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                                     The piano "lesson" - part 3

                                                                  photo of Ms Boss

I had been taking a series of lessons in piano, as many of you know – beginning with theory, scales, and practice. And progressing to a mastery of early classical pieces.  Under the tutelage of a severe but competent instructress, I have made what I believe to be excellent progress.  For details of these early experiences, the reader will have to review my past reports on this topic.  She has some extraordinarily unusual motivational and instructive techniques at her disposal. She led me masterfully into a world from where I doubt that I’ll ever escape.  I also doubt that my instructress would consider my accomplishments to be ‘mastery.’  She is quite strict and demanding in how she would define these terms.  But I had been quit happy with my progress.  I’d beer very pleased with the unusual style employed to motivate me, and to lead me into my role as her student.
But (and there always seems to be a ‘but’) like many beginners who are just starting to improve to a certain level, I began to slack.  Not just slack, I actually stopped practicing.  Work and the various banalities of life intervened.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my job.  It is rewarding, I contribute to society, I am paid well, I have family and friends, and I sunburn in the park listening to a variety of bands.  But have you heard of ‘ennui?’  I have. The tedium of daily life, of routine, and of an earth that twirls around about every 24 hours -- consistently, unchangingly, unfailingly, 24 hours. Ennui entrapped me. I stopped practicing.  I stopped going to lessons. I became ensnared again by life. It had now been months since my last lesson. The daily grind had intervened. While listening to a concerto on my MP3, I long to return to the keyboard.  I longed to be a student again.
Mustering all of my courage together (believe me, it takes tremendous courage to call after a break of this long), I picked up the phone and dialed my instructress’s number, left a message, and eagerly awaited a return call.  It was time to resume where I had left off.  I knew that she would be upset with me, potentially angry, and possibly would not want to teach me more.  Clearly, I was worried.  For those who don’t know her, she can be quite strict, and has an arsenal of tools at her beck and call when she feels that you must be punished.  I always feel extremely humble in her presence. Read the rest...

                        irsla's Dom Con adventures - Day 1 and 2

                                            photo of Ms Boss

Dom Con Day 1: Every scene with the Mistress is exciting, but the DomCon scenes have that extra bit of drama about going to the right suite at the right time.  Early or late can get a punishment, but on time is difficult when you have to take an elevator in a busy hotel.  If you take the elevator too soon, you need to walk around the floor looking inconspicuous like you can’t find the right room.  If you don’t take an early elevator, you risk getting in a crowded one and being late.  It is also tricky to knock on door with a “Do Not Disturb” sign if the maids are in the hall. So my heart was pounding and my hands shaking before I even knocked on the door.  When I stepped across the threshold into the Mistress’ world I was trembling with excitement.  “You will be dominated by a Victorian Mistress today” I was told in a firm voice by the beautiful Lady in a tailor made Victorian outfit. “You are shaking, dear” she said.  “That is good.  You are appropriately excited.  Now make yourself ready.” I was glad I had chosen a fancy outfit for this scene.  Not a match for the Mistress’ finery, but a good attempt at dressing up.   I wore a long, form-fitting, sequined skirt with a slit up one thigh and a fancy bustier covered by a see-through shawl held in place by a tight fitting choker.   (I was pleased to see that Mistress also had a black choker, a nice coincidence!)  Long black gloves, dangling silver earrings, and new strappy black 5 inch heels completed the outfit.  I was quite the lady---at least up to my bearded chin. Dom Con Day 2: Scene 2 at DomCon had two pre-conditions.  First, I was required to find a way in the vanilla world to wash and dry the silk scarf used as my gag.  Second, I was to take the rubber corset home, figure out how to get into it, and arrive at the hotel the next day wearing it. I felt honored and trusted to be able to take away two of the Mistress’ prized possessions for a night, her silk scarf and rubber corset.   Isn’t it a subs dream to wash the Mistress’ silk?  Isn’t it a subs dream to wear one of Mistress’ corsets?  However, there were significant challenges in doing these tasks without anyone knowing. I was able to clean her scarf, although it was difficult to untie the drool soaked knot she had tied so tightly.  Figuring out how to get into the corset was a challenge.  My clit did not get in the way since it had retreated into the smallest size I had ever seen after its long CBT treatment. Read the rest...


"North meets South" (640x480 format)  Free Trailer

CANING / FACE SITTING / CBT / ELECTRICITY / WHIPPING. What happens when you get 2 strict Dominant Ladies together with a mouthy masochist male? Well - they feed off each Others sadistic energies! Leather bondage for the slave in this new feature with CBT, clothespins, face sitting, violet wand, 2 diabolical nipple stretching towers and a gas mask to muffle the screams. Ladies love caning and they have the perfect masochist bent over the punishment box for Their lusts. He is strapped, whipped and explores sensations from tandem single tailing while They compare notes and play off each Other. 40 minutes in members. Join to view!


