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Member's Content Update: Photography - "Sinful Slippery Sadists - Madame Christine and Irene Boss at Kink in the Carribean 2005" 105 high resolution images! Join to view the full size in great detail. The two hottest dominant asses on the Internet having fun (by and) in the pools. Rubber straight jackets, zipping inflatable hoods, iced balls, spanking, whipping, flogging, foot worship, ass worship, breath play, smothering, nipple torture, ashtray play, sharp nails digging into cocks, dunking, and general rubber horseplay. Join to see the fullsize!


Member's Content Update: Writing - "My weekend at the Compound Part 7" by slave dave I had made an appointment at the compound about a week in advance and Mistress Irene informed me She would be keeping me overnight. She gave no clues as to what She had in store. I arrived thinking I was on time for my session but She had been keeping track of how many minutes I was late. Mistress greeted me at the door looking wonderful in a leather outfit She had made by a designer who works for the WWF. She also had some great looking high heeled boots on, was carrying a cane, and told me to follow Her upstairs to the third floor. She ordered me to strip off everything, jewelry too, use the bathroom if needed and meet Her back in the schoolroom in a slave position on my hands and knees. She wasted no time in starting the session. Mistress put a collar on me and told me to get in the middle of the floor on my hands and knees. Now I find out how many minutes late I was, and what the cane was for. Mistress gave me seven very hard strokes, one for every minute I had been late...Join now to read the whole story!

Member's Content Update: Glamour Gallery - 34 images of the legendary Betka Schpitz, shot here at the Compound! Join now to see the fullsize and watch clips from Betka's first 2 films here: "Sexual Harassment" and "Irene Boss meets Betka Schpitz (AKA The adventures of fuckhole)"


Member's Content Update: Writing - "Texas Toast" (3 golden showers...) It had been several weeks since I last visited Mistress Irene, I was starting to suffer from Mistress Irene Boss withdrawal. So I dropped her a note to schedule a session. Early in March when she would return from the TLP (Texas Latex Party). My slutty mind was soon stirring and I placed myself in two weeks of chastity. No touching, No release for two weeks. A week into my plan I upped my ante and strapped up my worthless cock and balls with a leather ball stretcher/separator/cock ring. Whoo! Another week to go and my balls would be dying for release. I got up the nerve to confess my antics to Mistress Irene and sent her another email explaining the predickiment I placed upon myself. Asking her permission to arrive fully strapped up, she sent me this reply “Yes...strap those boys up. I look forward to draining them dry! it's going to be a wet one, BTW.” When I read Mistress Irene reply I thought I was going to explode. On my drive to the Compound that evening I couldn’t keep Mistress Irene’s reply out of my mind, talk about anticipation…..Join now to read the rest!

Member's Content Update: Gallery - Part 1 of "The Prisoner!" (A 4 part series) 40 full size images in members. Irene Boss, Dom Lady X, and introducing "the prisoner". Shot on location in Irene's Envoy and at the studio of Dom Lady X.

Written by Irene (a former Leda Lady): I was happy to find out that "the prisoner" (one of my favorite play partners) wished to travel to Pittsburgh to see me again. This time he was coming for the weekend, and I decided to keep him the whole time - not allowing him a break. This would be 24/7 for 36 hours! Since kidnapping is a big fantasy of his, I arranged for another Dom to help me, so we drove to the airport to pick him up together. We looked so sexy, she and I - both in our corporate drag, with garters and stocking on underneath. While I drove, she applied the straight jacket, inflatable gag, and hood. We took him to her facility, where we parked the car in the garage. I took his cock out for inspection, and was pleased to see that he had done as instructed and worn his CBT 2000 chastity devise. Let the games begin! I began by using his feet as a toilet in a dishpan while she photographed, and then she and I took him up to her corporal room where we took turns turns photographing each other dominating our victim. I really dug his lingerie too! Jealous? You should be. Become a member now!

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