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A best selling DVD "The Adventures of Rubber Bob" 73 min. in members!

Frisky reporter visits the Compound in guise, and soon gets figured out. Mistress Anastasia and The Boss put him through his paces in every single room at the Compound. This tape is a must if you would like a tour, as well as voyeuring some fantastic action. Upside down suspension, NT, CBT, spinning bondage wheel, electro-play, inflatable rubber body bag, and punishment box just to name a few. Mistresses in strap-ons and full rubber with thigh-high leather metallic boots. Tons of rubber bondage gear and outfits! Inflatable rubber bondage ball, and forced femme on a latex sissy maid performing a fashion show at the end, in patent leather thigh-high ballet boots. For the rubber fetishist.

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DVD "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Compound"






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Scene 1: Irene Boss and Goddess Claudia like to play with their guns (Glock and Beretta to be exact). They are bored and therefore are planning the abduction of a male hitch hiker in broad daylight. While sitting on the porch at the Compound in their leather pants, they stroke their guns suggestively and talk about gun fetish right to the cameras. Scene 2: They take off in Irene's big black envoy and heads towards the fruit loop which is a favorite Pittsburgh hangout for male prostitutes. They find a regular guy instead in the Frick Park area, and seduce him into the vehicle with the hope of sex. He thinks he's going to get some, but the Ladies have other plans! Their guns are drawn and he becomes a quivering mess. He is told that he will be their entertainment hostage for the evening. Scene 3: The Ladies change into dominatrix costumes with Irene in rubber corset, hose and knee high black leather boots and Goddess Claudia in a black leather corset and black leather pants with open toed high heels. The hostage is in bondage on the floor with thigh to wrist restraints, bondage mitts, and very tight straps. The Ladies go through his belongings and poke fun at him. They take his money from his wallet, and then they find a gun! They dominate the front of his body with various small implements, including short whips and riding crops. The punishment is excruciating. He is turned over for more of the same treatment on his backside. He screams and struggles during the genitorture and bastinado sequences. Claudia flips him over, kneels on his chest, and face sits him. Irene then face sits him while cruelly twisting his nipples! She teases his mouth with her sexy boots. Scene 4: The hostage is suspended spread eagled upside down for electro nipple and cbt treatments. Goddess Claudia manipulates the settings on the electrical boxes while Irene goes to town on his back and ass with signal and bullwhips. The Ladies indulge in a tandem bullwhipping scene. Extreme and brutal!

Member's Writing!

An Exceptional Endorphin Exercising Encounter

my visit to the Compound for Mistress Irene’s Birthday by footsucker for the FemDomScene messageboard.

It was a crisp October morning, a perfect day for my Birthday visit with Mistress Irene’s. I arrived a few minutes early and waited patiently for my walk to the Compound. Damn, who am I kidding, my heart was racing with a more than usual tempo….you see, one of my nipples was going to be pierced after my session today. Trying not to think about it, the minutes crawled by….Whooo! Finally it was time…. gathering myself, Mistress Irene’s Birthday presents and a box full of refurbished items I set out on my way to the bridge. From the end of the bridge I could see Mistress Irene making Her way to the door, an instant ear to ear smile appeared on my face as She came into view. She greeted me with a sexy smile. I intently followed Mistress Irene down the corridor. Inside the studio Mistress Irene welcomed me and locked the door behind us. “What have You brought today?” Mistress Irene asked….my reply was a nervous one, a little Birthday gift and some refurbished items Ma'am. Read the rest here

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A best selling DVD "Irene Boss meets Betka Schpitz" and "Karas Caning" (Double feature)

60 minutes now in members! The first sequence filmed by Irene Boss, and the second sequence is filmed by Betka Schpitz. Realistic session footage - very spontaneous. The Ladies had a field day whipping and caning a slave. 

"Kara's Caning"   FREE TRAILER    31 minutes now in members!


Ms. Kara's debut on film. Two students get caught making out! They get sent to Detention and Sex Education 101! Ms. kara gets caught calling Ms. Boss a bitch, and gets sentenced to a tawsing and a caning. Both are spanked OTK. Reform school style discipline. Paddling, spanking, caning - many implements used including the caning stockade and spanking horse. Ms. kara and johnny are dressed as pupils and are forced to count and ask while the other is punished.

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A best selling DVD

"The Initiation"

Sapphire's debut!

59 min. in members!

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Irene cut's Sapphire's pantyhose off and proceeds to fuck her.

Very wet!

Scene 1: Sapphire "wants the job so bad" that she decides to go along with everything Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne want her to do. First she must strip. She is placed on the spinning wheel. Irene and Cheyenne take turns flogging her. Irene licks her nipples. Vibrating nipple clamps are attached, and a vibrator is tucked into Sapphire's underpants. Her pussy is cropped. Sapphire in short black evening dress and sandals. Irene in black rubber police woman's uniform with black platform fetish shoes. Cheyenne in custom red rubber dress with red platform fetish shoes. Scene 2: Sapphire is placed on the St. Andrew's cross and psychologically dominated with the Nova Pro while the following takes place: Nipple play, birching, single tail whipping, and severe bullwhipping. Sapphire in pantyhose, panties, and black patent ankle ballet boots. Cheyenne in custom black and white rubber one piece, pantyhose, and red platform fetish shoes. Irene in black leather corset, shiny pantyhose, and knee high black kid platform fetish boots. Scene 3: Sapphire is restrained to a large bondage canopy bed for her first piercing scene. Irene weaves beautiful steel flowers around her nipples while Cheyenne comforts her by dripping ice into her mouth. Sapphire is placed on her hands and knees while Cheyenne forces her to suck rubber cock and Irene teases her pussy with a vibrator.

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3 Scenes!


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FREE TRAILER A best selling DVD - "Extreme Caning and Whipping"  69 min. in members!

1). Extremely severe bullwhipping and dildo training is take place on a masochistic male by Irene Boss and Mistress Anastasia. The slave is strapped over the punishment box, and literally whipped and fucked across the room. Mistresses in black leather and lingerie. 2). Poor slave girl Bess (Mistress Morgana) is placed in black patent leather ankle ballet boots on her tip toes and tied to the whipping post, and takes it from Irene and Anastasia with several single tails. Intense screaming, and then a nice moment where Bess goes into subspace. The male and female slave are both tied back to back and suspended together upside down for electric violet wand and nova pro play in conjunction with nipple torture. Mistresses in leather and military gear. 3). Irene Boss gives a demonstration of a caning on a masochistic male, while he is strapped over the punishment box. Irene Boss wears strapless antique bra, and see through tights with no underwear.

$19.95 + 10.00 shipping and handling - MIB POB 42430 Pittsburgh PA 15203  (412 362 6883)

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