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"Gang Bang" 57 minutes




Find out what happens when the Boss and Anastasia tag team a hapless male slave!


'edwina' gets 'her' just deserts in this very severe two camera shoot!


Featuring: cross dressing, face slapping, nipple torture, dt, bullwhipping, spanking, caning, paddling, foot worship, shoe worship, trampling, and verbal humiliation.


Filmed in the schoolroom.


The spanking horse, punishment box, and caning stockade are made use of.


Boss and Anastasia in heels and hose.


Excellent depiction of heavy play on a submissive male masochist.


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"Just Between Girls" 55 minutes. FREE TRAILER



Three scenes! Irene invites her friend Louise D over to play with Angela. Rubber corseted and placed in near suspension, Angela is felt up by the ladies. Louise proceeds to apply hemp rope breast bondage. Irene kisses, caresses and reassures the wide-eyed sexpot. An electric pussy shield is introduced and Angela's panties are placed over her face so she can savor her own excited scent. Her perfect little lunchbox is electrified. She enjoys a light flogging followed by a sound paddling. Angela is restrained to a leather chaise lounge. Kissing and fondling continue. Leather bondage mitts and nylon strapping secure her for some bi polar electric nipple play. Irene attaches a dildo gag to the face of the bound brunette and goes for a ride while Louise serves up some verbal commentary. A hearty foot job is then administered by Louise to her satisfaction. Placed in a sit-sling and bound and fitted with a breath deprivation hood, Angela is now at the mercy of the two Dominas. Irene licks and rubs Angela.s amazing assets while Louise applies the Hitachi Magic wand. The ladies take turns with the strap on while controlling her breathing to ramp up for a massive orgasmic ride. Irene fits slave Angela with the Nova Pro to ensure a most unforgettable experience. Glass strap on dildos are used to bang the dark haired damsel into the middle of next week. Irene vibrates the crystal cock with the Hitachi for her own personal stimulation. Several explosive orgasms follow as Angela writhes and moans. Close ups for all to see. This is just between girls! Very sexy and wet. Irene in long red rubber dress and black leather ankle boots; Louise in red, black and clear knee length rubber dress and black strappy high heels; Angela in back and white rubber corset and thigh high leather boots.  

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"Poking and piercing" 36 minutes.

Filmed by Irene Boss. Is dildo training a favorite activity or what? Examples of 'butt play' - toys and strap-ons - with cross dressed sissy sluts. Some medical (enemas) and cbt/nipple play. Nipple and 'clitty' piercing, forced strap on sucking and Huger insertions. Intense strap on play, and GS scenes too! Look through the eyes of the slaves, as you get to see everything they see (they wore QTVR glasses attached to a tripod mounted camera through out the shoots). Irene Boss and a cameo with Mistress Anastasia. Filmed in the clinic and gothic dungeon. Join to view  DVD


"Extreme Lessons in Bullwhipping"! 24 minutes (click the thumbnails to view full size photos)

"Extreme Lessons in Bullwhipping"! 24 minutes View Now 1). In the Compound's OWK Room, Domina Irene is showing Goddess Claudia the new upside down suspension system. The creature "macho bitch" is hoisted in a thick leather arm binder for the most severe bullwhipping imaginable. Boss and Claudia take turns with the whips, and trade them frequently and move around the room to get better angles. Macho Bitch is dressed in one of Irene's old stripper costumes. The bitch is then moved to the whipping post and receives more of the same. 2). In the gothic dungeon the bitch is suspended upside down for some electric cbt and nipple play. There is a nice flogging scene with the violet wand being used in conjunction. Order the full DVD with bonus trailers


"Top Secret CBT"  35 minutes


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At the Top Secret bunker Rubber Dr Boss is putting a military prisoner through some bizarre electrical experiments!

He is transported in a hogtie position in the back of Mistress's H-3 all the way from the airport and we find him restrained and ready to go! He is placed in hospital restraints upon the custom steel stretching rack. Air casts and leg braces are applied. What follows is a diabolical decent into electrical debauchery with electric massage gloves, catheter, sounds, tens units, eros teck, and bipolar nipple play. Rubber Dr Boss laughs throughout and has a jolly good time. He is moved to the custom built CBT chair for some heavy duty Huse violet wand electrical experiments, CBT and nipple play. Zapping is so much fun with sensory deprivation (gags and blindfolds)!