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Brand new to DomBoss.Com members: "Chopstix Torture and Domestic Servitude" 62 minutes - view now

This production flips back and forth between dungeon play and domestic servitude. It speaks of the difference between play sessions and real service. Two slaves are chosen as demonstration tools to highlight this educational endeavor.  Dungeon Play: Irene invites her friend (the devious disciplinarian) Louise D. over to share some techniques in the use of kitchen appliances as dungeon tools AKA the frugal disciplinarian. Irene wears a beautiful rubber costume and Louise is striking in a black cat suit with white corset. Slave Dave is restrained on the pillory. The Ladies work him over with the tawse, slappers and whips. Louise makes a mixture of salt and water for his wounds, and sprays rubbing alcohol on his raw ass cheeks. He is turned face forward on the pillory for chop sticks torture on his nipples and genitals. He moans and screams. There is also some cock whipping with smaller implements. What a pain slut! Domestic Servitude: In the kitchen of the Compound Irene and Louise are enjoying tea. Irene is in her silk pajamas and Louise is in jeans and a sweater. Houseslave diddles about in his rubber maid's outfit while the Ladies discuss proper houseboy protocol and the trials and tribulations of lifestyle verses professional in female domination. (Irene's macaws can be heard during this sequence. One of houseslave's  duties is helping to care for the macaws.) Louise decides to bend houseslave over the kitchen table for a caning due to an infraction he has committed. Then Irene gives him 10 of the best. A butt plug is inserted and coffee is served. Houseslave is fitted with a remote controlled electric ball shocker and he is corrected frequently while cleaning out the oven. Lots of shoe dangling while the Ladies scold. Houseslave receives an over the knee hairbrush spanking and a birching from Irene and Louise. This is punishment, not playtime!

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Brand new to DomBoss.Com Members! "Morgana's Revenge" View Now

A couple visits the Boss and Anastasia for guidance in their D/s relationship. The husband had become lazy, rude, and disrespectful to the young wife. Irene Boss notices immediately, and asks the wife to give a demonstration of how she spanks with a hairbrush. Then, Irene and Anastasia tag teem him for a very thorough over the knee experience. He is taught to fear the whip, while his wife tortures his cock with a remote controlled shocking devise and cruelly twists his aching nipples. He is marched upstairs to the Gothic Dungeon, where he is placed into a stockade for more spanking, tickling, electroshock, cbt, and nipple torment. His 'oddesy' ends strapped over the punishment box; fearing the the three women, who verbally admonish him. Order higher resolution DVD (DVD 5 format and contains trailers from other films)