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"The Irene Boss Stimulus Package" 54 minutes


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What's wrong little brother?

Has the economy got you in the doldrums?

Need a little stimulus?

Well loosen up that belt my droogs because it's time for a little of the old ultra violet "Irene Boss Stimulus Package".

Here's what can happen at the Compound. (Extended vacations for businessmen are available.)

You may be placed in...predicament bondage with a cbt parachute.

You might endure a silicon vibrating electric butt plug, electric metal cock rings, electro pads, electric bi polar nipple clamps, various electric metal butt plugs, electro sex gloves, multiple electric silicon cock rings, leather electric cbt sheaths, and many boxes by Rimba, Folsum, Pleasure Tech, and Erostech.


Irene in a grey rubber catsuit and boots.


Va va voom and wowie zowie! Special thank you to footsucker for "manning up"


The director's cut DVD contains never before seen penetrations!


New writing in members: "Obedience Training at the Compound, Day 1"

After several trips to Pittsburgh, I thought I knew how to behave in the Compound. However, I quickly learned that I needed more instruction in obedience. My first mistake was improper attire—from my man clothes to the bullet bra I had selected for the session—but there was much more that needed correction. Mistress was stunningly dressed in a new black corset and a “to-die-for” Victoria’s Secret bra with the most intriguing lace. It was more than an eyeful between the lace and the cleavage, but then there also was her skirt, her hose, and her strappy red and black heels to attract the eye. With her hair tied back and an elegant pearl necklace and bracelet, she looked like she was ready for serious business. I soon found out that this involved taking me to a deeper level of obedience, one I could not even understand when we started. After she did her initial inspection of my outfit, she immediately began to correct my mistakes starting with my garters and corset...Read the rest in members

New writing in members: “Obedience Training at the Compound, Day 2”
Day 2 of my obedience training started by dressing in Mistress’ special rubber corset and one of her fantastic bras to arrive at the Compound fully “underdressed” as a woman. Since my garter belt had to go on before the corset, I decided to add stockings to keep the garters from dangling uncontrollably. Only my shirt, pants and shoes were of the masculine gender as I left the hotel. Since the temperature was 95°, I worried about arriving too sweaty, but Mistress solved that problem. As soon as I entered the Compound, I wanted to show off my male/female combination attire as I had done in the past. The Mistress had other ideas and I was…
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