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"The Capture of Co Co"


Brand new to DomBoss Members!


40 minutes


Filmed during Bound Con Munich!


Irene gets tall and gorgeous Co Co to come back to her hotel suite and ties her up on the bed in some excruciating rope bondage positions!


Next Co Co is mummified with saran wrap and duct tape for a really tight sensation, and Irene tickle tortures her poor helpless feet.


Then Co Co is talked into experiencing latex suction bondage.


This is her first time and she is nervous.


Breathtaking play while Irene teases her.



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Ms Boss was in DC Metro area: March 24th - 27th

Ms Boss was in NYC (West Chelsea): March 29th - 31st



Brand new to DomBoss.Com members:

"The Evil Doctor Boss"!

45 minutes - view in members

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Scene 1: Examination of man-whore begins with the thing slung up and bound to the suspending chains, with both busty Evil Dr. Boss and sadistic nurse Kat at either end. Irene sprays the man-cunt with perfume in an attempt to make the preposterous procedures more enjoyable, and then dilates the stinky slot with a small metal toy, while breast enlargement takes place with vacuum cups. Nipple grabbers follow with horrific howling from the helpless he-bitch. Double electric butt toys follow into the hungry hole as Mistress Kat applies grotesque garish make up to the wanna-be bitch. Next, electro shock to the clitty in preparation for a good solid caning by the two ladies. Scene 2: Nurse Kat dons the vampire gloves to administer a much needed pricking of the bitch's already sore breast area. Dr. Boss inserts yet another larger electric metal toy into this bottomless pit of an ass. Irene then places an electric cock ring over the whore's tiny business and shocks to shrinkage.



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She visited here March 17th - 20th.