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What happened in August?

New release - "The Unforgiven"! Click on the thumbnail for the boxcover image:


Filmed in 2 sequences, nearly a year apart to give the slave's ass time to heal completely!

Madame Ginger Fyredanzer of New York City and Domina Irene Boss truly outdid themselves in this spectacular  journey into sadism and masochism. 

Scene 1: Slave Dave is extremely and severely whipped by the Mistresses, and then forced to lick off their boots! He is first suspended, and then bound over the punishment box. The Mistresses laugh a lot and Irene sneers right at the camera! Irene in black leather thigh high stiletto boots, shiny tights, spandex dress, black leather corset, and black leather executioner's hood. Madame Ginger Fyredanzer in black studded rubber body suit (swim suit cut) black leather stiletto calf boots, and black leather mask

Scene 2: Slave Dave is hoisted up in the air in a body harness Madame Ginger pierces his nipples with calipers and both Mistresses apply weights. His feet are whipped (bastinado) by Irene, and his nipples receive electro torture. More severe extreme whipping ensues (bullwhips and single tails) and you wonder how this slave will ever be able to sit down properly again. Clothespin torture, genital slapping, cbt (weights, clamps and electric) electric nipple play, and spanking with a stainless steel metal paddle takes place as well. Irene in silver rubber cat suit, black kid leather fetish platform ankle boots and black leather mask. Madame Ginger in black PVC cat suit, black PVC fetish platform knee boots, and feathered mask. This is guaranteed to be the severest whipping you have ever seen! Join to view the extreme trailer. Click here to purchase.

Writing Update: "An Ode to my Goddesses!"

Video Update: Clips from Part 2 of: THE WEAPONS OF ASS-DESTRUCTION: "The Grand Opening!" Seven lengthy clips (over 4 minutes each) over half an hour long total.  Watch Footsucker take it all! Intense suspension, dildo training, fisting, single tail whipping, nipple torture with clamps and weights, cbt with weights and electricity, and heavy flogging. Listen to My constant sarcastic narration throughout! This could be you!

Cont...What's new for August in members so far?

MIB Newsletter 2005  12 pages!

Video Update: Video trailer: The Mark of Amazon  

Writing Update: Writing: "Batten down the Hatches - Tropical Storm Irene" and "Fisting".

August 14th - 23rd: I was (preparing to attend and had a booth) at Fetish Con! Photos coming soon!

Video Update: 55 minutes of video content (14 lengthy clips) from new release: "Let it Rain"! 

Starring Princess Kali, Mistress Kat and Irene Boss. The GS never ends...if you liked Piss boy and A Visit to Dr. Boss, this ones for you! Scene 1 opens in the school room with Josie pouring champagne for the Ladies. While Josie is catching gnats which are attracted to the sweet smelling champagne (it was a warm rainy summer day) the Ladies verbally humiliate him. The Ladies drink quickly and the burping begins. Even thought they are dressed like Ladies, there is nothing Ladylike about their behavior. Mistress Kat applies some makeup to Josie's face, and then Irene bends him over the punishment box for a single tail whipping. The Mistress share stories and belch loudly while this is going on. Scene 2: The action moves into the gothic dungeon where Josie serves again but must be lectured on proper wine etiquette. Irene pisses in a glass for Josie's refreshment. The Ladies begin spitting on Josie and pouring champagne on his breasts. Irene shoots champagne through a space in her teeth onto Josie's giant tits. Princess Kali shoots an enormous amount of piss onto Josie and Josie must roll in it. Irene pisses all over Josie's body and head. Mistress Kat in gray rubber keyhole dress with vampire collar, and then sexy thigh high stockings, corset, and heels with short skirt. Princess Kali in 2 lovely rubber dresses, first blue and then black with boots and Princess crown, Irene Boss first in blue rubber cat suit and then in lingerie, stockings and heels with veiled hat. Watch the clips!

Writing Update:"Dismissed" 

Gallery Update: Action gallery 32 images from Part 2 of: THE WEAPONS OF ASS-DESTRUCTION: "The Grand Opening!"

Video Update: Moving pictorial trailer from "The Unforgiven"

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