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Four new member's writing entries!

Ms Boss in OC: First Whipping

The first time is always special.  However, this was not my first visit to the Compound.  In fact I had been there the night before for an hour of corporal during which the Mistress put me in chastity.  I arrived right on time as I was eager to have the chastity device removed.  I had survived the night and probably slept better than normal due to the intense CP.  Enduring CP from the Mistress takes major energy and my body needed to recharge afterward. The Mistress greeted me a dynamite "Avenger's" outfit in black form-fitting vinyl and black high-heeled Loubitons.  She looked so strong, so powerful, and so sexy.  She wore…

Ms Boss at the Compound: Lady in Red

I entered the compound with some slight nerves wondering what these couple hours would entail.  I'm never sure what's all going to occur, or where, or when, with what or how,  which makes the experience more enticing!  I just know there will be some bondage and CP. I enter wondering what she will be wearing and holding in her hand, usually a paddle of sort.  As always,  the Mistress is looking fab and could intimidate the timid.  She has on black spandex and fancy, sexy high heels.  No paddle.  We talk small talk and she says that today we will be starting a little different. She proceeds to handcuff and shackle me in my underwear attire.  And put a metal collar around my neck as I'm now her's. This is all new to me. But, I'm enjoying all of my new experiences. Join to read the rest  

Ms Boss in NYC: Anniversary Session

We had scheduled the 2016 meet up in the West Chelsea studio in Manhattan to play once again, this slutty-subbie with the amazing Ms. Boss and as it was it was exactly one-year-to-the-day since we played last in NYC. The weather was nice that evening both to and fro as I walked over from Penn Station (there was an Iron Maiden concert about to go on at the Garden - Book of Souls) but with toy-bag and bag-bag I proceeded on to the Studio. Join to read the rest  

Ms Boss in OC: Sunday Services

It was not a typical Sunday.  This Sunday would be special:  Ms. Boss was conducting the services.  I would be doing a lot of kneeling and worshiping and paying for my sins, but not in the conventional way. I started the session breathless upon seeing the Mistress in the leather corset she had chosen for the service.  It was fully laced to take her down to a 22 inch waist and, with her 35 inch hips, this provided a wasp-waist look that one usually can only see in Sardax drawings.  The sight of the Mistress with this hour-glass figure right in front of me was overpowering.  It is usually difficult to take in all her beauty, sensuality, and power, but the corset made it much more challenging.  This plus the lovely leather boots with six inch heels (to be worshiped later), the spandex cat suit, the peak-a-boo ruffles accenting her cleavage, the large pendant necklace, and the gaze that makes the knees weak were all too much for me.  She noticed I was already shaking as I gave her my presents and prepared to dress to please her. Join to read the rest


Rebecca Knox visited the Compound May 31st



Scene 4: The ass bench - Mistresses take turns raping slutty prissy, and Ms Boss gets sloppy seconds. As they fuck the completely bound bitch they also hand hold the cameras for some excellent strap on and facial views. A giant inflatable plug is inserted and one wonders if this bitch will ever be able to walk properly again? Prissy has a date with the new fuck machine, a mechanical pounding stud. Slut must suck while it is fucked and kiss ass too. Mistress Boss has lipstick smears all over her ass from sloppy prissy kisses. Ms Boss fucks Priscilla with her biggest strap on. Ms Boss's cock is so big that prissy much be dilated first with a metal proctology tool. Ms Boss finally is successful in easing her big black shwantz into Priscilla's gaping cunt. OUCH! It's time to make penis poop (number 3) so the Ladies get out a cross dresser's best friend (the Hitachi magic wand) and prissy's dinner is served. Madame Nadine insists on finishing this depraved debacle by granting prissy 6 of the best strokes with the little bear, post orgasm and it is a truly loathsome implement indeed. Mistress Boss lends a hand with one really hard swat right at the end. Priscilla is thankful for all her punishments, as as she should be!

"Clitty Clitty Bang Bang" 85 minutes  Join to view

Meet Priscilla, bitch of the Compound South.

Scene 1: Mean girls Domina Irene and Madame Nadine have stationed Catholic school girl bitch Priscilla face up with legs spread in bondage on the stretching rack for evil delights. We know all about "Catholic girls" Ha ha ha! They are going to work the fear of god into every hole on prissy's body. A cock sucking contest is in order and Madame Nadine is going to shoot Her huge load all over prissy's slutty mouth, and the Ladies will take turns riding the nasty slut hole! The bondage must be made snugger as the Ladies "like it tight". Madame Nadine condomizes the slut nasty business so "clitty litter" doesn't leak all over the room. Mistress Irene has been wearing a rubber skirt all day and is quite fragrant, so she makes prissy sniff her wet fragrant pantyhose ass. While Madame Nadine waved her giant shwantz inches from prissy's hungry mouth hole Domina Irene ties off the clitty business in a predicament. Every time prissy straightens out her legs she pulls on her worthless worm and becomes extremely excited when Madame Nadine's cock enters her slavish orifice. Deep throat the giant Mistress horse cock bitch! Irene's ass look unbelievably HUGE (in 4 x 3 wide angle format) as she takes her turn pile driving the bitches mouth. Ass fetishists will love these shots.

Scene 2: Prissy is face down for corporal comeuppance. A gag order has been issued. The Ladies have decided to lace prissy's corset completely shut. Observe the large black butt plug evident once the Ladies lift the swine's skirt and hand spank it's pasty ass. Mistress Irene announces that she has decided to period train the slut with glycerin tablets and a tampon later on. The implements for corporal correction include a shammy for warm up, a double slapper, an antique razor strap, and an Irish school strap. Madame Nadine scolds the supplicant in a ridiculous Irish accent. Glycerin is applied frequently to facilitate stingy sensations. Stingulative corporal eroticism. Mistress Boss rubs prissy's red hot sore fanny and soothes with mock motherly sympathetic tones. Finally it's time for the grand finale of a strong armed caning! The Ladies desire to administer 6 of the best on each side. Ms Irene encourages prissy to take Madame Nadine's cane strokes. Prissy does a stint in the cell.

Scene 3: Prissy's new look ala Tina Turner is in full swing while she alights the CBT chair with arms bound for more fun games. The Ladies have changed their outfits too and scold prissy over her growing sissy clit. It is obvious that Madame Nadine (who holds a cosmetology license) has done a fabulous job on prissy's makeup. Clothespins are applied to prissy's johnson. Another gag order is enforced and a vibrator is used on top of the horrible clothes pins, which are later removed when dual riding crops are applied. Mistress Irene decides to single tail prissy's sissy clitty in a final act of cock revenge. Prissy is made to put on a talent show for the Ladies lipsynching Tina Turner songs. They give advise on making improvement and enforce diligence with their leather riding crops.


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