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BossDVD.Com exhibited once again at the annual Fetish Con in Tampa!


"Persephone's Punished Princess" free trailer  long trailer in members
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Mistress Persephone's 3rd video with MIB Productions! Princess Hel Inferna has applied to be the Compound's new "house girl" with one caveat: She wants free session time in exchange for her services. REALLY? The work better be exemplary, but in this case - of course it isn't. Hel hath no fury like a woman scorned. Extreme tit torments of a tattooed lass of the electrical and metal clamped variety with a riding crop! Violet wands and whartenburg wheels light up the dungeon while Mistress torments the way she wants to. Yes we all know how the saying goes: "It's all about YOU SLAVE who cares what I want". Yah right. Not here and not ever! This slave bitch was forced to be in a video with Mistress Persephone to prove Irene Boss's point. The siren is suspended on a rotating bondage table and sweetly tormented. You will lust after her thick muscular frame and the adorable faces she makes. False eyelashes, long nails, tattoos, vinyl catsuit, corset, unusual facial, genital and ear piercings. Tall dark and Gothic! Mistress Persephone likes to fuck up tall chicks and she certainly delivers here. The miscreant is bent over the punishment box for a solid corporal treatment while the Mistress speaks in her native Mexican tongue informing her that each stroke must be counted in Spanish. We will begin with the cane, followed by a German carpet beater, the Lady Spanker (Naughty Victorian implement), a sturdy leather slapper, a thick leather dungeon strap (London Tanners implement), an American birch, a double cane, and the evening star (Shadow Lane implement). During the punishment Mistress Persephone tells the girl her new job at the studio could be to serve as "whipping post" instead of housegirl. Once the bottom is properly reddened, it must be viciously tickled with long red fingernails. Her panties are removed and she is placed on the sling for a spanking while she is on her back with a very heavy round German paddle, plastic double lash, leather lash, and a flogger. Busted for trying on the Mistresses outfits and spying on scenes at the Compound with men, Hel begins to drip so Mistress attaches clamps to her sensitive inner ass cheeks covering her wetness. She informs the lass that she is even meaner with women than she is with men. The wrap up involves a good hard hand spanking, tickling, paddling, clothespin tit play and metal spiked mat pressure treatment. She is locked in a standing cell to contemplate her carelessness. Running time over 1 hour.
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"I only hurt the ones I love"

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Custom CBT content from MIB Productions! The last video filmed at the Top Secret location in June of 2011. Predicament bondage and cock stretching, silk stocking leg tease, shiny hose, open toed platform shoes, long nail C&B torment, cock mashing with a shoe sole, uniforms, hoods, weights, electrics (PES and violet wand) and signal whipping.

The extreme feminine hour glass figure of the Boss commands as she slowly describes everything she is going to do in great detail before she does it. it is very easy to place yourself in the action as much of this is shot POV. Once the slave's cock is stretched out he begins to drip, and Ms Boss forces him to suck it off her finger. SUCK IT! Humiliation with your own "special sauce". His balls are stretched and weighted with a spiked parachute and she begins tormenting with her long luscious nails on his nipples. Sticky pads are applied to the front of the stretched scrotal sac and electro loops are applied to the shaft. Ms Boss talks about her constant hormonal state. Clothespins are attached to his sensitive inner arms for a good signal whipping. She whips his thighs, cock, and sensitive inner arms. There is a constant humerus verbal beratemeant throughout as a recurring theme. He is rerigged for intense violet wand play. The slave's cock and nipples are wrapped in flexible metal wire in preparation for the electro conduction. He is turned the other way in bondage for a solid double flogging on his upper back, followed by a second stern whipping with her right arm and then her left, with a finisher of a nice soothing alcohol rub and the violet wand. She wrap around flogs his upper back while facing him. Very intense and sexy! Full film 45 minutes long. Order Now


"Gimpy gets fingered" free trailer 

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starring Mistress Gemini and Irene Boss. Filmed in Los Angeles at Mistress Gemini's private studio.


Holy dildo training bat man!

BDSM circus theatrics extraordinaire!

The scene opens with slave gimpy in a flying suspension leather bondage hog-tie and CBT weighted parachute.

He is wearing a custom rubber vision restriction and breath play hood.

While he is flying the Ladies have a good time with crops, canes and fingering.

Irene then uses not two, but four single tail whips on him- (two in each hand).

He howls at the moon!

He demonstrates a second rubber breath control hood while being dildo trained; gasping for breath throughout.

Irene in red rubber dress, pants and garter belt with leather ankle boots and Gemini in black mini dress and black satin corset with black backless ankle boots.

Drool over the outfits, slave!

For fans of breath play, strap-on, suspension and extremely bizarre bondage!


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"The Sound, Cane, Saline Solution!"

free trailer

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Leather Domina Doctor Boss gets diabolical!

