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"Fetish Thanksgiving"


Presenting Domina Gael of Spain in Her video debut with Irene Boss and MIB Productions.

A cornucopia of plenty and someone is plenty horny. Turkey Footsucker gets stuffed with the entire produce section of the grocery store in this Thanksgiving extravaganza!  The action is playful and surreal with gas masks, full latex, body bags, vac beds, fetish boots, extreme makeup and sexy pantomime games. The Ladies do voiceovers for much of the dream like action. 4 scenes! 55 minutes.


"Dressed, Stretched and Milked / Director's Cut"



Custom private fetish scene footage at it's best! The supplicant is stretched on the rack force femmed for Irene's amazing CBT skills wearing his heavy metal locking slave collar. She can walk right up to his balls in the spread eagle position. Mistress in rubber with
feathers, garters, shiny black pantyhose and long red 2 inch nails.

Sexy!  She rubs her shiny legs all over the slave's panty crotch and begins toying with his nipples. Out comes an inflatable gag. Mistress cuts a hole in slave's pantyhose crotch. The first round of CBT electric begins and after extended teasing it's time for electric toy play and slave is hooked up to another pulsating box. More rope bondage is necessary and Mistress threatens with a sound. Bi polar electric nipple clamps are hooked to slave's nipples. Mistress cranks
up the electro and pulls out a vibrator to force a milking.


The intense scene ends with a lively golden cocktail in the bathtub. ORDER NOW! Product information: DVD arrives without box art in a clear case - DVD R format. 27 min.


"Doctor's of Ass Destruction / Director's Cut" - ORDER NOW

Scene 1: Sissy Lynda is being caged and interrogated after her kidnapping by medical asylum doctors Irene Boss and Lady X! The Ladies are bondaging Lynda in the cage by means of poking wooden rods through the cage bars to keep her deliciously still. The Ladies have decided to use flashing strobe lights as a means of mental torture. Dom Lady X supplies the chains, house slave Demitri brings them each coffee and lends a hand with the filming and commentary. How humiliating for Lynda, not knowing that another male slave was going to be present. Mistress Boss in yoga pants and Chux sneakers and Dom Lady X in Capri pants and heels. The Ladies have the sissies tiny clitty in electric chastity and they constantly remind him of who the Bosses are. Scene 2: The manhood bandits! A complete military medical exam is in order. Ladies in luscious latex and Lynda in slut attire. An enema punishment is in order with female cycle verbal humiliation! Ms Boss fingers the bitch and then wipes the ass juice repeatedly under it's nose. The transformation continues with nipple shaving. An antique vibrator is used for treatment and a pin wheel for CBT. Cruel and unusual proctology! Speculum inspections and scoping begin along with a trip in the Nova Pro. The Ladies take turns with their strapons next. The final experimental procedure takes place with the ass hammer! Ms Boss is rude, witty and sarcastic all throughout the film. ORDER NOW Product information: DVD arrives without box art in a clear case - DVD R format. 71 min.

New Writing in Members! private scene and public play Venus Fair 2010 This writing is unedited to preserve the original flavor. The slaves primary language is German. (by USB of the Fem Dom Scene) It was during the days of the Venus Fair in Berlin when I met Mistress Irene. I love this hotel because it was the place of our first session some years ago. She wears a wonderful dark red corset that remembered me the late erotic 18th century. Her horse tail and high heels mixed this with a strict atmosphere. The hotel room was a big suite with two rooms, one for spanking and one for whipping. But at first I was allowed then to kiss and lick Mistress’ shoes and feet. Very extended. How sweet…On a large sofa I got to know Mistress Irene’s new hair brush. Over her knees I got hundred quick strokes. I loved this feeling to be so close to her. Then we lighted candles around a double bed and Mistress Irene restrained me very tight on the middle of the bed, arms wide spread and my bottom on the mattresses. She took place on my face and I cramped two long blue clamps on my nipples. My cock became the next sacrifice, tight bound like my legs. I could not see what happened with me and lost the control over the feelings down there which became a scary situation. She was playing there and I had the feeling my balls were between my legs but I could not move my legs and so she had me in a very powerful position...Back on the Venus we changed our clothes. Mistress Irene became General Mayhem, a very impressive uniform and she had her bull whip in the hand. My deepest fantasies became real. My Mistress with the convolved bull whip is the expression of absolute power. I had black jeans, my arms were in long cuffs and black belts around upper body. And she had me at a leash, fixed at my leather collar. A nice black mask made my face invisible. So she began to pull me though the big halls of the Venus and the crowd of people. They made big eyes. At a booth I was bound at a pole. In the near were shows with naked girls, but the people turned around to watch us. Mistress Irene began to whip my shoulders and gave me a wonderful feeling. The visitors will have never seen such a scene and were astonished about what they saw. Read the rest here

Bodacious updates to the member's scene galleries! 106 images from Carisbrook in Australia and 27 from The State.

