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Forced Femme by Four - view now 78 minutes

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Scene 1: Skullfuckery! Ms Boss and Madame Nadine are jerking their strapon cocks off in the kitchen of the Compound discussing what is in store for their sequestered slut popcorn lite. This little bitch is really gonna get it! We have had enough of this bitch with all the phone calls and the emails and the pissing me off! Someone is going to be fucked in the mouth and done is the ass for 3 full hours.

The Ladies smell fear and slut hole. Mistress Kat and Liz Whitman are filming and giggling. The Itty Bitty Clitty Committee is commenting on popcorn lite's weenis dicky doo. Tiny clit and strapon comparison. How humiliating! The bitch is pinched and prodded while Ms Boss explains the protocol for the evening. For each error a cane stripe will be earned. Feminization commences and is followed by spanking while bitch sucks Cock Mommie's schwantz and gets plugged in preparation for strapon. The plug squeeks right in. The Ladies all take turns and Ms Whitman and Mistress Kat come out from behind the camera and take turns while Madame Nadine and Ms Boss film. Nail fetish scene when Ms Whitman runs her long nails all over the whore's back.

Scene 2: Pounded! The bitch is brought upstairs for extreme defilement. It must suck Madame Nadine's cock while Boss Irene fucks it on the ass bench in several positions including an upside down and then she decides to shave it's ass. ATM too. Then it's Mistress Kats and Liz Whitman's turn.

Scene 3: Smacked! Positioned on the CBT chair for retraining, popcorn lite is challenged in the areas of nipple play and cock smacking with riding crops and then Madame Nadine gets a hold of the clothespins and prissy starts to cry. Ms Boss flogs it's back to calm it down and Mistress Kat joins her with the bitch repositioned on the couch.

Scene 4: Domestic Discipline: Light and humiliating warmup (for the caning sequence downstairs.) In the new Corporal Library the Ladies wish to try out all the straps on the bitches behind, so prissy is placed on a low bench commonly used for fem subs and then positioned on the punishment box so it's ass is higher than the rest of it's body. Madame Nadine chooses to thrash the bitch with a horrible implement called the nasty bastard - a whippy rubber cane.

Scene 5: Caning! Prissy popcorn lite's outfit is changed, and it is placed on the rotating padded caning table for cumuppance with all 4 Ladies. It must be punished for it's mistakes. Scene 6: Milked! Prissy is pounded in the sling and drained with the Venus 2000 by Ms Boss and Madame Nadine. Ms Boss makes prissy popcorn eat her special sauce at the end. Sex for the sissy.



Ms Boss visited the DC Metro and NYC in the month of June 2018!


The Bossy Korruption of Joe Cool - view now 63 minutes

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A beautiful Spring day to be sitting on the porch of the Compound enjoying a good chew while texting the new GFs. Why not take a rest in Ms Boss's hammock too while we are at it, and forget about the time? BAD PUPPY! Joe Cool is soon discovered by Ms Boss and Corrral Korrupt. When did texting become more important than Female Domination? He soon dumped right over while Ms Boss and Ms Korrupt nose through his phone and take hot pictures of themselves to send to his GFs. He is sequestered in the lobby of the Compound for identity removal. The Ladies trample his cock and balls with their big heeled platform shiny fetish boots. Lots of small penis verbal humiliation. The Ladies are both riding the crimson tide and are extremely sadistic right now. Re rubber corset and full leather! He crawls naked up the stairs into the gothic dungeon. While on the St. Andrew's Cross the Ladies "woman handle" his nipples and balls, and then the nipple clamps and erection zapper come out (an internal metal studded cock sheath). The Ladies engage in some seriously sensuously sadistic predicament CBT and nipple play! While Ms Boss holds him down, Ms Corral Florentine flogs his chest. Ms Boss employs head bondage by means of a very thick leather collar and upper body bondage by means of rope. He must be kept still and entertain her friend properly. Mistress Corral then returns the favor. It's time to turn the electric cross on (the only one of its kind in the world) while the Ladies apply metal clamps. He is turned for flogging and whipping with many different whips and throw styles, double whipping, Florentine signal whipping, and tandem bull whipping. OUCH!


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