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53 minutes in members!

A best selling DVD "Claiming of orchid / whipping of john" Order Now

The most intense Female/male whipping scene imaginable! 3 scenes with 4 beautiful Mistresses, a female slave, and a male masochist. Presenting (the never before seen in an MIB Productions video) the onscreen debuts of: Lady Sage, Goddess Claudia, orchid and john. Filmed during the Ohio Leatherfest in Columbus. Irene Boss and friends visit a little slut named orchid who is put through her paces with severe genital and nipple play in some very interesting positions. The 4 Ladies take turns on brat john with some incredibly heavy paddling, spanking, and whipping. Orchid 'is restrained  while the 4 Ladies go out to dinner.

$19.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

"Do you think we'll get caught?" 12 minutes in members! One hot blustering August day (it was 98 degrees) Irene was in the mood to tie and tickle this girl out doors, so She went hunting in North Park for the perfect spot! She tied her to a tree and began the assault. She kept asking her if she thought we would be caught, and threatened to leave her there - while she went to a nearby bar to find a couple of people to handle the poor helpless girl. The ladies wear shiny tights, boots, black leather jackets and bras. They eventually got caught by someone who was riding a bike through the park. For voyeurs and exhibitionists! Order Now $29.95+10S&H MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203 (412 362 6883)


51 minutes in members!

A best selling DVD "Rope Bondage with Madame Ingrid"  Order Now

Madame Ingrid's debut on film! Watch Irene Boss and the Super Vixen Bitch suspend Irene's slave girl fully clothed and then go at the clothes with a pair of sheers. Very nasty things happen to the slave girl while she is tied, suspended and forced to endure multiple orgasms with a vibrator! Whipping, caning, flogging, clothes pin torture, nipple torture, biting, and spanking. Many different types of rope bondage and 3 different types of suspension are demonstrated. She is very surely throughout and deserves everything she gets. You will wish that you were her while watching this too! Madame Ingrid in corset with knee boots and Irene Boss in rubber cat suit.

$29.95 + 10.00 S & H - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

A best selling DVD "Shaved by the Boss" Order Now

47 minutes in members! HEAD SHAVING / FORCED FEM

Full head shaving! Even his clothes get some treatment with the shears. The ultimate in humiliation! Witness slave ramona's defeat on the porch of The Compound in broad daylight. His clothing is torn off to reveal a corset and stockings. He is then taken upstairs and tied to the barbers chair and shorn and shaved. Forced femmed, he is marched up the stairs for light discipline in the corset stockade in the school room. he is used as a toilet at the end in the new potty chair. Lots of bondage and ballet boots. For the cross-dressing and humiliation enthusiast.

$19.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

Member's Writing! "Breathplay milking scene" by breathslut

I had my first session with Domina Irene Boss last week and it was incredible!  I had a very specific request for a forced milking session via breath play manipulation.  For my instrument of torture I chose the plastic bag. Clear so that I can see the eyes of the controller and soft so that I can experience the sensuality of the deprivation.  We decided the session would be interrogation based and centered around "orgasm or else!"  Domina Irene sat me down in her bondage chair and tightened the rubber straps over my limbs rendering me immovable and helpless.  At first I didn't think it was much of a restraint but as she continued to tighten them around my chest, belly, arms, legs and ankles, I soon realized I wasn't going anywhere.   I brought a collection of breath play bags with me and to my surprise, Irene started out with the smallest one of them all.  It was very tight and form fitting, almost too small. Reaching inside the bag she made some extra room for my eyes by stretching the plastic out.  It was almost like having a condom stretched over my head and I couldn't believe she got it to fit. I could see Irene's eyes and facial expressions and the interrogating nature of what she was about to do.  Read the rest here

Travel galleries - Venus Fair 2009 and Dom Con Atlanta!   Irene Boss in drag...and pretty too in brand new rubber!

A best selling DVD "Irene Boss meets Ilsa Strix"


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45 minutes in members! LESBIAN BONDAGE STRAPON Filmed on location in Los Angeles at the studios of G- Force. Irene and Ilsa take on submissive marnie to have conversations about art, and the body as sculpture. Ilsa and Irene begin by pontificating about what turns them on creatively - completely ignoring marnie the bondage lovely who is put to view nude on a Roman pillar. Marnie is eventually given an excruciating workout with tit torture, double flogging, intense genitorture, verbal admonishment, praise for good performance, and strap on dildo training in this sexy Girl/girl romp. marnie is placed in several very interesting bondage positions exposing her secret sexual anatomy for the lustful actions of the two decadent Mistresses. Irene and Ilsa in see through fetish clothes, leather, and military wear. Gorgeous corsetry! marnie is nude and accentuated by corset, stocking, and platform fetish boots all in animal print.

