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What happened in October 2004?

4 hot new long trailers! Amazing DVD quality - you have never seen anything like this before online!

"Unemployed by the Boss"

"The new girl"

"Irene Boss meets Betka Schpitz"

"You don't deserve a break today"

Boss DVD.Com was at the Venus Trade Fair in Berlin Germany October 18th - 26th with 10 new DVD-5 releases!

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 22 high resolution images from the new release: "Unemployed by the Boss"

New for members! 7 clips in 2 speeds for 56 K and DSL, 3 minutes each from the new release "The new girl"

You hear the sound of Irene's heels alighting the wooden stairs, while Spanky is bent over the punishment box in the Compound's corporal detention center. Spanky is dressed as a schoolgirl with white cotton panties, knee socks, and short skirt with blouse and tie. Irene wears formal business woman's attire and 8" fetish wedgies with sexy ankle straps and pantyhose. You get a frequent sneaky peak at her luscious legs while she moves around the room and restrains the naughty Spanky to the punishment box. Spanky receives a thorough warm up with the "evening star", the tawse, the razor strop, the birch, the cane and finally, the whip! Strict authentic domestic discipline for the enthusiast. This is serious! Get an up close view of what Spanky is fantasizing about during her punishment! "The new girl"!

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