What happened in March of 2007?

Trailer from the new film "Don't eat the candy"

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Games people play…Domina Irene the Boss has hired valley girl Spanky to be her new secretary, but Spanky has ideas of her own. Irene eavesdrops to hear Spanky attempting to steal her clients with cut rates and suggestions of inappropriate activities! Irene decides to send Spanky on a break. While Spanky is away, Irene sticks a sucker up her bottom and calls her clients back, arranging for them to watch her nonconsensually dominate Spanky at a later date. The candy is rewrapped and returned to the jar. (Irene in a business suit and Spanky in school girl attire.) Later that day, Spanky is waiting for Irene in the dungeon. Irene is late on purpose to make Spanky miss her “appointments” and fidget. Spanky continuously looks at the clock while Irene places her in bondage in a ‘shoe chair’, and goes off to change into rubber while she struggles. (Irene in a short shiny dress, jacket, and thigh black leather fetish platform knee high boots. Spanky in a very tight Collette corset and ankle high black patent leather ballet boots.) Irene returns to place Spanky in upside down suspension bondage, spread eagled. Spanky is flogged and whipped for her misdeeds. Her panties are cast aside. (Irene in a black rubber policewoman’s costume and patent leather black high heels.) Spanky is then severely bullwhipped. The story ends with the 2 women sharing pleasantries in the office while Spanky unknowingly places the ass candy in her mouth. Devious! Filmed at Mistress Jordan's studio in Orange County California.


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                                                            Trailer from the new film "X Marks the Spot"

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Scene 1: Irene invites her friend Dom Lady X (piercing specialist) over to the compound to have some fun on a bound slave. We begin with Dave in upright suspension while Dom Lady X prepares his nipples by shaving them. His nipples are then thoroughly tortured with heavy clamps, cord, and weights. He is forced to wear a spiked CBT shield on his pathetic penis. His backside is paddled too. The Ladies are wearing very sexy stretchy dresses to outline their curves and high heeled shoes. Dave gets quite excited looking at them, except he can’t do anything about it. Scene 2: You have all been asking for years for Irene to face sit a slave during a production. Here it is! Irene holds his face down frequently with her gorgeous ass (which is nude under pantyhose) while he screams. Dave is restrained to a bondage table with a waist harness, bondage mitts, a leather “bite” gag, thigh to wrist restraints and ankle restraints. While Irene face sits him, Lady X pierces his nipples. The Ladies take turns sticking the needles. The piercings are deep and the Ladies decide to suspend them. His feet are torture bastinado style. His entire body is cropped, whipped, and worked over with various small implements. Now, it’s time to brand the boy! Dave is strapped face down on the table in a straight jacket. His legs are restrained. The Ladies lather up his ass with shaving cream and shave it smooth. Irene draws her OWK coat of arms design upon his left butt cheek with a marker, and the Ladies begin to draw upon the flesh with the (2200 degree) branding pens. Mmmm...smells like steak. Don’t try this at home!


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                              Trailer from the new film "Chopstix torture and Domestic Servitude"

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This production flips back and forth between dungeon play and domestic servitude. It speaks of the difference between play sessions and real service. Two slaves are chosen as demonstration tools to highlight this educational endeavor.  Dungeon Play: Irene invites her friend (the devious disciplinarian) Louise D. over to share some techniques in the use of kitchen appliances as dungeon tools AKA the frugal disciplinarian. Irene wears a beautiful rubber costume and Louise is striking in a black cat suit with white corset. Slave Dave is restrained on the pillory. The Ladies work him over with the tawse, slappers and whips. Louise makes a mixture of salt and water for his wounds, and sprays rubbing alcohol on his raw ass cheeks. He is turned face forward on the pillory for chop sticks torture on his nipples and genitals. He moans and screams. There is also some cock whipping with smaller implements. What a pain slut! Domestic Servitude: In the kitchen of the Compound Irene and Louise are enjoying tea. Irene is in her silk pajamas and Louise is in jeans and a sweater. Transfat diddles about in his rubber maid's outfit while the Ladies discuss proper houseboy protocol and the trials and tribulations of lifestyle verses professional in female domination. (Irene's macaws can be heard during this sequence. One of Transfat's  duties is helping to care for the macaws.) Louise decides to bend Transfat over the kitchen table for a caning due to an infraction he has committed. Then Irene gives him 10 of the best. A butt plug is inserted and coffee is served. Transfat is fitted with a remote controlled electric ball shocker and he is corrected frequently while cleaning out the oven. Lots of shoe dangling while the Ladies scold. Transfat receives an over the knee hairbrush spanking and a birching from Irene and Louise. This is punishment, not playtime!

