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New! 34 high resolution images 

"The Unforgiven"

Filmed in 2 sequences, nearly a year apart to give the slave's ass time to heal completely! Madame Ginger Fyredanzer of New York City and Domina Irene Boss truly outdid themselves in this spectacular journey into sadism and masochism. 

Scene 1: Slave dave is extremely and severely whipped by the 2 Mistresses, and then forced to lick off their boots! He is first suspended, and then bound over the punishment box. The Mistresses laugh a lot and Irene sneers right at the camera! Irene in black leather thigh high boots, shiny tights, spandex dress, black leather corset, and black leather executioner's hood. Madame Ginger Fyredanzer in black studded rubber body suit (swim suit cut) and black leather calf boots. Scene 2: Slave Dave is hoisted up in the air in a body harness. Madame Ginger pierces his nipples with calipers and both Mistresses apply weights. His feet are whipped by Irene, and then his nipples receive electro torture. More severe extreme whipping ensues (bullwhips and single tails) and you wonder how this slave will ever be able to sit down properly again. Irene in silver rubber cat suit, fetish platform black kid leather ankle boots and black leather mask. Madame Ginger in black PVC cat suit, black PVC knee boots, and feathered mask. Join to view!

The DomCon LA 2005 weekend extravaganza!  

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Watch the trailors! 32 minute video presentation!  

Listen to My Voice, slave! 58 minute interview with Dominate Radio! 

39 high resolution images - "Your appearance is in question -  part1" slave Dave has done a slovenly job of keeping himself groomed as one of My representatives for the Compound's yearly OWK excursion. I have decided that if he doesn't shape up I am going to have to sell him on the auction block this year for a head shaving. It's shape up or ship out! I humiliate him in these images by making him smell My shoes, suck My heels and worship the patent leather, and then he must sniff My toes, kiss My feet and suck on My toes! Eventually, I stick my whole foot right in his mouth! I have quite a bitchy look on my face, as slave Dave is forced to wear one of my stockings on his head like a make shift doo-rag. I also noticed that his nails have gotten too long, so I told him that if he does not cut them I am going to paint them pink. If he is going to act like a girl, then I am going to treat him like one! Shoe worship, stocking covered foot worship, bare foot worship and foot humiliation. Join now to share in his humiliation This could be you!

Mistress Brianna visited from DC May 6th and 7th! 

Look for 2 new upcoming web movies!

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