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Ms Boss visited the Orange California Complex July 5th - 10th and the DC Metro area July 26th - 30th


"Let ‘Em Eat Cock" 50 minutes 

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(part of a double feature)

Sploshing madness!



Beach House Beatin’: Short story shorter. Vacation with Cockmommie gets ugly, but interesting for Jillian. Lots of verbal abuse, food humiliation and a good home grown beating...sound familiar?

Cruising for catholic girls can be fun, especially if your therapist recommends it. Cockmommie is having a mini-meltdown about getting laid, so she calls Dr. Veronica Bitch for an emergency in-home session. After a brief evaluation, the Dr. advises Cockmommie to get out and find herself some fresh stuff to satisfy her sadistic sexual urges. Driving through the south side of Pittsburgh, Dr. Veronica at the wheel of her Hum V, they come across a religiously ripe specimen for the plucking. Using her psychopathic skills, Cockmommie easily lures Muffy, with promises of sweets & such, into her car. Now at the Mommie ranch, Muffy is wondering when the candy will be produced. The perverted pair handcuff Muffy for an assisted walk upstairs, leading her ever further down the wrong side of the tracks. Placed in a closet converted jail cell, they tease the little candy fiend with red lletemrice and hard cinnamon drops. A birthday party is announced to keep tanned tart happy. Whose birthday? Who knows and who cares, Muffy just wants the candy. The lust of the dastardly duo begins to take shape in the way of a light paddling on the perfectly rounded bottom of our delicious damsel. Dirty dancing soon follows as Muffy gyrates and grinds on the Dr., now sporting a pink woody, which is orally serviced; while Cockmommie downs a cocktail and jerks her own junk. Muffy then gets her muffin stuffed six ways to a hot fudge Sunday via the very horny Veronica. Camcorder in hand, Cockmommie records the action for obvious reasons. The flexible fuck-toy is very impressive, especially when she takes Mommies’ monstrous meat missile like a champion cheerleader. Liberties taken, a sugary offering is now delivered by way of cake, candles, beads, noisemakers and a tiara for the princess. The party perpetuates into a visual mind bender of brown goo-smeared bodies. The chocolate covered cutie then gets driven from the rear by the Dr., as she sucks on a hunk of fudge covered Mommie meat…but there’s more to muffy than just her sweet tooth…to be continued…


"In the Company of Ms Demore"

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Miss Demore owns a successful adult toy manufacturing company and attends a convention in Los Angeles accompanied by her sexy irreplaceable assistant Ariel (whom Miss Demore has been lusting over for quite some time). Unable to control her amorous urges, Miss Demore summons Ariel to her room. Ariel is taken aback by the sexually aggressive intentions of her boss. Miss Demore seduces the young assistant with feverish intent. The two business beauties engage in a private meeting which includes heavy wooden paddling, forced kissing, nipple torture, pussy spanking, ass eating, pussy eating, flogging, dildo gags, strap-on play, breast caning, hair brush pussy paddling, rope bondage, double dong dildo play and the testing of a secret Russian prototype sexual stimulator. What fun it is to be the boss! Dripping hot with authentic BDSM sex and filmed with two of the top fetish stars inthe business: Natali Demore and Ariel X! Original musical score, multi-angled split screens and an animated version on the same disc highlight this magnificent film This DVD is a keeper! Order yours now!