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What happened in November 2003 

6 exciting rm clips in 2 speeds and 19 gorgeous high resolution images from the new video: "Bondage and Tickling" featuring Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss!  

Claudia and Irene take turns with a mummified josie in the Compound Schoolroom. Two duct tape scenes with breath control, tickling, and bondage. Implements are used, as well as Irenes lethal long nails. The ladies wear shiny tights sexy shoes, and platform fetish boots. Bonus footage from the web short: "Do you think we will get caught?" 

23 images, 11 video clips in 2 speeds, and an intense 4 minute trailer from the new video "Bullwhipped Bastard"!

Irene invites her friend over to witness and partake in a bullwhipping/corporal discipline session! The opening scene features slave Dave in upside down suspension braving the rigors of stomach cropping with extensive cbt, double flogging, predicament bondage, and paddling. He is hoisted right side up in near suspension, and a different electric box is used to torture his package. He is corrected with a nylon paddle and lash. He is then restrained over the punishment box to receive a whipping from a single tail, signal, and then a bullwhip. See sparks fly and blood flow. Her friend is invited to launch into him with a heavy paddle twice. Irene wears an East German border guard jacket, matching hat, black leather custom corset, black girdle and silver boots and gloves. Her friend wears jeans and a black knit top. 

Mimi returns February 20th - 22nd!

Hot pics in members!

*Extra *Extra read all about it! I made a public appearance NYC! Did you miss it?

New equipment goodies! I just got back from Berlin Germany and loaded up on thousands of dollars worth of new electrical equipment for the studio!

Oh how awful! Josie gave me a used pair of pliers for my birthday so I publicly humiliated the slut. Stay tuned for hilarious .wav files and photos for November!


47 images - "You dont deserve a break today"! (From a soon to be released video)

New - writing entry from a slave! I arrived right on time for my session or maybe a few minutes late (my fault I was trying to finish off a cigarette) The stunningly beautiful Mistress Ingrid was already coming down the stairs before I rang the bell. As soon as I was in the door She told  me to get upstairs and swatted me on the ass. I started up the stairs with  Mistress Ingrid close behind, at the top of the stairs I was told to strip and put my clothes in the chest in the black room. I did as I was told but still received another...

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