Special thank you to Mistress Servalan and Ms Jadis in Sydney and Madame Katorga in San Francisco!

New Writing in Members! First time Spanking Scene Sent to Ms Boss  Upon arriving at the house of correction and having the garage door close behind me, I knew there was no getting out of the predicament I had placed myself in.  I only had myself to blame for being sent for a harsh corporal punishment session by neglecting my physical shape, drinking too heavily every weekend, and worst of all fooling around with a married woman.  I knew I had to be punished and punished severely for my deeds but still was nervous to face the music having heard of the discipline skills Ms. Boss possessed. I was led up the stairs to a discipline room that reminds one of a place where your wife, aunt, or mother may punish you.  There was a bed for placement of the person to be chastised and several severe instruments of discipline in this room.  It was clear that I was to truly pay for my sinful ways this time. Ms. Boss was dressed in a way that showed off her beauty as a woman but also exuded her authority as a strict disciplinarian.  Her black dress expressed the seriousness of the situation while adding to your punishment knowing that an attractive woman will soon be providing you severe discipline while you are in a compromising position.  The order soon came and I know it was time, I was to strip to my underwear, which in this case were white briefs a few sizes too small to add to my embarrassment and the feeling of punishment, and lay across the corner of the bed so that my buttocks were thrust up for punishment and I was also able to take in my predicament through the view of a mirror on the wall.  Just as I was taking the totality of the situation in my breath was soon taken away by the whistle and then the loud impact of a strap landing across my backside with incredible speed and power.  I was taken aback that a woman was able to provide such powerful swings to truly teach a lesson.  I flinched and grunted with each punishing stroke as various leather and rubber straps and tawses were used on my naughty behind.  These cruel instruments of correction including the razor strop, two rubber straps called the little and big bear, the stinging convent strap, and the legendary Lochgelly tawse with three heavy leather tails to provide for maximum sting.  After several minutes of punishment blows I was asked to replace my underwear with my special punishment shorts.  I knew I was really in for it when I noticed a part of my butt was already bleeding. Read the rest here

New Writing in Members! Meeting General Mayhem - chapter 3 Mistress Irene began taking off the electric implements that had been adorning the cock and balls of her sub from the Midwest. Another implement was removed from the sub's rectum. They had provided entertainment to Mistress Irene for almost an hour. Then she removed his blindfold. The sub looked up. "Thank you, General May-hem", he said. Mistress Irene smiled down at the naked man. He had taken a great deal of pain. Pain she had enjoyed giving him! But there would be more. Much more. "What do you see over in the corner?", she asked. "Sort of a wooden cross", the man replied. "It's where I bullwhip my subs", she said. "You said you'd like to try a little of that in your e-mail to me. Do you remember?" "Yes, General Mayhem", he said. "But I think I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to pain", he replied. "Oh, you'll do fine", said Mistress Irene. "Look how well you did with electric stuff!" She stroked the nude man's white stomach with affection. Her warm hand brushed over his cock as she spoke. It jumped! "Well, I'll try it, I guess", he said. " But I still think I'll wimp out." Mistress Irene helped the naked man climb off the table. "Oh, you'll do fine", said the beautiful uniformed woman, as she led him to the wood cross. "I've looking forward to this for a long time." "I know, it's just that...", he began. "Are you going to disappoint your Mistress?", she asked. She had grasped the nude man's cock, as she spoke. She felt the cock filling with blood. "No, General Mayhem." The Mistress and her sub spent the next few minutes in silence, as the wrists and ankles of the nude man were fastened securely to the wood cross. His back and buttocks were open to General Mayhem. She loved the sight of naked male flesh that was about to be punished. That was about to give her a thrill. A thrill!! Mistress Irene stepped back a few steps. She picked up the bullwhip. She approach-ed the man. She held the whip in front of the man's eyes. "This is what it looks like". Read the rest here

