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Touring the Eastern shore August 28th - September 7th.


"The Disorderly orderly"  Members or Clips 4 Sale

Dr Boss has captured an escaped inmate while in San Francisco and transported him the the State's medical Asylum.

We find him sequestered on the stainless steel OR gurney awaiting procedures.

Authentic locking medical restraints, dilation, speculum examination, inflatable nozzle enema treatments, nipple play, saline scrotal infusion, vibrating sounds, electric CBT and catheter play.

Dr Boss adds to the psychological POV nature of this film with lots of entertaining and narrative erotic storytelling to seduce subspace.

A sensually sadistic scene with a rubber Dom!

Filmed at Madame Katorga's studio during the annual Folsum Fair.

47 minutes. Join to view!

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New DVD now available! "Persephone's Punished Princess" Trailer 

Mistress Persephone's 3rd video with MIB Productions! Princess Hel Inferna has applied to be the Compound's new "house girl" with one caveat: She wants free session time in exchange for her services. REALLY? The work better be exemplary, but in this case - of course it isn't. Hel hath no fury like a woman scorned. Extreme tit torments of a tattooed lass of the electrical and metal clamped variety with a riding crop! Violet wands and whartenburg wheels light up the dungeon while Mistress torments the way she wants to. Yes we all know how the saying goes: "It's all about YOU SLAVE who cares what I want". Yah right. Not here and not ever! This slave bitch was forced to be in a video with Mistress Persephone to prove Irene Boss's point. The siren is suspended on a rotating bondage table and sweetly tormented. You will lust after her thick muscular frame and the adorable faces she makes. False eyelashes, long nails, tattoos, vinyl catsuit, corset, unusual facial, genital and ear piercings. Tall dark and Gothic! Mistress Persephone likes to fuck up tall chicks and she certainly delivers here. The miscreant is bent over...order now!

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New DVD now available! "I only hurt the ones I love" Trailer 

Custom CBT content from MIB Productions! The last video filmed at the Top Secret location in June of 2011. Predicament bondage and cock stretching, silk stocking leg tease, shiny hose, open toed platform shoes, long nail C&B torment, cock mashing with a shoe sole, uniforms, hoods, weights, electrics (PES and violet wand) and signal whipping. The extreme feminine hour glass figure of the Boss commands as she slowly describes everything she is going to do in great detail before she does it. it is very easy to place yourself in the action as much of this is shot POV. Once the slave's cock is stretched out he begins to drip, and Ms Boss forces him to suck it off her finger. SUCK IT! Humiliation with your own "special sauce". His balls are stretched and weighted with a spiked parachute and she begins tormenting with her long luscious nails on his nipples. Sticky pads are applied to the front of the stretched scrotal sac and electro loops are applied to the shaft. Ms Boss talks about her constant hormonal state. Clothespins are attached to his sensitive inner arms for a good signal whipping. She whips his thighs, cock, and...order now!


Madame Nadine has returned!


Presenting Mistress Kat and Liz Whitman!


New writing in members: A 5 hour scene: "Domina Irene Boss and Mistress Shane at Dom Con LA 2011!"

It was with a bit of trepidation that I approached the door to Domina Irene’s suite, since I had never participated in a double Dom session with Mistress Shane and Domina Irene.  My anxiety was short lived once I was in the suite, however.  Even though I knew I was in for some pain and punishment, Domina Irene has always respected my limits, and I knew Mistress Shane would do likewise.

That being said, I soon found myself dressed in a pair of stockings, a very tight corset, a silly looking, fluffy black skirt, and some high heels.  I next found myself on my knees in front of Mistress Shane who was sitting on the couch holding a big black dildo, which she ordered me to start massaging. I immediately complied, but Mistress Shane told me I was being too wimpy and to wank it harder, which I proceeded to do.  Once she was satisfied with my “hand job” she ordered me to start sucking on the dildo.  I did as directed, but Mistress Shane wasn’t too happy due to the fact I was not gagging on it, but she resolved that situation by continuously making me deep throat it. That went on for some time, then Domina Irene decided to bind my hands behind me and gag me.  She has always liked to gag me with a scarf knotted several times in the middle, but this time she had a really devious idea; she decided that the gag should be soaked in both her pee and Mistress Shane’s before she shoved it in my mouth.  I wasn’t real keen about that idea, but having my hands bound behind me, plus being an obedient slave, I immediately complied when Domina Irene ordered me to open my mouth, at which time she gagged me with that piss soaked gag.  I have tasted Domina Irene’s pee many times, but since Mistress Shane’s piss was added, the gag was dual flavored. <G> Read the rest in members!