$19.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

Member's Writing! "2 days in Berlin"

 by USB (of Germany) from the FemDomScene messageboard.

It is in the morning when I meet Mistress Irene in the entrance hall of a hotel in Berlin during the „Venus Fair“. It would be our first session on this weekend and it is great to take the lift together with the wonderful Lady who intends to torture me some minutes later. In her suitcases Mistress Irene had brought some nice implements and very long ropes for me. My Mistress changed her clothes into a sexy blue rubber with high boots and I took off my cloths. She is overwhelming. The beds are moveable and everything is moveable here, so we have enough space to play. Mistress Irene tells me to lay down with my backside on a bed. With her 30 foot long ropes she begins to bind me very tight. “I know you”, she says smiling and makes it even tighter. My arms and legs are spread now and I feel total helpless. And she will start with the cane. On the thighs, ten strokes for both of them. A little bit in the inside of my legs. It hurts and my Mistress knows that I fear the cane. But soon I notice the first time under the cane, there are two pains at each stroke, in the body and in the mind. I get the pain clear in my head and then it is slowly sinking into my legs. What a new feeling, double pain. I try to control my head and I feel the first time I begin to control the cane pain. I enjoy the pain now. Then after the punishment, I better don’t ask for more – it could at last take a bad end for me. Mistress Irene asks me about cock play. I negate and she says it would be good to do always new things in sessions. She takes a rope and begins to bind it tight around balls and cock. Huh, after she is ready Mistress Irene looks to be satisfied with this bondage. She takes place over my legs and starts to treat my most sensitive parts. I get the feeling as if she treats me with the fingernails. I am squirming so far as possible, but it does not help. My Mistress goes on and enjoys it. Now I can relax, Mistress Irene takes her rubber higher and sits herself on my face. What a meditation under her. She says her whole weight would be on me now. I love it. She stands up and repeats it again and again and I have to get air in more and more short intervals. What a pleasure to kiss my Mistress’ bottom! Read the rest here

A best selling DVD

"Breaking the rules"

35 minutes in members! Nice girls who like spanking don't think about nasty painful S/M games right? Wrong! This new feature breaks all the rules! Red hot action. Mistress Antoinette's video debut at the Compound. Irene shares a girl for some inescapable bondage, tit torture, smothering, breast worship with the slave girl - who is unable to move an inch - enduring intense torture. There is also some good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking. Filmed in the gothic dungeon and schoolroom. Mistresses in black leather corsets, fishnets, see through cat suits and high boots. Slave girl nude. Spanking sequence features Mistresses in business women's attire and slave girl in tiny white see through bikini panties. Order Now

$19.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

Member's Writing! "A five hour scene with Irene Boss and Madame Nadine"

 by gurlygurl from the FemDomScene messageboard.

The only points of reference I had with Mistress Irene were through her website, her DVD's, PM's, e-mails, and phone correspondence. That was about to change. We exchanged e-mails re pertinent scene information and she gave me instructions on how to prepare myself. Since my preference was that of a TV, I purchased some "session goodies" and had them sent to her studio. I knew that it was necessary to present myself in the best possible light so I took pains to remove all the hair from body sans head and arms. I even treated myself to a pedicure the week before the session. I came in on a Friday night as did Mistress Irene on a flight from San Francisco. The next morning we had our phone consultation and discussed what the scene would involve. I waited in the lobby of the hotel until she arrived. I was very nervous as I had not sessioned in about 15 years. I recognized her when she approached. I knew it was her from all the pictures and videos I had watched. She recognized me because well...She knows a submissive when She sees one. We embraced and I immediately won points by spilling her tea on her lovely black dress. I apologized and cited nerves for my fumble. She smiled, "Young lady if I was in your panties I'd be nervous too." Ouch. Read the rest here

Ultra busty CBT! Violet wand madness...4 scenes. Scene 1: Footsuckers man meat is stretched on the electric X-rack as a latex clad Irene torments and seduces him with her long red fingernails and luscious pantyhose encased legs. She teases his dripping cock sensuously with her fingertips and Wartenburg wheels. (The electric stretching cross itself is actually a giant violet wand!) The nipples of the slave are placed in predicament bondage attached to the collar. Frontal flogging and signal cock whipping melt the slave's resistance. Scene 2: The bondage couch is the place to be! Pisshood, spike sheath matt, and Kali's teeth bracelets with intense cock and ball stretching are on this slave's menu tonight. Many cock stretchers and ball stretchers are demonstrated. Scene 3: The slave is strapped to the multi bench for flogging and relentless stretching tortures with different wand attachments. Scene 4: A thirsty toilet in the smother box. Order Now

$29.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

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