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"The Boss's Bitch" 82 minutes

Private session footage with an infamous domboss.com slut. Watch scenes of her taking it like a good whore. Electric play. Lots of rubber, with very creative predicament bondage cbt and nipple torture. The nova pro system is put to good use too! Watch Irene administer the monthly hormone shot. Amazing strap on scene in the sit sling, and deep throat gagging action. she tries to take it all strapped to the new black leather bondage couch. There is a nice additional electrical bondage scene with her strapped to a metal bed enduring many bazaar forms of CBT and nipple play, with a stunning cameo appearance with Goddess Claudia from South Florida. Very intense. View here  Higher resolution DVD


Personal Gallery Update: Ms Boss in LA



New Director's cut DVD:

"The Irene Boss Experience"  

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Let this be a lesson to all slaves. If you offer to repair something make sure you know how to do it because if you are coy - Ms Boss will tie, tease and torture you and include a bunch of activities you don't enjoy like sweaty pantyhose encased feet on your face, arm pit sniffing, and golden showers you didn't want (to occur later).

The new motoroized tilting bondage chair is featured in this film, along with electric CBT (an educational and witty trip around the world), cock slapping, C&B and more zapping with an extreme electrical implement right on his cock shaft, balls, and tip.

Ms Boss laughs constantly and tells a lot of stories too. He is moved to a bench for corporal discipline while Ms Boss sits on his back and hand spanks him, following with paddling, strapping, tawsing, caning and finally - whipping. No CP stone is left unturned!

Did you learn your lesson?

Ms Boss in rubber short shorts looking very fit these days.




New Director's cut DVD "American Governess" Order DVD

The worst punishment you have ever had!

Ms Irene Boss as The American Governess with her slave hardenough as "richard".

New release for June of 2015 - filmed in 2009.

The scene opens in the Compound's Victorian Boudoir

Ms Boss wearing the dreaded black cape with hood.

The miscreant is bound on the bed in leather arm binders, leg binders and corset awaiting Her ministrations. He is going to punished for his smoking habit, and he has been told on by a friend of his, and Ms Boss is going to whip the cigarette craving right out of him. The "friend" will also be punished for tattling. Ms Boss has noted that the bed has not been made properly. Ms Boss discovers a packet of cigarettes he has been hiding and then all hell breaks lose. Since there are 4 cigarettes left in the package the number 4 will feature prominently in his demise today. (Of course a few zeros will be added to the equation.) Hand spanking is the warm up and soon the convent strap and Arkansans prison straps are applied. Extreme bondage and Corporal Punishment! He signed his own slave warrant by returning to the Compound. Ms Boss as Harriet Marwood with at twist! Welcome to the clinic of the evil Dr Boss, where it is determined that the patient must go through the following to atone for his horrible smoking habit: Extreme medical bondage, inflatable rubber hood, electric corona stimulator, electric bi polar nipple clamps, and the big E (lavender soap) with a double inflatable nozzle. Ms Boss in a custom green rubber dress. While he takes his medicine, She runs her long sharp nails over his swollen balls. She disconnects the hose from the bag and places the tube end into a bucket, making him release his Big E while in bondage How humiliating! Ms Boss teases him in a mind fuck about "earning the right to have sex", but we know that is not going to happen. She rubs his tummy while he releases. There is no escape from Her and he will take the entire treatment. Verbal humiliation is a plentiful in this scene. He screams from the extreme electrical play and Ms Boss intensifies his bondage by lying on him and covering him with Her legs.

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Reprogramming at Residenze Avalon Free Trailer

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The reprogramming of a slave can only happen if an extreme measure is taken to reduce the ego, and that's exactly what Irene Boss does while She travels with Her slave throughout Europe. The slave's grooming rituals have been throwing off the company schedule each day, so She decides to remove the problem - his hair. He is also interrogated about his slave status and dominated in the large subterranean rooms of the Residenze Avalon in Berlin Germany in order to prove his devotion to Her. There are many remarkable scenes including suspension in a steel ball, caging, whipping, strict corporal punishment, and jail cell time in various cells. He is straight jacketed and also corrected on the CBT Cross in a kneeling position on cement floors. Great sound too for fetishists of high heels, as you get to listen to Irene strut Her stuff throughout the bunkers. Bonus footage of the slave's service to Irene in public from the Hotel Estrel to the WIWA booth at the Venus fair in Berlin. The slave is placed in a latex vacuum bed and shorn in public as well. A nice public whipping scene. Irene is at Her finest, so don't miss out.