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                                            Trailer from the new film "A Dog's Day at the North Sea"

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MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) traveled all the way to the North Sea to film this feature! Irene is building sandcastles near the ocean in an electric blue latex cat suit, while “alpha dog” is playing fetch with his owner Sublime Lady Amazon of OWK (Holland). Lady Amazon is attired as a strict military Guardess and makes her dog run into the cold water many times to retrieve his toys. He gets playful and decides to run through Irene’s sand castle, tries to dunk her, and also buries her shoes! It is obvious that alpha dog mush be punished for this behavior, so the Ladies drive him to a private dungeon. There he is caged and prodded. He is placed high in the air in suspension rope bondage and hung to be whipped, flogged and cropped.  He is forced to wear an inflatable gag. He is place in upright suspension (in a mask), wrapped in cellophane with roses (many thorns), and Irene whips the heads off the flowers. His back, chest, and torso are flogged by both Ladies. Lady Amazon wears shiny black PVC, and shiny black thigh high stiletto boots. Irene wears a black rubber policewoman’s ensemble with black patent leather fetish platform ankle boots. Do you want to lick these boots, slave?

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Classic video content! Extreme role play... and "Boss in Hollywood". An early DomBoss.Com production. Over an hour - clips in members!

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Classic video content! Extreme domestic discipline... and "Punished Houseboy". An early DomBoss.Com production. Over half an hour. Clips in members!

Our scene opens in the schoolroom where Irene is lecturing her houseboy (little johnie) on correct protocol at her studio. It is discovered that he has been looking at domination magazines again and not performing his duties, and therefor he must be punished! She throws him over her knee and begins with a hairbrush, scolding and lecturing him the whole time. She makes him stand and strip for her and throws him over her lap again! He then receives a hairbrush spanking on the bare can! He says he has "learned his lesson" but Irene knows differently. Irene wears a white silk corset, short black skirt, stockings, and sensible shoes. She has short blonde hair in this video. Irene says: "Did I just hear someone say the word sh*t? Swearing is not allowed in my presence and don't you interrupt me!" The little man is thrown over Irene's lap for a thorough Over the knee bare bottom hairbrush discipline spanking. The naughty little man forgets to address Irene properly and he has an erection! His naughty little member has some nerve. Irene 'spanks the erection away' with her hairbrush right on his bare bottom. Irene then says "Get off my lap and sit on the wooden floor. I want to see the expression on your face from your sore bottom!" Irene throws him to the floor and places her foot on his chest. Then she places it on his cock. He must stand while she explains the various paddles. Irene selects the "smoker". She explains that after she uses it, his "little butt will sting"! He recieves a stern paddling while bent over with the wooden "smoker" (over his underpants). He is made to thank Irene for the paddling. Then, she pulls his underpants down. "Taking too long to do things eh? Well...I'll teach you!" The punished houseboy is bent over and paddled bare bottomed with 'the smoker'. Irene then decides to spank him with a metal ruler. She says "I'm going to ruler discipline you for as long as it takes me to feel better. Do you understand? You will do your chores properly! There is nothing erotic about receiving a discipline spanking!" Then Irene straddles him and smothers him with her thighs while raking her nails over his sore bottom. 3 minutes and 30 seconds. "Tell me is your bum getting a little sore?" "Yes Ma'am!" he says. Irene spanks him hard with her bare hand right on his bottom. It really stings and his underwear is still on! Then she pulls his underpants down and REALLY GIVES IT TO HIM. He gets sent to the corner for rubbing his bottom without permission. "Stand there with your underpants down around your knees! It's very embarrassing isn't it little man! I am going to draw a chalk line around your feet to make sure you stay still. I'm going to go have coffee with my girlfriends and when I get home you're really gonna get it!" Irene returns and places him over the punishment horse. Irene ties him securely over the punishment box. She says "I want your bottom up and on display for me! That's my target! That's the part that's going to be disciplined and punished!" He tries to get out of it to no avail. "Your bottom is certainly not red enough!" Irene runs her long nails over his sore bottom. She selects the wooden punishment rulers and decides to give him 50 with it, and also gives him a good licken' with a special wooden paddle. Order full length DVD online

                           Classic video content update! Extreme medical fetish...Ass and legs to die for! 


