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FREE SHORT CLIP  from "Vac Bed in Vegas"

11 minute web movie from AVN 2011


Irene Boss and Carmen Rivera performed at the Hot Movies booth. Breath play, suction bondage, teasing, whipping, smothering, bagging and public spectacle. It's show time! Carmen is featured in "Supersize me Ma'ams" a DVD release from BossDVD.Com. Visit BossDVD.Com and order your copy now. There are also many photos of the beautiful Carmen in the member's area of DomBoss.Com Join to view the 11 minute webmovie!



38 high resolution images - AVN 2011 - Irene Boss and Carmen Rivera performing at the Hot Movies booth

+ images of Irene and friends at Booth B525 in the B2B area of ANE. Join to view all!

Full Feature Upload: "Super Concentrated Bitch" LESBIAN BONDAGE, TICKLING AND SPANKING! FREE TRAILER  Join now to view this 51 minute  film! Three scenes.  All alone on her birthday, this young lady decided to visit the Compound and pretend that she had a pre arranged audience with the Boss. Irene goes along with it at first for some fun, but then decides to interrogate the girl to find out the truth! The girl is found smoking by the window in the schoolroom, with the disposition of a brat! Very intense tickle torture in interesting bondage positions. She is tied to a chair, and then over a punishment box. The girl is face sat often and smothered as well before she gives up her secrets. Her clothes are ripped off by Irene. Good spanking scene too! Irene in 2 different military costumes, and slave girl in sexy garter belt, black stockings, and ballet bondage boots. For the bondage/tickle enthusiast! ORDER DVD 51 minutes - DVD-5 arrives with box art.  WHOLE FILM (members)


Scene 3: Suspended tickle prisoner is up off the ground with legs spread awaiting the Boss's evil torments. She is now wearing a very sexy business jacket minus the skirt with sexy fetish steel heeled pumps. He is extremely vulnerable in this seated suspension position with a spreader bar, and all the attention is placed on his poor cock and ball area while she tickles the balls and the shaft. She walks around the room clicking her high heels constantly while frequently announcing "I think we can make this even better!" Ms Boss is truly a control freak when it comes to cocks and one can never be untied in her presence, so she C&B's him again with a predicament involving foot tickling. Ms Boss chose this particular slave to be in this video with her because she desired a consensual nonconsensual scene. He hates tickling and it is on his top 5 list of dislikes. Ms Boss decides to introduce a weighted electric cock ring in conjunction with electrical pads next.

Scene 4: Tickle victim is saran wrapped while he is standing in near suspension wearing a tight corset. Ms Boss then goes for his underarms and sides with her long nails. He is placed on the floor in a bondage muff forced to look up at her. Extreme and diabolical foot tickling then takes place. She face sits him and tickles his sensitive sides and armpits. How does it feel to have someone's full weight on your face huh?

Scene 5: Ms Boss in a red rubber nurses dress with tickle prisoner stationed in the sling receiving a predicament CBT stretch with nipple, armpit and side tickling. Ms Boss decides to strap-on train the slut while he is hooked up to the Venus 2000! Cum shoots in his face and all over his corset as she tickles his bare soles. 68 minutes.

"Tickled, milked, whipped, fucked and face sat!"

68 minute custom video filmed at the new Top Secret Pittsburgh Studio in February of 2011!

Scene 1: Welcome to the Tickle Asylum, where Irene Boss has a new victim to torment with her luscious long red fingernails, shimmery sexy pantyhose, see through rubber mini dress and custom fetish platform ankle boots. The corseted prisoner is encased in very shiny pantyhose too (legs and head), while he is fastened to the rack in bondage on his back in full metal leg restraint braces and face sitting head bondage box. (This slave HATES tickling BTW) She begins with foot tickling, and announces how therapeutic this procedure is for stress reduction...or is Ms Boss simply increasing his stress in order to "absolve" him later? Hmmm... she then introduces face sitting therapy to calm his wandering monkey mind. The combination of Ms Boss's ass and your face is worth your next paycheck indeed, especially when she starts tickling your nipples and sides while she is doing it. This is split screen breath play by rubber encased pantyhose ass. Irene is tickled by the slave's beard through her pantyhose. She tickles his cock and balls through his pantyhose and he begins to get quite excited. She then pulls his pantyhose down and tickles his bare cock and balls with her long luscious red fingernails and rubs her sexy shiny pantyhose legs and leather boots against his bare erect cock and balls. She presses her enormous rubber encased breasts and solid encased pantyhose thighs against his bare erect cock and balls while mercilessly tickling his sides. He laughs and moans hysterically! It's time for satin ribbon predicament cbt torture and he is re - face sat for yet another side tickle torture treatment. Another split screen. She is sitting on him, depriving him of breath and mercilessly tickling him to death. Everytime he moves from the relentless tickle torture he pulls on his sensitive cock and balls. She interjects cruel and unusual punishment by forced consumption of caffeine by forcing the slave to consume a Red Bull so his nerves are on fire for the duration of the scene.

