IN. Order Now

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