Dr. Boss 1998 was one of the first medical videos produced by MIB Productions. From 1994 to 1997 MIB mostly made spanking videos. By request, Dr Boss 1998 was shot on a slave's tripod mounted camera, who later gave the footage to Irene for placement on VHS, DVD and this her website. It is amateur quality with lots of enthusiasm! Mistress Kat began working at the Compound shortly before this session was filmed, so Irene invited her into the room to watch. Currently MIB Productions uses hi definition Sony. We've come a long way baby...Enjoy this walk down memory lane!

Early DomBoss.Com production - the first medical video produced by Irene. Amateur quality with lot of enthusiasm! An hour. Clips in members

Clip 1 - ENEMA , BDSM Heavy medical on a male sissy, mouth spitting, face slapping. She pulls his panties off and makes him lick his male filth. It's time for a good cleaning! Irene begins with a digital anal probing and inserts an inflatable nozzle. (5.00) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 2 - ENEMA , BDSM Irene zooms in on the male slave's ass, while it is inflated with an enema nozzle. He takes the entire bag of warm water. Irene spits in his mouth. Irene asks him about his full tummy. Another Mistress is called into the room for his embarrassment! "Mistress Kat to the medical room please, THANK YOU!" While Irene is talking to Mistress Kat, the slave answers for her and Irene slaps his face. Irene decides that it is time for the slaves electro shock therapy. Mistress Kat baby sits the slave while Irene gets a pair of nipple clamps. He must wear them while he lets his water out. (5.00)  Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 3 - ENEMA, BDSM  Irene disconnects the enema bag from the nozzle with forceps. "Doesn't he look ridiculous Mistress Kat? Notice how he drools!" Irene says. The slave is then led into the bathroom to expel. Then he returns to be placed back on the medical bed. "Slave you are going to be used as a demonstration tool. Mistress Kat wants to watch me administer electroshock treatment!" The slave is placed in head harness bondage. Mistress Kat gets a call and has to leave the room, and Irene begins setting up the electrical equipment. Electrical pads are placed on his fanny, and bondage mitts are applied to his hands. Irene leaves the room to get more restraints. (5.00) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 4 - MEDICAL BONDAGE Irene restrains the the slaves arms and legs down to the hospital bed. "You know I'm enjoying myself, don't you slave?" She says. Irene's ass is perfect. Watch her bend over! Irene ties the slave's head harness down to the bed. She spits in his mouth and turns up the juice on the health-tronic shock box. His whole body starts to shake! (5.15) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 5 - MEDICAL BONDAGE, ELECTRICITY The slave jumps as Irene turns the electricity all the way up. "Sex offenders like you need to be shocked for wearing panties"! She says. "You know I'm going to have to shock you balls too, don't you?" The slave starts dripping ferociously! Irene put on rubber gloves and proceeds to work his balls through a small electrical ring. "This nuisance of a cock better not get hard while I m doing this" Irene succeeds in getting his balls through the ring and begins to zap those too. She removes his nipple clamps and applies others. She spits into his mouth. (4.50) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 6 - MEDICAL BONDAGE Irene adjusts the electricity on the slave's balls and fanny. Mistress Kat returns to the medical room. Irene decides to do some close ups on the stage while Mistress Kat makes comments. She remarks on how they had shaved the slave earlier in the day. Irene asks Mistress Kat to turn up the electricity while she films. The slave is constantly reminded how much the Mistresses are enjoying themselves! Mistress Kat is invited to remove the slave nipple clamps. Mistress Kat and Irene are very proud at how much the slave has taken for them. (5.00) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 7 - MEDICAL BONDAGE The slave is asked how he is feeling. Irene informs him that she is going to blister his bottom in the school room with a paddle! Mistress Kat watches while Irene removes the slave from bondage. Mistress Kat baby sits the slave while Irene prepares for the next scene, and then helps Irene with the restraints. In the school room, Irene harshly orders the slave over her lap for a hard bare bottomed hand spanking. Irene then orders him into the punishment stockade. "You're really gonna get it" She says. She cuffs his hands before placing them into the stock. Mistress Kat walks into the room and starts laughing. (5.15) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 8 - TAWSING Irene approaches the slave with the Scottish tawse while Mistress Kat watches. He is restrained in the punishment stock. "Slave you are going to thank me after each one!" Irene then moves to the other side as she and Mistress Kat comment that the strapping must be balanced. He receives a hundred with the tawse - 50 on each side. Irene then makes him kiss her hand. He is not allowed to kiss her ass. (4.53) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 9 - SEVERE PADDLING Irene chooses a nice selection of paddles. Irene thanks Mistress Kat for watching. The phone rings and Mistress Kat leaves to go back down to the office. Irene paddles the slave HARD on each side 50 times with a circular oak implement. The paddling is quite sever so Irene checks in with him and asks if he would like to continue. He answers affirmatively! Irene switches to a thin pine paddle, informing him that he has 400 left! (5.18) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 10 - SEVERE PADDLING, SCOLDING, CANING, STRAPON Irene walks around him scolding him about not being able to keep track of how much discipline he has received. He receives a hard paddling with another oak implement. His bottom is so torn up that Irene relents and decides not to give him all the discipline he craves. She wants him to be able to walk after all! She decides to give him a caning for being foolish and wanting too much punishment. There is a close up of the slave's fanny. Irene straps on a dildo and fucks the slave in the ass. Irene moans as she fucks him. She calls him a slut and a hot little fuck. (5.15) Join to view or Order full length DVD Clip 11 - GOLDEN SHOWER The slave is positioned in the bathtub. Irene commands him to stay exactly where he is. He is told to masturbate in Irene's hot piss. "Jack off in my lovely piss!", She commands! (2.00) Join to view or Order full length DVD

