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New DVD Release!

"Forced Femme by Four!" 

6 scenes! (7 scenes in Director's Cut)

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Shot in point of view.

Presenting the first video from the Compound to feature Liz Whitman.

The Director's Cut Version includes:

Buckets of Lady wee dumped on the bitch

Ms Boss christens it's face with her monthly gift.

New DVD Release!

"General Mayhem at your service!" 

3 scenes!  (4 scenes in Director's Cut)

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5 minute trailer in members

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Filmed at Top Secret.

Genuine private scene footage!

The Director's Cut Version includes:

A ride on the Ass bench and Fuck Machine with several different attachments

A strap-on scene with Ms Boss.


MIB = Men in Bondage. Part 2: Metal Mayhem. Many more in members!


MIB = Men in Bondage. Part 1: Medical Mayhem

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"General Mayhem at your service!"  3 scenes!  Order now

(4 scenes in Director's Cut)
Filmed at Top Secret. Genuine private scene footage!


Scene 1: Someone's submissive husband has not been cleaning the house properly. It is also duly noted that Napoleonic subhub forgot the bring Ms Boss (AKA General Mayhem) something that She wanted. Well - mistakes have been made and someone is blamed! He is stationed on the ST Andrew's Cross while his Wife giggles. Ms Boss begins with hand spanking and exclaims "We're going to get to the bottom of this aren't we? When I am finished he's going to be doing a much better job!" Most submissive men would give their right arm to have a Dominant Wife, and this one clearly does not appreciate the privilege. This is why a visit to the Boss was mandatory! His Wife takes photographs while Ms Boss disciplines and the cameras roll. A take home lesson is in the
works. Since he is displaying excitement Ms Boss decides to fit him with a Kali's teeth bracelet right after he cumbusts. A very sturdy flogging takes place followed by an upper back whipping with a signal, and then with a bullwhip! Placed in a metal and rubber chain link hood, his nipples are clamped and then calipered. His C&B area is bound in pink silk ribbon. Scene 2: He is ushered over to the spinning bondage table and affixed midair face out, with a completely mummified cock. An erection is now impossible! The C&B area is attached to the nipples for a predicament. Since he is dripping and sporting a Prince Albert piercing Ms Boss decides to break out the new Huse violet wand. Placed sideways in midair for a frontal body flogging (followed by a thigh, ball and cock whipping), he begins to see the error of his ways however the comments from the peanut gallery are ignored. Now it's time for an upside down thigh caning followed by more violet wand C&B fun. His Prince Albert ring is hung with weights and the cock tip peppered with clothespins. Ms Boss decides to whip them off. He is next placed back out for an intense whipping, turned upside to be whipped and caned and then placed sideways for more of the same. Ms Boss wants to make everything even. Scene 3: He is bound to the stretching rack and restrained while Ms Boss prepares his feet for bastinado. Electric massage gloves are demonstrated, hot wax on the soles and a riding crop is used to remove the wax followed by scratching. Scene 4: The Director's Cut Version includes a ride on the Ass bench and Fuck Machine with several different attachments followed by a strap-on scene with Ms Boss. 
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"Forced Femme by Four!"  6 scenes!  Order now
Shot in point of view. Presenting the first video from the Compound to feature Liz Whitman. (7 scenes in Director's Cut)


Scene 7: (Director's Cut version only): Buckets of Lady wee are dumped on the bitch after Ms Boss christens it's face with her monthly gift. Order now

Scene 1: Skullfuckery! Ms Boss and Madame Nadine are jerking their strapon cocks off in the kitchen of the Compound discussing what is in store for their sequestered slut popcorn lite. This little bitch is really gonna get it! We have had enough of this bitch with all the phone calls and the emails and the pissing me off! Someone is going to be fucked in the mouth and done is the ass for 3 full hours. The Ladies smell fear and slut hole. Mistress Kat and Liz Whitman are filming and giggling. The Itty Bitty Clitty Committee is commenting on popcorn lite's weenis dicky doo. Tiny clit and strapon comparison. How humiliating! The bitch is pinched and prodded while Ms Boss explains the protocol for the evening. For each error a cane stripe will be earned. Feminization commences and is followed by spanking while bitch sucks Cock Mommie's schwantz and gets plugged in preparation for strapon. The plug squeeks right in. The Ladies all take turns and Ms Whitman and Mistress Kat come out from behind the camera and take turns while Madame Nadine and Ms Boss film. Nail fetish scene when Ms Whitman runs her long nails all over the whore's back. Scene 2: Pounded! The bitch is brought upstairs for extreme defilement. It must suck Madame Nadine's cock while Boss Irene fucks it on the ass bench in several positions including an upside down and then she decides to shave it's ass. ATM too. Then it's Mistress Kats and Liz Whitman's turn. Scene 3: Smacked! Positioned on the CBT chair for retraining, popcorn lite is challenged in the areas of nipple play and cock smacking with riding crops and then Madame Nadine gets a hold of the clothespins and prissy starts to cry. Ms Boss flogs it's back to calm it down and Mistress Kat joins her with the bitch repositioned on the couch. Scene 4: Domestic Discipline: Light and humiliating warmup (for the caning sequence downstairs.) In the new Corporal Library the Ladies wish to try out all the straps on the bitches behind, so prissy is placed on a low bench commonly used for fem subs and then positioned on the punishment box so it's ass is higher than the rest of it's body. Madame Nadine chooses to thrash the bitch with a horrible implement called the nasty bastard - a whippy rubber cane. Scene 5: Caning! Prissy popcorn lite's outfit is changed, and it is placed on the rotating padded caning table for cumuppance with all 4 Ladies. It must be punished for it's mistakes. Scene 6: Milked! Prissy is pounded in the sling and drained with the Venus 2000 by Ms Boss and Madame Nadine. Ms Boss makes prissy popcorn eat her special sauce at the end. Sex for the sissy.



"Just Between Girls"!   Free Trailer

55 minutes in members

Three scenes!

Scene 1: Irene invites her friend Louise D over to play with Angela. Rubber corseted and placed in near suspension, Angela is felt up by the ladies. Louise proceeds to apply hemp rope breast bondage. Irene kisses, caresses and reassures the wide-eyed sexpot. An electric pussy shield is introduced and Angela's panties are placed over her face so she can savor her own excited scent. Her perfect little lunchbox is electrified. She enjoys a light flogging followed by a sound paddling.

Scene 2: Angela is restrained to a leather chaise lounge. Kissing and fondling continue. Leather bondage mitts and nylon strapping secure her for some bi polar electric nipple play. Irene attaches a dildo gag to the face of the bound brunette and goes for a ride while Louise serves up some verbal commentary. A hearty foot job is then administered by Louise to her satisfaction.

Scene 3: Placed in a sit-sling and bound and fitted with a breath deprivation hood, Angela is now at the mercy of the two Dominas. Irene licks and rubs Angela.s amazing assets while Louise applies the Hitachi Magic wand. The ladies take turns with the strap on while controlling her breathing to ramp up for a massive orgasmic ride. Irene fits slave Angela with the Nova Pro to ensure a most unforgettable experience. Glass strap on dildos are used to bang the dark haired damsel into the middle of next week. Irene vibrates the crystal cock with the Hitachi for her own personal stimulation. Several explosive orgasms follow as Angela writhes and moans. Close ups for all to see. This is just between girls! Very sexy and wet. Irene in long red rubber dress and black leather ankle boots; Louise in red, black and clear knee length rubber dress and black strappy high heels; Angela in back and white rubber corset and thigh high leather boots.

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