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Electric Bondage CBT and Executrix Punishments - Double Feature

Ultra Busty CBT and Zapped by the Boss - Double Feature

Edwina 5 Still Alive

New Writing in Members! Abraxas - the ramblings of a "madman"

It started in early August. Bored I started searching the Internet for something to toy with, to play with so to speak. I don't remember the sequence but from escorts to the "the Pittsburgh city paper" to the classified section in the paper, adult sub section, dom and fetishes. I had viewed just about every ad under the escort category, however concerned with health issues and the ability not to be able to stimulate me mentally I moved on to the dom and fetish listings.  The ad that caught my attention was a little cryptic. It was "take a ride on the dangerous woman roller coaster". The Lady in the ad was definitely classy and clean and didn't appear to be a giggling air head, or a tattoo and pierced homeless person that had just lifted  a pair of fish net stocking at the local Wal-Mart and decided to make it a career move. I wanted to make contact. Married with kids the idea of privacy is non existent. Mail, Email, phone messages are all openly inspected and scrutinized long before I get home. During the summer my days off Thursday and Sunday are consumed with honey do lists, either in preparation of my children returning to school or my wife returning to her job as a teacher and these days do not lend themselves to any type of personal planning. And so I created another email choose yahoo but Google or AOL would have been adequate. Chose very simple passwords and  addresses. The idea was to make sure I did not leave a paper trail, little post-it notes stuck to the monitor would not have been a good idea. Sent myself an email from work and did the practice run. No problems, I was ready to play. I sent Ms Boss a very vulgar note asking for a response, It was intentionally crude and I was trying to get a knee jerk reaction from her to see what page she was on. The response was not what I expected, this Lady was serious and I thought at that time I did want to meet her. The Mea Culpa email-letter followed with me trying to undo the first. (I still regret that first letter would not have even been worthy of a high school sophomore joke). The response was still shrill and I had to write another email. This time I did my home work went to Ms Boss's site and read, then crafted an email that I was proud about. The response was positive and Ms Boss asked for dates and times that would work for me, very accommodating. I chose dates in mid September that would allow me to utilize my day off. I also choose early in the morning giving me some time to lick my wounds if I needed to. Read more

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"Electric Bondage CBT and Executrix Punishments - Double Feature" Order now! 
Electric Bondage CBT: Irene Boss and Mistress Gemini team up on slave dave. The Mistresses test the slave's devotion to his foot fetish in this feature. His body and head are fastened to a leather bondage couch in a predicament, with electricity attached to his nipples and private parts. He is teased with shiny pantyhose covered feet and face sat often to muffle his screams. Intense Violet wand and the Wartenburg wheel play. 40 minutes.

The Executrix Punishments: Mistress Shane and Irene Boss say "We Boss, you slave secretary" Witness the negotiation this executive had to go through in order to keep his job with the company! CBT and Corporal (spanking, caning, strapping, cropping) and nipple play. These 2 sexy Female Bosses strut their stuff around the room in knee length skirts and elbow length silk shirts with heels and hose. It's domestic and yes it's oh so wrong. Listen to him yell when Irene starts throwing her whip (signal whipping). Don't step out of line at the office because punishment is swift. Take your caning now and kiss my shoes you wimp! 25 minutes.


"Ultra Busty CBT and Zapped by the Boss - Double Feature" Order now! 
Ultra busty CBT: Footsuckers man meat is stretched on the electric X-rack as a latex clad Irene torments and seduces him with her long red fingernails and luscious pantyhose encased legs. She teases his dripping cock sensuously with her fingertips and Wartenburg wheels. (The electric stretching cross itself is actually a giant violet wand!) The nipples of the slave are placed in predicament bondage attached to the collar. Frontal flogging and signal cock whipping melt the slave's resistance. The bondage couch is the place to be! Rubber hood, spike sheath matt and Kali's teeth bracelets with intense cock and ball stretching are on this slave's menu tonight. Many cock stretchers and ball stretchers are demonstrated. The slave is strapped to the multi bench for flogging and relentless stretching tortures with different wand attachments. 50 minutes.
Zapped by the Boss: Pinstripe suit, heels, and vicious red riding crop. The breathing of the underling changes at the site of her! First she gently plays with his nipples while electrocuting his cock, and then begins to lash at his tender exposed white thighs. She then crops his nipples and cock. She then crops his stomach savagely and runs her long nails over his belly and things. We hear the first diabolical laugh of the evening. She beats him again and touches him sensuously all over his body. The caning of the thighs begins and he hates it! She changes his arm position and then plugs her self into a violet wand and proceeds to tickle his cock with her long fingernails. Sparks fly! Don't be afraid, it's just electricity! Zap, zap, zap again! She gets his ass, nuts and shaft! It's excruciating and she laughs! She then sooths him in T&D with a nice wind down using a vibrator. He is bondaged tightly and cannot move an inch! You want to come? Very well, then you shall be caned right afterwards. Mistress is diabolical as she brings her slave to orgasm with 2 different vibrators and then viciously canes his thighs again. This is his reward, not the orgasm. She looks sternly at the camera throughout and laughs. It is clear that she is enjoying herself while he suffers! She then lovingly runs her hands all over his welts and forces him to have another orgasm, this one is explosive! 30 minutes.