Coming soon! "Foot fun and fumey fetishes"

I spent the weekend with this foot slave, and the following video footage documents what went on." Irene Boss light...for those of you who think the Mistress is too severe!" A sensuous rauncho-rama. No - it's not "request-able". He was special. I am on a high stool perched over him, and he is lying on the floor gazing up at my feet. I am wearing red leather high heeled shoes, a red rubber corset, see through panties, stockings, and a large feathered mask. My slave is naked with a small black leather mask. I dangle my feet over his face, teasing him. I tell him that I am going to get him so horny he is going to want to drink my pee and lick the pee from my bare feet. I shove my big toe right into his mouth. Face sitting and smothering - forced unwashed pussy and ass sniffing through panties and pantyhose. He is going to be made horny so I can cane him later! I spit into his mouth. Lots of smothering, ass kissing, face sitting, foot, shoe and leg worship! CBT with my feet and shoes, shoe dangling, and spit dropping. The smell of the Mistress's dirty feet, pussy and ass is even better then straight sex and you know it, you heathen swine!


Coming soon! "Zombie Clinic"

Carmen Rivera walks into Irene Boss's clinic at the Compound to find a fetish zombie Vanessa who need serious reviving! The nude girl is under a sheet wearing nothing but nipple jewelry. The beautiful Carmen inspects her employing slow sensual spitting with a tongue forcep while she gropes her young hard body in a sexual manner. A pinwheel, nipple clamps, and pussy slapping are introduced. A metal speculum is inserted and then a metal dildo while Dr. Rivera continues the nipple play and then goes back to tongue play while licking the zombie's lips. She is masturbated with the metal dildo and orally fucked. The girl is flogged and bound, and clamps are attached to her pussy lips. Vanessa is placed in her first rubber catsuit in order for the zipper to be strategically unzipped so Dr Carmen can apply the speculum again. The patient is face sat. She mysteriously and briefly revives and begins orally servicing the sexy doctor through her thin rubber thong. A giant vibrator is applied and Vanessa begins squirming before enduring electric violet wand play on her body and pussy while she flops around like a doll. She is turned over for spanking, ass examination and fingering. A metal plug is inserted into the zombie girl's ass. She is fucked vaginally with a strapon over the multi-bench. The laziness continues and Dr. Carmen eventually gets bored and throws Vanessa in the trash!


"The Korruption of Angela" (640x480 format)

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Coral Korrupt and Angela's debut with MIB Productions! Our story begins with Angela secretly admiring Irene's Fem Dom video collection sprawled on a luxurious Gothic king size bed in the Compound's punishment boudoir. Hearing Irene and Ms. Coral ascending the stairs prompts an attempt to hide her visual vice. Irene and Ms. Korrupt enter the bedroom with Pravda and pomegranate cocktails in hand with a relaxing, reclusive slumber party in mind. Girl talk, a bit of footsy and a chaotic pillow fight follow. Angela's not so closely guarded secret is soon discovered and the two dominant ladies have their way with the tanned, hard bodied tart. Stripped of her clothing, saran wrapped, girl tossed and tickled, Irene applies the Hitachi Magic Wand to Angela's soon to be invaded glistening wet pussy. Ms. Korrupt inserts one, then two fingers with well metered thrusts, then smears the camera lens with the fresh love juice as Angela continues to cum. The "Hitachi", now in the hands of Coral, continues to work its magic on the willing wench, now on top of topless Irene, passionately making out. She cannot wait any longer... Ms. Korrupt drives her well mounted strap-on deep inside Angela, humping and grinding while her more than ample breasts are kissed and licked by Irene's talented tongue. The Boss takes over from behind in this finisher, as Angela is fucked royal from both ends, also sucking on Ms. Coral's strapon. Angela cums many times in this very sexy and entertaining "all girl" action movie. All ladies in satin pj's. 45 minutes in members. Join to view!


The Compound has reopened! Two fully equipped scene rooms on the second floor of the studio are now ready for scenes. Rooms on the third floor will be ready soon. Same day availability is possible if we are already acquainted. The entire 3 story building is now completely devoted to BDSM activity. New image from the Interrogation room - join now to view more from this shoot (20 images total)!


Dom Con LA 2011 was a fabulous success!

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"Tickled Stan the Stockroom Sam" TICKLING / CP / PANTYHOSE SMOTHERING

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Irene and her assistant are getting the distribution orders ready to go out after the AVN trade show. Stan has decided to do nothing, and gets rude and sassy with Christine and Irene. The Ladies decide to punish Stan with heavy bondage, tickling and very heavy spanking. Christine straps Stan's behind so hard she breaks Irene's razor strap! They tickle Stan so intensely he starts to cough from all the laughter. He is smothered by Irene in black pantyhose, while Christine continues tickling his helpless feet and strapping his exposed tender bottom. Merciless tickling, spanking, and bondage!

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Member's update - full feature upload "X Marks the Spot" 640 x 480 flash format!

"X Marks the Spot"


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Scene 1: Irene invites her friend Dom Lady X (piercing specialist) over to the compound to have some fun on a bound slave. We begin with Dave in upright suspension while Dom Lady X prepares his nipples by shaving them. His nipples are then thoroughly tortured with heavy clamps, cord, and weights. He wears a spiked CBT shield on his pathetic penis. His backside is paddled too. The Ladies are wearing very sexy stretchy dresses to outline their curves and high heeled shoes. Dave gets quite excited looking at them, except he can’t do anything about it.  Scene 2: You have all been asking for years for Irene to face sit a slave during a production. Here it is! Irene holds his face down frequently with her gorgeous ass (which is nude under pantyhose) while he screams. Dave is restrained to a bondage table with a waist harness, bondage mitts, a leather “bite” gag, thigh to wrist restraints and ankle restraints.

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