Irene has her buckskin on and someone is horny. He has been summoned to the Compound for treatment. He is strapped down to the leather bondage chair with a gag, hood and mitts. His C&B is placed in the erection zapper to be made soft for the sound checkup! His nipples are callipered and stretched in a predicament. Every time he moves his body he pulls on his poor aching nipples. In between each cock hole stretching he is made soft again with the Wartenburg wheel. The sounds go up in size!


Scene 2 - Irene changes into a rubber bra and tight black pants. The slave's nipples are placed in bipolar electric nipple clamps and he goes into a straight jacket with a hood and gag. He is bound on the leather bondage couch and his scrotal sac is inflated with saline. This is a lengthy procedure and a good chastity method! Later the saline will migrate into the shaft of his cock, making it appear quite swollen and huge. Who needs Viagra anyway? It's size that counts! Scene 3 - It's time for corporal discipline with a variety of canes and nobody does it better. Mistress in black rubber corset, sexy shimmering pantyhose, stockings, and high heels. Superb close ups!


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New writing in members: "The Asylum of Dr Boss - Diapered and Delivered!"

I approached the familiar door with the diamond shaped window. It had been a quite a while since I had stood on that porch and rang that doorbell. I soon heard the echo of Her heels coming down the stairs. A brief flash of white in the window, the door opened and she instructed me to enter and face the fireplace. Dr. Boss was beautiful as always, however today had a severe no nonsense look about her, dressed in a vintage looking white cotton nurses uniform, sturdy looking high heel pumps with her hair pulled back. As I turned, I took advantage of the opportunity to look around the entryway, viewing the standing cage, and the harsh looking metal restraints hanging from the fireplace in front of me. From behind I heard her voice tell me to open my mouth and an inflatable gag was roughly applied. Instantly I felt my control of this day being yanked from me. The inflatable gag filled my mouth entirely. I was then instructed item-by-item to remove my clothing. I was handed leather bondage booties to put on. My hands were then encased in an institutional asylum bondage muff. I was then ordered to follow Dr. Boss up the stairs. As we reached the third floor I was taken aback at the new gleaming whiteness that gave a very clinical feel to the place as I was ordered down the hall to the medical room with its white-mirrored walls, well stocked metal and glass shelving and a red rubber floor. Soon I was on my back in the hospital bed, with my hands and feet in institutional restraints, legs raised high in the restraints attached to ceiling mounted white hospital rope, and my nether regions completely exposed with me unable to move much at all. A very restrictive neck brace was wrapped around my neck...Read the rest in members!






New DVD - "Foot Fun"

I spent the weekend with this foot slave, and the following video footage documents what went on." Irene Boss light...for those of you who think the Mistress is too severe!" A sensuous rauncho-rama. No - it's not "request-able". He was special. I am on a high stool perched over him, and he is lying on the floor gazing up at my feet. I am wearing red leather high heeled shoes, a red rubber corset, see through panties, stockings, and a large feathered mask. My slave is naked with a small black leather mask. I dangle my feet over his face, teasing him. I tell him that I am going to get him so horny he is going to want to drink my pee and lick the pee from my bare feet. I shove my big toe right into his mouth. Face sitting and smothering - forced unwashed pussy and ass sniffing through panties and pantyhose. He is going to be made horny so I can cane him later! I spit into his mouth. Lots of smothering, ass kissing, face sitting, foot, shoe and leg worship! CBT with my feet and shoes, shoe dangling, and spit dropping. The smell of the Mistress's dirty feet, pussy and ass is even better then straight sex and you know it, you heathen swine!  JOIN FOR LONGER TRAILER  ORDER DVD


New DVD - "Zombie Clinic" Carmen Rivera walks into Irene Boss's clinic at the Compound to find a fetish zombie Vanessa who need serious reviving! The nude girl is under a sheet wearing nothing but nipple jewelry. The beautiful Carmen inspects her employing slow sensual spitting with a tongue forcep while she gropes her young hard body in a sexual manner. A pinwheel, nipple clamps, and pussy slapping are introduced. A metal speculum is inserted and then a metal dildo while Dr. Rivera continues the nipple play and then goes back to tongue play while licking the zombie's lips. She is masturbated with the metal dildo and orally fucked. The girl is flogged and bound, and clamps are attached to her pussy lips. Vanessa is placed in her first rubber catsuit in order for the zipper to be strategically unzipped so Dr Carmen can apply the speculum again. The patient is face sat. She mysteriously and briefly revives and begins orally servicing the sexy doctor through her thin rubber thong. A giant vibrator is applied and Vanessa begins squirming before enduring electric violet wand play on her body and pussy while she flops around like a doll. She is turned over for spanking, ass examination and fingering. A metal plug is inserted into the zombie girl's ass. She is fucked over the multi-bench... JOIN FOR LONGER TRAILER  ORDER DVD