Scene 2: Tickle prisoner is moved to the tickle bench for a new round of treatments and placed face down and secured with rubber straps. His corset is tightened and his sides are savagely tickled again. Tickling is a great way to test bondage to make sure that it's tight enough. It's pantyhose destruction time so Ms Boss can once again have her way with his hairy cock and balls, tied off with a pink satin ribbon. His balls are tied to toes for predicament bondage CBT foot and side tickling, and electric CBT is administered via shock pads and a tens unit. Since Ms Boss has decided to whip this slave today, he is warmed up with 2 new heavy floggers for a double dose of goodness. Excruciating foot tickling. He is so satiated he forgets his speaking manners and Ms Boss must remind him of protocol. 50 warm up spanks are administered with a leather paddle and an additional 50 with a heavier paddle. There are many rounds of spanking and foot tickling in this scene progressing right up to a good long bare bottom whipping.


68 minutes - DVD-R arrives without box art.


"Whip the lying bastard"!  3 scenes


slave r has decided to attempt a mind fuck on Ms Boss when he was told to mail his chastity key in before his scene was to take place. Ms Boss received the envelope all right, minus the key! She decides to teach the slave a lesson by having a little mind fuck all Her own against the slave. Ms Boss happens to be feeling hormonal and slave must be punished for his macho bitch behavior.

Scene 1: He is damn lucky that she has the kindness to give him a warm up with a big heavy leather flogger first followed by a double flogging. Then she breaks out the brand new 24 plait signal whips. Slave is restrained over the CBT chair in chastity for upper back whipping beginning with 2 nylon bullwhips followed by an 18 plait signal. This is a great video for those who are new to whipping and bull whipping and want to learn about different length and types of whips and also to watch a harsh punishment on a genuine masochist and whipping enthusiast, by a genuine whip sadist. The slave receives a nice soothing alcohol rub from Ms Boss on his upper back to bring out the marks. Scene 2: She moves him to the St. Andrew's Cross for ass whipping. She begins with a good hard flogging to warm up the area followed with a double flogging. Educational yet extremely cruel punishment whipping with skin loss from the bullwhips. He is berated constantly for his sammy behavior. Scene 3: It's still not enough! Slave is now stationed on the rotating bondage table ass out. Another nylon bullwhip comes out to even out the canvas. Ms Boss finishes him off with underhand back hand side strokes from a shot loaded 6 foot 18 plait kangaroo bullwhip, a chain link 4 foot bull whip with a rawhide cracker and thread fall, and finally a short nylon bullwhip again to bring all the marks "together". 35 minutes. DVD-R arrives without box art. ORDER DVD  LONG TRAILER (members)

Full Feature Upload: "Your Appearance is in question!" FEM DOM - BDSM / SPANKING / ELECTRICITY / FOOT WORSHIP FREE TRAILER  Join to view this 105 minute 1.3 gigabyte film! Three long scenes.

Scene 1: Office boy. Dave is being scolded about his appearance by CEO Irene Boss. Dave has been stripped down to his black boxers, but Irene looks sharp and snazzy in her expensive suit, lace topped stockings, and sexy pinstriped pumps. Her hair is long and flowing too. Dave's hair is the problem here, and his nails. His appearance is substandard and an embarrassment to the Boss. He is forced to indulge in an extremely humiliating foot worship scene with creative verbal onslaught, as only Irene can do. Irene removes her jacket. He is restrained over the punishment box for intense paddling, caning, and strapping (razor strap and tawse). Many different rattan canes are used upon him, including the white lightening, nasty bastard, and carbonite (indestructible) implements. Irene finishes with a steel martinet. He must either shape up, or it's a head shaving for him on the auction block next summer at the OWK! He is given a timeline to make the corporate changes, and he fails to achieve them.

Scene 2: Enter Mistress Gemini, Irene's British friend visiting from Los Angeles. The following scene opens in the Compound's Gothic dungeon: Both Ladies are decked out in rubber. Irene is in a pewter cat suit with fetish boots, and Gemini in a shiny black one piece, short red rubber skirt, black corset, garters, clear rubber stockings and red knee high boots. Va va voom! The Ladies then decide that it is time for Dave's medical treatment. He is placed in a stainless steel chastity devise and gagged to prevent any erections and noise. The Ladies warm his nipples up with lots of piercing suspension. Then they decide to play a voice activated electroshock CBT game with him! Many electrical boxes are demonstrated. You can also see that Irene decided to paint Dave's toenails since he refused to keep them trim.

Scene 3: The Ladies are seated on a small couch in the school room with Dave kneeling before them, questioning his appearance. Birching and face slapping takes place. Dave strips and removes his jewelry upon command of the two Mistresses. He is humiliated with an embarrassing hairstyle and sheer black panties. He is restrained over the punishment box for tandem paddling, strapping, and the tawse. The Ladies are wearing lingerie, girdles, hose and heels. Sexy and strict! They move Dave into the caning stockade for reform school style discipline. His ankles and wrists are cuffed in steel and he is made to wear another steel chastity devise. The discipline is extreme and frequently goes over 100 with each implement. Tandem caning and tandem birching take place. Don't ever let your appearance be called into question! Join to view   Order DVD  Product information: DVD-R arrives in beautiful German bookbox


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