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Members Writing Update: "Her Way in LA"

She said she would have her way with me.  And she did.  And her way was my way. Because I am hers. As soon as the door to Irene’s Place opened, I could see this was going to be intense.  Instead of the comfortable living room I had seen the last visit, there was a sling in the middle of the room ready for action.  Serious BDSM was the order of the day. With a new hairdo and her body re-shaped by a recent diet/yoga regimen, the Mistress greeted me in an unbelievable tight-fitting rubber outfit that defied description.  It was too short for a dress, but more than just a top.  It covered her shoulders and encased her trim torso, but ended so high that you could see her nylon-covered legs all the way up to where you should not be looking. The most amazing part was the middle:  it was wide open from her neck almost to her navel.  This revealed the full line of her gorgeous curves in a most provocative way.  The top was so minimal, it appeared she could slip out of it at any time.  This invited stares I dared not make and initiated a tease and denial predicament in my head within seconds of arriving. After a friendly hug and directions to put away the fruit I brought for her lunch, I was directed to the back room to shed my man clothes for the feminine attire I prefer.  How appropriate, I thought, to dress in her closet since it is the Mistress that allows me to come out of the closet in my true form. I brought several outfits so she could choose.  This put her in control, but it was an unconscious topping from the bottom since I was making her decide. She quickly turned the tables and insisted I select.  I wonder if I ever will be able to be completely submissive at the level expected. I chose a maid’s dress with high collar and apron and came out ready to serve.  I had purchased some five inch black shoes with a thick wooden heel and strict laces that looked appropriate for maid service. I was instructed to sit on couch to have my wig adjusted and then a very heavy collar was installed around my neck.  She locked it up and put the large key in my panties on top of my clit.  “We don’t need to worry about this today,” she informed me referring to the clit and I realized that there would be no release of my excitement in the session.   “Keep the key and your clit in your panties and don’t let either one out,” she told me.

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POV: Your Unusual FemDomme Fetishes HD - 18 minutes

Ms Boss had a very good time making this short - so much so that the camera people kept cracking up. She has decided to share it with you! You are being horribly toyed with today. Ms Boss has discovered your Keds sneaker, tight pants and ass fetish - so She is going to exploit it to full potential. There are many trials and tribulations and "tests" you will be put through before you are deemed foot worthy. Or will you ever be? You will have to watch others do the things you want most first. It's time to go into chastity and watch this clip. Your cock is going to be destroyed and your whole day is cut out for you now!

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"The Asylum of Dr Boss" Free Trailer


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Irene Boss and Madame Nadine. Presenting Vanessa A beautiful young girl, amnesia stricken, disoriented and delusional, is found by the side of the road and is brought to the "special hospital" for women. Dr. Boss and her assistant nurse Madame Nadine, (aka Cockmommie), are on duty this night. After a brief diagnosis and visual inspection, Dr. Boss and her nurse waste no time in administering a heavy dose of "in-patient" insanity. Procedures include a vaginal and anal finger exam, Nova Pro therapy, electrified metal probing of both orifices with vibrator assistance, and strap-on therapy with violet wand electroshock treatment. Throughout her exam, the troubled lass seems to be imagining all sorts of things, like inappropriate behavior and language coming from nurse Nadine and frequent molestation visitations from "Fucker" the clown. Nasty nurse Nadine also decides to give the unstable girl an examination of her own, when Dr. Boss is out, complete with more fingering and rectum temperature taking. Not responding to the "malpractice" as hoped, Dr. Boss decides that the patient needs to be sent elsewhere for "special treatment". Find out just what that "special treatment is!

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