The June 2005 updates!


Travel section - Video clip update 

Clip1: (2:40) "I walked into the Wasteland Party and I saw Mistress Shane and her slaves! Boy did she look great. We caught up on old times and decided that I should visit her in Brussels! Anyway, she was kind enough to loan me one of her slaves as a dancing partner, and the other bought me Jack Daniels all night. All kinds of beautiful naked woman are dancing..."! 

Clip2: (.58) "Piss slave, you're not here and I have to go...come into the bathroom of the club and watch me let's go back out into the club, and what's this? A nude cabaret girl dancing on stage doing self hot waxing and dildo play. Nice! Now it's getting late and I'm tired...back to my apartment. What's on Dutch TV at 4 am? Sex commercials of course..." 

Clip 3: (4:12) "I walked through the Red Light District in my sexy new rubber outfit from Absolute Danny and stopped traffic! Watch me start some trouble...ha ha ha...a woman just grabbed my breast!" 

Clip 4: (3:50) "My outfit was so sexy I was almost arrested by the Dutch police. Watch me walk around some more on the way back to my S/M apartment (provided by courtesy of Absolute Danny). Are you watching my ass again while I walk up the stairs? What a dirty slut you are! Take a tour of the S/M apartment I stayed at while in the Red Light District. You know what? I've got to pee again, and since you're not here to smell it or taste it, you might as well hear it and watch it!" 

Clips 5 (3:24) and 6 (3:24): Covert filming in the Red Light District!

A huge amount of original video content (6 lengthy clips), writing, a Boss history gallery, and 3 new huge high resolution image galleries have been uploaded to members already, just this month!           

Boss history update special!

Stories from magazines part 2: "Surrender to her will" - from the mid 1990's with never before seen images from the DVD "Sent to the Boss"!



Never before seen gallery of Irene with short hair!

Irene Boss gallery update: 17 high resolution images "Stopping traffic in Amsterdam"

Video clip update: 3 long hard naughty clips from Wasteland (I had a press pass) and Red Light District.

Travel gallery update: 55 historically interesting images from the torture museum in Amsterdam (May 2005)

Travel gallery update: 48 images from Wasteland!

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