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"The American Governess - in the bedroom" - 30 minutes join to view

"The worst punishment you have ever had!"

Ms Irene Boss as "The American Governess" with her slave hardenough as "richard".

Scene opens in the Compound's Victorian Boudoir with Ms Boss wearing the dreaded black cape with hood.

The miscreant is bound on the bed in leather arm binders, leg binders and corset awaiting Her ministrations.

He is going to punished for his smoking habit, and he has been told on by a friend of his, and Ms Boss is going to whip the cigarette craving right out of him. The "friend" will also be punished for tattling. Ms Boss has noted that the bed has not been made properly. Ms Boss discovers a packet of cigarettes he has been hiding and then all hell breaks lose. Since there are 4 cigarettes left in the package the number 4 will feature prominently in his demise today. (Of course a few zeros will be added to the equation.) Hand spanking is the warm up and soon the convent strap and Arkansans prison straps are applied. Extreme bondage and Corporal Punishment!

"Extreme Bitch throws the whip" 18 minutes

      "Whip it up!" A leather masked Ms Boss in fishnet pantyhose giving some serious comeuppance to a Compound slave. She gives a few lectures too directed at those of you who want but could not handle this treatment. New - never before seen. For the whipping enthusiast!


"The Best of BondCon" 65 minutes  view now

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Scene 1: A slave girl is restrained to a St. Andrew's Cross on tiptoes bondage ballet boots. She is wearing a black girdle and stockings with black kid opera length gloves. Mistress Brianna flogs her, while Irene sensuously tortures her nipples. Irene and Brianna continue to torment the bound slave, who is next fastened over a bondage bench for spanking, paddling, double flogging, caning and sensuous tease and denial. Her hands are placed in metal bondage balls. Irene in black girdle, stockings, and sky scraper red high heels, and Brianna in full leather including chaps. Scene 2: Domina Skye and Irene restrain the slave girl in a full leather body harness for suspension. She is tickled, probed, and prodded in mid air. Delano is tied below her in elegant rope bondage by Skye. The two slaves are force to watch each other endure various torments. Irene in girdle, stockings, military jacket and sky scraper black patent pumps. Skye in black silk corset, full fashioned stockings, and black patent pumps with plat forms. Lovely long nails! Scene 3: Mistress Porsche Lynn caught the slave girl out at the bar during the bondage convention cruising for chicks, so she is placed in seated suspension bondage with nipple tension! Her thighs, mound, and stomach are cropped before she is sensuously teased and denied. Irene in girdle, stockings, sky scraper heels, and military jacket. She is placed over the spanking bench and the ladies take turns with teasing, caning, cropping, flogging, and spanking. She is forced to lick shoes under the direction of Porsche, while Irene takes her from behind. She is suspended in a chain cage wearing steel bondage mitts, and signal whipped by Irene. Porsche in custom red and black rubber and leather outfit with matching boots. Scene 4: The 2 female slaves are suspended with ropes from a large wooden bondage frame. Irene, Brianna, and Princess Kali take turns with their nipples and helpless bottoms. The 2 slave girls are inspected and lightly smacked on their rumps, before being tied together face to face for tickle torture and very intense bare handed spanking. Princess Kali in blue rubber dress and silver boots, Irene in black leather corset with girdle, hose and heels and Brianna in Black PVC with mesh skirt and leather boots. Very sexy.

"Whore Du Jour" 36 minutes

view now


Filmed at the Compound in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Machine fucked, forced bi endurance, and *isted!" Want some sex, slave? Ha ha ha!

Starring our very own slut Lynda (Rookie) in an audition, web whore (whore dejour as Mistress Samantha) Mistress Brianna and Myself Irene Boss, and various dildos and fuck machines. This new web series will totally amaze you...the things these sluts will do to amuse their Mistresses! Forced ball licking, electro play, full body orgasm, forced bi, cbt, breast worship, verbal humiliation, de-sensitization with the magic wand, and embarrassing sexual supervision. Disclaimer: Videos are in the realm of fantasy.