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Member's Writing - New series SOTOW: The Roundup Part 1 "Whipped to death" (A fantasy FemDom bullwhipping story contributed by Irene's new friend jlplait) "Hello, Sheriff Nichols.  I got here as soon as I could.  Is everything alright?" "Thank you for responding so quickly, Lady Pat.  I haven't seen you in town for quite some time, now.  You asked is everything alright?  Well, yes and no." "Please explain, Sheriff.  You've got me confused already."  "Please call me Janith, if you will.  Sorry for the confusion.  No one here is in any immediate danger, but to make the long story short, we have a horsethief epidemic.  One hundred fifteen animals were stolen from the Lezurely Ranch outside of town."  "The lesbian cowgirl ranch...  And Pat will do just fine, thank you." "Yes, you know the one, Pat."  "Ok, so what is the situation, Janith, and how can I be of any help?"  "We believe that eight men were involved and we feel quite certain that we know who they are.  It happened three nights ago and through the grapevine we have learned that the rustlers have stashed the horses in a secluded mountain location some 40-60 miles from here." "And how are you aware of all this?"  "As you well know, some men just can't keep their drunken mouths shut.  They have left a trail (so-to-speak) in a string of saloons and watering holes along the way, boasting of their accomplishments here." "So why don't you just go pick them up and bring them in?" "Well, it isn't quite that simple, Pat.  We know what they did and some of the stops they made from town to town, but we don't know their actual whereabouts as of yet." "What do you propose to do then, Janith, and how do I fit into all of this?"  "I am organizing a manhunt to bring them in.  And when we capture them, I plan to try them posthaste and then make an example out of them for all the townsfolk to see and witness.  I need your help in several ways, really, based on your skills and expertise."  "I have no manhunting skills to speak of... "  "Of course I would appreciate your help on the posse to round them up, Pat.  But I can best utilize you in an information gathering role from the locals and in administering their punishments when the horsethieves are brought to justice."  "I am beginning to catch your drift, Janith.... "  "I plan to publicly whip them all to death, Pat.  Are you interested in the job?  You will be well compensated."  Read the rest in members...

Member's update to travel section! 25 minutes of hilarious clips! Crazy going's on at the AEE! (AVN) Yes I had quite the bizarre "model" that year...people couldn't stop staring, and laughing! 

Image from the new Victorian Punishment boudoir

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DVD: "Employee Blues / Sent to the Boss (Double feature)

Film one: Find out what happens when Irene leaves her 58 year old houseboy alone with the new 19 year old intern. He tries to get over but Missy prevails in controlling him. OTK hand and hairbrush spanking, face slapping, servitude, humiliation and foot worship. Very verbal.

Film two: Smoking is a filthy disgusting habit and you will be punished! Lady Victoria and Mistress Kat find a naughty student smoking in the schoolroom, so they decide to send him to the Boss. They push him violently to the floor and shackle in the schoolroom with metal ankle and wrist cuffs, and march him down the stairs into the off-limits office. Boss makes him eat a cigarette and spanks him soundly. All the Ladies take turns. Extreme face slapping scene. Reform school style discipline. Punishment lines, paddling, spanking - many implements used.


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