New Writing in Members! “Top Secret Experience for irsla:  Parts 1 - 3”

Part 1: The visit to Top Secret seemed like a good idea when it was set up—a visit would allow a newcomer like myself to learn about the dom scene with the legendary Ms. Boss along with the best equipment available.  I was eager to increase my experience in this area.  However, as I waited to be taken to Top Secret, it occurred to me that I might not be ready for all that could happen to me.  Thinking about the films by Ms. Boss that I had recently viewed in preparation for the visit, I wondered if I was in way over my head.  The thoughts continued after I got in the car and was quickly handcuffed in a heavy and unforgiving device that I later learned were Czech style handcuffs.  In my nervousness, I began to talk excessively even when the Ms. Boss told me to stop.  Her firm hand over my mouth drove the point home as I realized there was no turning back, no escape. As I was led into Top Secret by the cuffs, the light was low and I could only begin to see the many devices that subsequently would be used upon me.  The anxiety intensified.  I was told to remove my shoes and proceed to the dressing room to be released from the cuffs and feminized.   I was to be dominated as a girl. Read more

Part 2: As I sat strapped to the CBT bench, it was a good thing that I could not see what was happening below my waist after the Venus was removed.  I could feel myself being strongly manipulated, but I could not tell imagine exactly what was being done.  When I was finally released from my bindings and looked down between my legs, I saw a smooth curve of pipe where I had last seen my clitty. Read more

Part 3: The morning went very slowly.  i was counting every minute until the Mistress would arrive to take me to Top Secret and release me, if She deemed it appropriate, from the curved prison that encircled my genitalia.  i tried to pass the time with some yoga, but found that many poses were impossible with two pounds of metal pulling on me between my legs. When Mistress arrived, i was so glad to see Her… and the key.  However, release was not about to happen right away.  In fact, more bondage rather than less was in store for me. Read more

Irene Boss was in Sydney Australia September 18th and 19th and in San Francisco September 24th and 25th

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1 hour and 43 minutes.

Ladies in luscious long leather order the whore edwina into the building, but his pathetic maleness cannot be seen. He must be feminized before being allowed on camera. Irene Boss and Mistress Persephone are relentless in shredding his male ego, and you can be assured that Madame Nadine thoroughly enjoyed filming this debauchery. She even had to step out from behind the camera and do a few cameos while Irene takes a turn filming. The Ladies have mountains of satin and frothy lace panties for the sissy bitch to wear. A forced feminine transformation is in order! Edwina is suspended and humiliated about "her" tiny sissy clit, and then placed on the bondage couch for dual strap on on sucking.

The Ladies slap Edwina, change his outfit and move him into the medical room on the ass bench, so he can take a thorough fucking from both of them. Edwina is forced to kiss ass while getting drilled with ATM. The fucking machine has a good time. Edwina is placed on the hospital bed and forced to masturbate while wearing masks. Madame Nadine and Mistress Persephone punch, slap and kick Edwina repeatedly while the bitch is strapped over the punishment box. It's a hairy man butt beat down while Irene Boss laughs her ass off! Mistress Persephone and Madame Nadine deliver a tandem paddling to the pussy boy and it's riding crop central. The bitch is transformed once again and moved to the green room so the Ladies can recline on the black leather couch while edwina performs shoe worship and masturbates under their stern gaze. Mistress Persephone decides to kick edwina in the balls, and he is forced to worship pantyhose feet!

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