What' happened in October 2006?

Content Update: "You are caned!" (35 minutes) Naughty neighbor gets caught snooping through the mail! Face slapping, paddling, spanking, caning, foot worship, punishment lines. Boss wears sexy fishnets and a black leather bikini with 5” black leather high heels under a dress, which is removed in the middle of the video. Takes place in the former schoolroom at the Compound. In ipod and windows!

Content Update: Writing: "A Session with Ms Irene Boss and my owner Mistress Gina" Well, the day had arrived.  It was Wednesday October 4th and my beautiful Mistress, Mistress Gina of Buffalo, and I were going to travel to Pittsburgh Pa to have a session with the incomparable Ms Irene Boss.  I had set up the session so Mistress Gina could meet Ms Boss and fine tune Her already impeccable skills.  After an almost 4 hour drive we arrived at Ms Boss’s Compound and nervously walked up the stairs and rang the doorbell.  We were greeted by Ms Boss who immediately calmed our nerves.  We presented Her with a special birthday cake as it was Ms Boss’s birthday on October 2nd and saw the beautiful smile on Her face, which I would soon get accustomed to. Ms Boss led me up to Her studio and dungeon with Mistress Gina not far behind.  I was led into Her Victorian room and told to undress and sit there as She went talked with my Mistress.  I assume they were outlining the devious little things they would do to me.  After a short time, which seemed like an eternity to me, Ms Boss came back into the room, placed a collar around my neck and talked with me.  Her conversation with me made me feel so comfortable and at ease, calming all the nerves I had.  I explained to Ms Boss that this day was about and for Mistress Gina and not me.  Ms Boss was pleased and comforted by my total devotion to Mistress Gina.  It renewed Her faith in BDSM relationships. Read the rest in members...

Content Update: Writing: "A spanking good time in Atlanta" I decided to take the proverbial plunge and finally try to book a session with Irene Boss - especially after I noticed that she would be attending the domcon convention down in Atlanta. Ms. Boss agreed to see me and I arranged to drive down there - not too difficult a trip. I had told her over the phone about some fantasies that I have even to this day about being paddled by my fourth-grade teacher, and I was certain that she would be able to provide just what I needed. Now everyone knows that Ms. Boss is an extremely beautiful lady, but when viewing some of her videos I had formed an expectation that she would present a somewhat formidable if not a downright menacing presence.  I was therefore  taken aback by the petite lady in a long dark dress, hair pulled back in a pony-tail, who answered the door and beckoned me in with the sweetest of smiles. I felt better almost immediately, although I could not help but notice four rather large wooden paddles prominently displayed on a table in the entrance hall. Observing the fact that I was somewhat ill-at-ease, Ms. Boss suggested that I take a few minutes to compose myself before we discussed the reasons why I had been summoned to her. Read the rest in members...

Content Update: mpg4 format: 2 hours and 6 minutes. "Edwina 4 back for more!" Starring Irene Boss, Lady Tantalize (Atlanta Georgia) and Mistress V. (Atlanta Georgia) The axis of Female Domination. Not available as a DVD, so join now! edwina is cross dressed and trained in a domestic setting. Strap on, emasculation, humiliation, maid training, shoe and foot worship, spanking, caning, toilet paper humiliation, whipping, serving, ect...

A special birthday thank you to... (From Me - October 2nd)

  • Footsucker for the lovely homemade wine caddy with the "Commandant Boss" emblem on it. Most creative!

  • Dave for the beautiful blue roses. That was a most ingenious gift and I love them. I miss punishing you Dave. I need to reinforce that brand soon!

  • Bill for flying out and making my weekend! Thank you for the equipment, but most importantly thank you for your love and support. I really appreciate you!

  • Mikey and Gina for the lovely cake and lunch at Max and Erma's. That was so much fun and I laughed so hard I cried!

Content Update: Freaks vastly entertaining!

Content Update: 17 Images. Mistress Gina from Buffalo New York visited me on October 4th with her slave mikey.  mikey is very devoted to Mistress Gina and it was very nice to hang out with them. They restored my faith in lifestyle BDSM relationships. I have been very quiet about this, but I have had to let go of josie (who was my house slave). josie had been making my life very difficult in the last year (and is continuing to do so) - so it had to end.


DVD Release! "Don't eat the Candy" October 31st

We manufacture the finet extreme FemDom DVDs on the planet! Featuring famous world class Mistresses! Irene Boss is the most popular Dominatrix on Yahoo!

Games people play…Domina Irene the Boss has hired valley girl Spanky to be her new secretary, but Spanky has ideas of her own. Irene eavesdrops to hear Spanky attempting to steal her clients with cut rates and suggestions of inappropriate activities! Irene decides to send Spanky on a break. While Spanky is away, Irene sticks a sucker up her bottom and calls her clients back, arranging for them to watch her nonconsensually dominate Spanky at a later date. The candy is rewrapped and returned to the jar. (Irene in a business suit and Spanky in school girl attire.) Later that day, Spanky is waiting for Irene in the dungeon. Irene is late on purpose to make Spanky miss her “appointments” and fidget. Spanky continuously looks at the clock while Irene places her in bondage in a ‘shoe chair’, and goes off to change into rubber while she struggles. (Irene in a short shiny dress, jacket, and thigh black leather fetish platform knee high boots. Spanky in a very tight Collette corset and ankle high black patent leather ballet boots.) Irene returns to place Spanky in upside down suspension bondage, spread eagled. Spanky is flogged and whipped for her misdeeds. Her panties are cast aside. (Irene in a black rubber policewoman’s costume and patent leather black high heels.) Spanky is then severely bullwhipped. The story ends with the 2 women sharing pleasantries in the office while Spanky unknowingly places the ass candy in her mouth. Devious! Filmed at Mistress Jordan's studio in Orange County California.Order DVD online or call 412 362 6883

DVD Release! "Over Her Knee" October 31st

We manufacture the finet extreme FemDom DVDs on the planet! Featuring famous world class Mistresses! Irene Boss is the most popular Dominatrix on Yahoo!

Filmed by Irene Boss. This young man was so naughty, Boss had to step in occasionally from behind the camera and kick him in the ass and apply the cane! A new spanking video. Mistresses (Morgana and Anastasia) in long skirts disciplining naughty charge OTK with different implements (paddles, hairbrush) and bare hands. Panty training is forced upon him, as his male underpants were substandard upon investigation by the two Mistresses. Punishment lines are given as an assignment, and he even manages to bungle it, which sends Mistress Morgana in a verbal assault. The positioning of his fanny over the spanking horse makes it incredibly easy for the Ladies to give him everything he deserves, including a stern caning. The charge is a sassy brat who likes to talk back, but does get his punishment and is thankful afterwards. Order DVD online or call 412 362 6883

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