New Writing in Members! The piano "lesson" I had been taking piano lessons for about one month with a teacher new to the area.  It was time to do something other than work all day, read books at night, and drink beer on the weekends.  I had always wanted to know how to play the piano.  So why not?  Learning an instrument seemed like a great idea.  However, finding time to practice was hard, and progress to date had been extremely slow.  Sadly, I showed up recently for my fourth lesson having not practiced at all that week.  I hoped that my instructor wouldn’t notice.  But who was I kidding? This teacher came highly recommended. I had read reviews online.  In fact, some of her students had become virtuosos. I’m guessing the piano teacher was some type of European nationality, although she had no accent.  It seems that many musical talents are from that part of the world.  Maybe I’m jus being biased.  Anyway, something about her was exotic, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. This just further propelled my desire to learn from her. Additionally, she always seemed to dress strikingly, and maybe it was a mild crush that had me coming back despite my lack of musical progress.  According to all the reviews, she could supposedly teach even the most recalcitrant student. I certainly loved sitting next to her on the piano bench as I performed simple scales. She often sat nearby enough that I could almost feel our legs touch. But not quite. She remained notably distant. So close, yet so far.  Having her hair brush against me, I remember seeing her hands flit across the ivories.  Music just erupted from the piano. I wished that mine could do that. Anyway, as I showed up for my fourth lesson, I steeled myself. Remember, I had not practiced. Feeling embarrassed, I knocked on the door. I had driven there in my car trying to think of excuses along the way.   The sun was out.  The sky was blue.  But there was no good reason for not practicing.  I was thinking fast, but not successfully. Well, within seconds after knocking, I remember hearing her unlatching the locks. Subsequent to the opening of the door however, I’m not absolutely certain that I remember every detail of what ensued.  The door opened.  High cheek bones and piercing eyes looked around the corner. She smiled.  For some reason, I was surprised that she smiled upon seeing me.  I don’t know why I thought that she would be annoyed.  Read the rest here

"Private Sessions Double Feature Part 1" Trailer

The Demise Of Little Richard Scene 1: Watch the infamous Richard 50 get beat up by two girls! The Mistresses begin by assaulting him while he is bound to the floor and forced to look up at them. Irene takes a riding crop to his feet, while Cheyenne flogs his chest. He is blindfolded, and also made to wear the Nova Pro while the Ladies continue their torture. He is face sat by Irene. Clothespins are placed all over his body several times, and the 2 Mistresses kick them off with their open toed high heeled shoes and step on his cock. He is hoisted upside down in a straight jacket for belly punching, and barefoot belly kicking. He is frequently kneed in the stomach and kicked in the balls. Scene 2: Little Richard is placed in the caning stockade in the corporal detention center. The ladies warm him up with a good strapping, tawsing, and paddling. The razor strop, Scottish tawse, evening star, and lady spanker are all put to good use. Little Richard is forced to count during his punishment. He receives a stern caning from both Ladies - first with traditional bamboo canes, then with the carbonite and white lightning implements. He is placed over Cheyenne's knee for a good old fashioned bare bottom paddling while Irene holds his head in between her legs. The Ladies trade places and Irene gives him a very stern and severe hairbrush spanking while Cheyenne holds him still with her legs. Irene gives him 12 bullwhip strikes while he is fastened over the punishment box. Scene 3: Little Richard is suspended by the wrists on his knees and the ladies take turns punching and kicking him in the stomach. They wear pointy toed fetish shoes for maximum sensation. They also kick him with their bare feet simultaneously. For the kicking and punching enthusiast.
Substitute Whore Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid are angry! The whore house has not provided the whore they wanted for their amusement. They wanted a whore who could poop on cue and take large toys and a good whipping, but instead they got a low ranking "substitute whore" who can take very little. Listen to Irene shred his ego in a verbal onslaught of humiliating tyranny. Many activities are explored. Strap on sucking, bondage, humiliation, kissing Mistress's beautiful ass, and footworship. Absolutely hilarious! 95 minutes

ORDER ONLINE Product information: DVD arrives shrink wrapped in an amaray case - DVD 5 format

"Sex and the Sissy"  Trailer

Irene Boss and Coral Corrupt! Ms Boss walks in and starts smacking the sissy bitches business around. She gives him speech commands, desiring him to speak in high humiliating fake girlish tones. She informs him that the purpose of the video is to make him eat his own cum. She decides to make him more attractive and completely transforms him. Ms Boss is decked out in rubber with a strap-on. Upside down suspension follows with voice activated electro and pussy CBT with flogging. POV cum eating instructions! Ms Boss moves him to a CBT chair for further instruction and verbal humiliation, along with a wig change. He is presented to Ms Coral in this manner. The bitch is placed upon the tilting electric stretching cross and cock stockade for further electric torments including a violet wand. The Ladies then move the miscreant to a bench for a spectacular strap-on on scene. He is made to cum and eat his own spunk. Humiliating cum eating POV! 50 minutes. ORDER ONLINE Product information: DVD arrives shrink wrapped in an amaray case - DVD 5 format

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