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Madame Charlotte visited the Compound June 26th - 30th!


Madame Charlotte is an imaginative and authentic role-player full of evil fantasies, a virtuoso of whips and canes of any kind who masters the educational range from ‘medium’ to ‘heavy’ in perfection. She is plainly a classic forceful dominatrix, who expects mental and physical resilience of the slave, respective the passive part, as a basic requirement for a successful session. Therefore, Madame Charlotte receives only slaves or passive play partners with precognition and the will to obey, as well as masochists who are able to assess themselves. Are you ready for a malicious game of power and powerlessness, with permanent impressions and, provided that you have enough courage: pushing the limits?
Portfolio: connoisseur of classic dominance.

What you are going to experience, are my passions, such as
- role plays
- leather and rubber fetish
- foot fetish
- shoes and nylons
- flagellation
- spanking
- bastinado
- pet play (dog training)
- moderate clinical sessions
- electric stimulation
- immobilization of any kind
- outdoor training and military drill
- imprisonment and interrogation


Brand new to DomBoss.Com Members!

"Leather Girls" (Classic MIB)


55 minutes - join to view


Eve's debut on film.


Mistress Anastasia and The Boss give a hapless lady professor a formal "education".


Incredible bondage scenes including a remarkable suspension in a chair... light to moderate spanking and humiliation.


Single tailed whipping, dildo training, spanking, flogging and verbal humiliation.


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DVD 5 product with box art - comes with full feature "Leather Dream" + 30 minutes of trailers from other films



Brand new to DomBoss.Com Members!

"Rubber Dream" (Classic MIB)


50 minutes - join to view


Early MIB!


Introducing Mistress Anastasia and submissive nadine in their first appearance!


Mistress Anastasia and The Boss decide to give this 21 year old girl a heavy orientation into the world of bondage, rubber, spanking, suspension, high heeled punishment shoes, and electricity.


Violet wand, shock pads, flogging, breast bondage, sensuous torment, inflatable rubber body bag, and rubber hobble skirt.


A fetishist/bondage enthusiasts 'dream come true'!


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DVD 5 product with box art - comes with full feature "Leather Dream" + 30 minutes of trailers from other films



Ms Boss was in the DC area June 1st - 4th


New Writing in Members!
“Under Her Control at the Compound, Part 1”

The natural excitement of visiting the Compound increased when I was told to enter through the front door for the first time. I felt honored to stand in the foyer where so many submissives have entered the world of Ms. Boss. I was relieved to see that the seat of nails was not on the bench and the only clothes I was told to remove were shoes. The Mistress directed me to put my male shoes out of sight in the wooden box and to arrange her street shoes near the door. I felt so excited to touch her shoes, even street shoes, and to serve her in this small way. “Go up” the Mistress commanded and I gladly climbed the stairway to……what I consider heaven. I was eager to look at this beautiful woman, but she quickly put me under control by telling me to face the wall and dress. “The man clothes go in the black bench,” she told me. Since I already was wearing my thigh highs, garter belt, corset, and bra under my man clothes, I only had to attach my earrings, slip on (read the rest in members)


New Writing in Members!

“Under Her Control at the Compound, Part 2”
The Mistress gave me homework after my first session. “Do not look in this bag until you are in your room, but be wearing everything in it the next time I see you,” she commanded. When I finally opened the bag, I was delighted to see one of Mistress’ amazing bra and thong combinations. I put them on immediately and reveled in how they felt on my body. The fact that they belonged to the Mistress was especially exciting: I was dressing like her. Underneath the bra, however, was something less delightful: the large steel chastity device called the Curve. It had a locking handcuff that encircles the scrotum and a steel tube that forces
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New Writing in Members!

"Put through my paces by two lovely faces"
My visit with Mistress Irene and Mistress Servalan)
Arriving at the compound for an evening session was a new experience for me; little did i know it would be one of my best sessions ever...Mistress Irene permitted me to enter the lobby where i immediately assumed my position of homage. I was ordered me to remove my clothes and place them in the trunk. Outlining the evening Mistress Irene informed me she would be having me first - warming me up for Ms. Mistress Irene marched me to the medical room on the third floor where my odyssey would begin.
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New Writing in Members!

"Rubberized by Ms Servalan"
I approached the door with excitement and apprehension. After my knock I heard the familiar sound of boots on wooden steps decending, and soon the door was opened. Ms. Servalan greeted me warmly with a smile and a pleasant voice, dressed entirely in rubber. I was instructed to strip and place my clothes in the waiting wooden chest. Then told to kneel and as a sign of subservience, kiss her stocking clad feet. A wide collar was fastened to my neck and a leash attached as I was led upstairs to what awaits.
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"Capitol Punishment" - DVD now available!

(Call 412 983 2677 to place your order - 29.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling per order)


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Scene 1: "Capitol Punishment" is the death of all single life and fucking around when the Mistress decides to put you in chastity. Reprogramming is in order! Domina Irene and Madame Nadine have their caged and metal hooded slave in quite a predicament - pleasure or pain? He is on the waves and then the torment CBT setting for the eros tech, but also experiencing vibrating electric cock bands. He is totally confused about what sensation he will be receiving next. There is a reason for all of this. He has failed in his quest to have a custom chastity device made for himself at Ms Boss's request.


Scene 2: After some cage time, he is moved to the Huse bench with a scrotal shock attachment for corporal correction. Ms Boss cranks his legs open and sits on him to keep him down. Madame keeps using a CP implement that he absolutely hates - the "octopus". Ladies love strapping, and use straps often, as well as floggers and vipers! A stern caning is also administered followed by a whipping.


Scene 3: The miscreant is in heavy rubber bondage with a breath deprivation predicament. Ms Boss offers him the following: "Balls or breath?" If he can hold his breath for 3 minutes, she will not place him in chastity for the rest of his life. He is given a forced O with electro and vibration. Watch the DVD to find out who wins! Ladies in dress marine blues and fetish boots. Filmed in one of Ms Brianna's spaces in DC.


Free Bonus feature: Top Secret CBT!


"Balls of Destruction" - DVD now available!

(Call 412 983 2677 to place your order - 29.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling per order)


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Long Trailer in Members

Ms Boss invites Thora Nang to her private studio Top Secret in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where they are going to be spending some time relieving stress upon personal slave footsucker.


He is positioned on the cross awaiting their ministrations. They inspect his man meat. First he will be flogged, paddled, cropped and then marvelously whipped and caned by the 2 Ladies. The Ladies crop, cane and torment the nut sack. Ms Thora is evil, sweet and petite and the slave has a BDSM crush on her.


The action moves to a bondage table with the miscreants head encased in a smother box, and limbs encased in medical restraints so Ms Thora can have her way smothering him with her latex encased ass, and force feeding him her tasty bare feet. A tantalizing toe tease!


Ms Boss uses her electric massage gloves for an interesting CBT treatment. The Ladies then trade places and he is smothered by Ms Boss's latex covered bottom and pantyhose encased feet.


Ms Thora revs up the violet wand with various attachments and enjoys zapping his man meat and nipples.


The chemistry is electric with the sexy sadistic Ladies in rubber dresses.

Free Bonus feature: Whip the lying bastard!