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"Let it Rain"  57 minutes


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Scene 1 opens in the school room with a slave pouring champagne for the Ladies. While the slave is catching gnats which are attracted to the sweet smelling champagne (it was a warm rainy summer day) the Ladies verbally humiliate. They drink quickly and the burping begins. Even thought they are dressed like Ladies, there is nothing Ladylike about their behavior. Mistress Kat applies some makeup to the slave's face, and then Irene bends him over the punishment box for a single tail whipping. The Mistress share stories and belch loudly while this is going on. Scene 2: The action moves into the gothic dungeon where the slave serves again but must be lectured on proper wine etiquette. The Ladies begin spitting on the slave and pouring champagne on his breasts. Irene shoots champagne through a space in her teeth onto the slave's giant tits. Mistress Kat in gray rubber keyhole dress with vampire collar, and then sexy thigh high stockings, corset, and heels with short skirt. Princess Kali in 2 lovely rubber dresses, first blue and then black with boots and Princess crown, Irene Boss first in blue rubber cat suit and then in lingerie, stockings and heels with veiled hat.


"Thirsty Shocked Toilet" HD 25 minutes


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In the new medical room at the Compound, Domina Irene Boss is showing Mistress Shane the new equipment, including a slave who has been positioned on the hospital bed for their devious pleasures.


The Ladies teases in tight rubber outfits and pantyhose.


He is bound and repeatedly shocked with violet wands and many different electrical attachments.


The slave is moved to the examination table where his head is enclosed in a plexi glass potty chair while Irene has her way with him and Mistress Shane zaps away.


The final scene features Mistress Shane seated on a potty chair over the slave's face while Irene takes a turn. Mischievous, devious, and just plain mean!



"Discount Whorehouse" 75 minutes


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Scene 1: The story begins with Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne admiring Dingdong's fresh breast augmentation. Irene is dressed in a custom electric blue cat suit with silver fetish heels, and Cheyenne wears a pewter cat suit with key hole cut out and silver boots. Both Ladies wear gas masks. Dingdong is decked out in a rubber French maid's dress and restrained to the new black leather bondage couch. Irene paints Dingdong's nipples with lipstick while Cheyenne applies his makeup. It appears as if a bazaar rubber transformation operation is in progress, and of course there is always Irene's taunting humorous sarcastic narration throughout. Dingdong is forced to suck Cheyenne's giant flesh colored cock while Irene pulls his hair and rams his face into the fellatio! Irene paddles Dingdong's thighs and clitty. Dingdong is forced to suck Irene's big cock while Cheyenne slaps his tiny business around. This is guaranteed to be the most creative Fem Dom cock sucking sequence you have ever viewed on DVD! Dingdong's tiny balls are prepared to receive intense electro stimulation with the new Eros tech system. Irene selects the random "torment" selection for the Ladies amusement. Cheyenne whips Dingdong's nipples, while Irene canes his cock. Then the new Rimba electrical devise is demonstrated on Dingdong's little clitty and more cock sucking takes place!

Scene 2: "The audition of April Showers" (A cacophony of forced bi) The cross dressed slave "house slut" is placed on his back in spread eagle bondage in the center of the Gothic Room for sexual service. He is blindfolded. A jar of warm Mistress pee is balancing in between his spread legs. Irene wears a black latex skater skirt and black long sleeve latex top, panty hose and high heels. There are a lot of 'up the skirt' shots. Cheyenne wears a latex bra, corset, black lace panties, panty hose, and open toed shoes. The slave "house slut" is told he is going to perform full body worship. He is then briefly face sat by Irene. Irene brings "Mistress Samantha" (Dingdong) into the room. The slave "house slut" is given the stage name "April Showers." Samantha is wearing a short green rubber dress. Cheyenne stifles her laughter at the sight of this. April is forced to lick Samantha's tits. Irene lies on the black leather bondage couch and dangles her shoes at the camera while this is going on. Samantha lick's April's balls while Irene laughs.


The Arena of Evilena  - This image © MIB Productions

NEW DVD RELEASE: "The Arena of Evilena" Trailer  (Longer trailer in members)

At the Compound Goddess Evilena is showing Ms Boss her slave "little twat". The Ladies place the miscreant upside down and prepare it as a heavy punching bag for arm and leg work. It's cock and ball area is frequently addressed. The cowardly cunt frequently snivels at his treatment, but the Rubber Ladies don't care. He is hoisted higher for fly kicks. He is removed from suspension and thrown across the couch. Goddess Evilena begins a hypnotic trance on him so he will be able to take CP discipline. The Ladies experiment with hypnosis ...(complete DVD description)

Cock Mommie 6: Men in trouble - This image © MIB Productions

NEW DVD RELEASE: "Cock Mommie 6: Men in Trouble" Trailer  (Longer trailer in members)

Episode 1: Casual Day at the Compound! "Big Top Cock and Customer Circus"! Men have a dress code to follow at the Compound. Women on the other hand, do not. Irene Boss meets Cock Mommie (Madame Nadine) in punishing this casual clown. He is even dressed like a clown to emphasize the point, with a ridiculous mask. He is going to be used as a demonstration tool for Ms Boss to show Madame Nadine what goes on at the studio a little more fully. The Ladies restrain him to a CBT chair for manual NT and CBT. NT clamp are then attached ...(complete DVD description)