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Now in members - "A Fetish Thanksgiving" Free Trailer

Presenting Domina Gael of Spain in Her video debut with Irene Boss MIB Productions. A cornucopia of plenty and someone is plenty horny. Turkey Footsucker gets stuffed with the entire produce section of the grocery store in this Thanksgiving extravaganza! The action is playful and surreal with gas masks, full latex, body bags, vac beds, fetish boots, extreme makeup and sexy pantomime games. The Ladies do voiceovers for much of the dream like action. 4 scenes! 55 minutes.


New writing in members: Meeting General Mayhem (Chapter 5 added)

The quiet sub from the Midwest stood tied to the X Cross in the corner of Mistress Irene's "secret location" high in the hills above  Pittsburgh. He had been surprised he had been able to endure the pain of General Mayhem's bullwhip! His Mistress had been patient with him, not inflicting more pain than he had been able to endure. She had allowed him time to absorb the discomfort of each strike of her large whip before delivering  the next blow. Her sub had hissed "Thank you, Mistress" after each loud crack against the naked flesh of his back and shoulders. Then she had waited for his request: "Please may I have another" before bringing her big whip down on him again. His loud grunts had filled the small room after each successive blow. He had wished there had been a mirror in the corner - that would have allowed him to to see the beautiful lady dishing pain into his imprisoned male flesh. From time to time she had offered the delight of a warm touch of her hand. After one of her blows she had reached her warm hand around to touch his stomach, then had allowed it to dip close to his shaved cock and balls. Rubbing. Close! So close!  "You've done very well", she told him. He could hear the sharp sound of her heels as she strode away. It was over. He had taken a bullwhipping! Not a brutal whipping, like the ones he had watched on Mistress Irene's DVD's. But he hadn't begged for mercy. He had been close, though. She had taken her quiet sub from the Midwest to a new edge. Progress! "Now, after I untie you, I want you to grab all your clothes and walk naked upstairs while I follow you", she ordered. "Then I want you to lie down naked in the bathroom tub and wait for me until I return." She watched as he laid back on the bold surface of the empty tub. Then she closed the curtain and walked away. He knew what would be coming next. He had observed his Mistress drinking from a large plastic water bottle throughout the session that had just ended. It was quiet. Five minutes went by. Ten more minutes passed. The sub felt cold. Then he heard steps on the circular metal stairwell. Louder. He heard the bathroom door open.

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I was in Rockville Maryland November 3rd - 5th and was held over by popular demand on the 6th.

I will return in March!


Hardenough's 3 day encapsulation adventure!

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A few sample images:

Ms Boss and hardenough (of the FemDomScene message forum)

(Day 2 of Girls Day In)


hardenough's chastity experience on day 1


hardenough on Day 3 before Nurse Wratched moves him to the Asylum


"A total invasion of the man ass!"


Filthy, slutty and fucking disgusting. Madame Nadine and Irene Boss are totally out of control in this custom video commissioned by a Northern European BDSM cannibal/medical enthusiast!


The Ladies threaten to eat you after you have been fattened up, and in order to get you ready, you must first be cleansed and infused with WOMEN'S HOLY WATER, because it's a WOMAN'S WORLD.


Sit like a girl and pee used women's holy water, slave. A 2nd generation toilet!


In a cage at the slave-cow ranch you will fattened for dining pleasure.


It's time to go spelunking in the GIANT ASS MAN CAVE.


Enemas and expulsion, examinations and various speculums with lights. Dirty horny descriptive talk. This is so nasty. I'm going to fuck you with a banana you whore.


You will be basted, tasted, licked and stuffed with fruit smoothies before being roasted and consumed...not today, but TOMORROW.


Watch them lick the mask and the blender too.


Filmed by a young lesbian college student.


Sweaty pantyhose wet with pussy juice and see thru latex mini dresses.

"A total invasion of the man ass!"


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